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Rudy throws down the gauntlet on Mueller probe!

It was a scene right out of WWE’s Monday Night “RAW” when America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox’s Laura Ingraham show and did his best Hulk Hogan impersonation regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s year-long probe, scowling “We are ready to rip it apart!”

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Giuliani joined the President’s legal team over a month ago, with the departure of White House Special Counsel Ty Cobb, and the hiring of veteran defense attorney and “swamp slayer” Emmet Flood, indicating the President’s new aggressive and assertive strategy in dealing with the alleged Russian collusion fiasco.

The former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York has a wealth of experience in prosecuting Mafia type characters in the early 80’s,  along with corrupt individuals like those residing within the Special Counsel’s office.

“It’s been a year, he’s gotten more than 1.4 million documents, he’s interviewed 28 witnesses, and he has nothing,” Giuliani said, “which is why he wants to bring the President into an interview!”

Giuliani then revealed to Ingraham an exclusive blockbuster announcement on air, that Mueller would follow Justice Department guidelines and not indict the sitting president.

The former mayor keeping in character to the well-scripted format of the WWE continued: “They have only exculpatory information about us; I’ve been through the documents. So it’s about time to get the darn thing over with. It’s about time to say, ‘Enough. We’ve tortured this president enough.”

Giuliani continued; “tell us what you have to get from an interview that you don’t already have because he has all the facts to make a decision.”

Adding: “We’re trying to get him to end this. This is not good for the American people [and] the special counsel’s office doesn’t seem to have that sort of understanding that they’re interfering with things that are much bigger than them or us.”

In a final act of defiance, Giuliani threw down the gauntlet, ready to challenge any report issued by Mueller and his team.

“I think that they have the facts on which they can write their report,” Giuliani said before issuing a challenge to the special prosecutor: “If you’re going to write a fair report, fine, write it. If you’re going to write an unfair report, write it and we will combat it.”

However, Giuliani is leaving nothing to chance, and has already stated clearly last week to the Mueller team, that he would oppose any subpoena unless they could “reach agreement on the ground rules.”

Announcing that the President would invoke executive privilege, reminding the Special Counsel the Justice Department ruling in fighting a subpoena;  “on both law and the facts, we would have the strongest case you could imagine.”

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Giuliani went on to explain to Ingraham; “The same reason they can’t indict him, they can’t issue a subpoena to him.”

Adding; “Remember, [former President Bill] Clinton opposed a subpoena and then he voluntarily complied. He didn’t give up presidential prerogative, and then his administration wrote a memo saying they can’t do that.”

Moreover Giuliani more then most understands the kind of damage that can be inflicted to the emotional wellbeing of a nation; he presided as the chief executive of New York City’s during America’s darkest hours and knows all too well the pain inflicted.

Thursday marked the one year anniversary of the appointment of the Special Counsel and the alleged collusion between Russian officials and members of the Trump campaign. And it’s still not clear as to exactly what evidence the FBI and the Justice Department have that began this probe against a duly elected President, thus far Mueller has charged 19-individuals and 3-Russian companies, none of whom have any links to the President and Russian collusion…TIME TO END THE FIASCO, AND GET ON WITH THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS!

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    President Trump will never convince those libtards suffering from TDS, but he won’t need to convince the voters in 2020. We will re-elect him and he will America even greater than it has ever been,

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    They’re both liars, immoral, and criminals. Neither have any credibility whatsoever. Both — and the entire rest of the drumpf crime family (biological and otherwise), with the possible exceptions of the old lady and the youngest kid — should be locked up and sentenced to hard labor on nothing but bread and water for the rest of eternity. But of course none will, because the bigger and worse the criminal, the more immune from prosecution he/she/it is.

  3. Post Author

    So how much is this investigation costing the American people? I think if they don’t have proof of collusion after one year that two years won’t produce the proof either. MOVE ON! And just so we are clear…..I am a registered Democrat who did not vote for trump.

  4. Post Author

    Time to chevk ueller’s off shote accounts for deposits from the DNC!
    Bought and paid for politics as usual!

  5. Post Author

    Trump and his allies are continuing to use his bully pulpit to discredit the very institutions Americans depend upon for the facts – DOJ, FBI, and media. Instead, they want us to distrust all but them, a truly deplorable swamp of liars – Sarah Suckabee and Guido Giuliani only exceeded by that grifter-in-chief, Dishonest Donald (6+ verified lies per day). Do any of you think it strange that after claiming that China was stealing our jobs, Trump turns around and promises to help their telecom company get back on its feet and save Chinese jobs? Do any of you conspiracy theorists think that has anything to do with the guaranteed loan they just backed for a Trump development in Indonesia? As PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  6. Post Author

    Let OUR President do his job and stop throwing garbage in the air hoping something will stick. You’re wasting our time. And look what this Administration has accomplished in spite of being kicked at every turn! Grow up! Go to therapy. Sounds like most of you who want him gone could use a good dose of therapy

  7. Post Author

    Mueller will not quit his Trump investigation of nothing as much as he will not quit avoiding the real Russia collusion players. When your side owns the media, you can do these sorts of things!

  8. Post Author

    How about all the tax payers money being wasted as well! Go after them Rudy, it’s nice t fair to pres Trump or our country!

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    Rudy, kick Mueller’s ass!

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    Mueller should be sent to prison for this farce of a trial. He should also be responsible for paying back every penny that it has cost to do this farce of an investigation. He make think that he’s above the law, but he’s not.

  12. Post Author

    You gotta love Giuliani.

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    Warlock hunt! Mueller should pick up the tab on this one. President Trump is doing a great job with the tools and people he has and those given him. Let the President continue to take the serious alligators out of the swamp. Then the little alligators will follow. Fish bait. 👍

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