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Progressives Release Cold Blooded Cop Killer

In 1971, Herman Bell lured two of “New York’s finest” to a Harlem housing project under the ruse of a domestic violence disturbance, with the intent of ambushing and murdering the police officers.

When police officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones arrived on the scene, Bell (a domestic terrorist) shot them from behind. However not content with simply killing Officer Piagentini outright Bell instead severely wounded the young father of two children begging for his life.

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Bell then stood over the pleading officer who was moaning to spare his life, and cold bloodily (execution style), pumped a dozen rounds into his body, Officer Waverly (who was black) was shot four times and died instantly.

The brutal, cold-blooded assassinations of two New York City police officers, sparked outrage across the nation. Bell a member of the Black Liberation Army was finally tried and sentenced to life in prison… “justice served”!

Until New York City slowly became a bastion of progressivism. Comparable to that of California where criminal illegal aliens and sanctuary cities are now the principle concern of progressive politicians like Governors Moonbeam and New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has politicized every aspect of governance within the state, including the states parole board.

Which had the impudence of releasing “three-time” cop killer Herman Bell, back into society. That stunning decision in allowing a convicted cop(s) killer to walk free has rocked the nation, and of course the New York Police Department to its foundation.

Moreover, the sheer detachment of the gruesome crime committed by Bell was stunningly evident by the Cuomo appointed parole board when a member fawning over Bell exclaimed it was a “privilege to sit before you today” before turning the 70-year old “murder” loose.

Bell had for the first 30-years, refused to display any kind of remorse or accountability for his grisly crime, claiming he was a “political prisoner” although at his trial witnesses and friends testified that he openly bragged about committing the assassinations, until 2012 when Bell suddenly had a change-of- heart and admitted to the parole board he was responsible for the carnage stating he was now a “peaceful” man you’d want as a friend.

Fast forward to March of 2018 and Bell is a “free man” thanks to Governor Cuomo’s progressive appointees.

Moreover adding “insult to injury”  the “good” Governor has pardoned over 24,000 convicted felons, who are now on supervised parole stating in a press conversance it’s away of  “improving” their “civic engagement.”

Perhaps the saddest moment came when Diane Piagentini, the widow of Officer Joseph Piagentini was interviewed and asked by a reporter to respond, “There are no word to describe our outrage and disappointment in Governor Cuomo.”

Equally outraged by the decision was the PBA who slammed the parole board, demanding that the Governor “fix the broken NYS Parole Board system.”

“The current parole process contains gigantic loopholes that allow murderous monsters like Herman Bell to game the system by concocting a phony story tailor-made for the new parole guidelines, which doesn’t place enough weight on the nature of the crime,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

Adding; “To make matters worse, the courts seem to believe that politically-appointed parole board members have unbridled discretion to release criminals onto our streets and are completely immune from challenge by anyone, even when they disregard the law or the board’s own procedures. That must change.”

However with all due respect to Lynch, Governor Cuomo is an unabashed progressive much like his colleague Mayor De Blasio, who believes in sanctuary cities, and open borders, he is the one who personally appointed members of the parole board, who in turn released Herman Bell, and 24,000 convicted felons back onto the street of New York City, there is no ambiguity.

Furthermore, the Governor is seeking a third term and may be running in the Democratic Primary against “Sex and the City” actress/ feminist Cynthia Nixon, which may explain why Cuomo released the 24,000 convicted felons. By attempting to run to the left of Nixon, who has criticized the Governor for not being progressive enough.

Moreover, in a state like New York, Nixon will be a formidable opponent and has already captured the endorsement of the union-backed Working Families Party.

In a recent interview, she lambasted Cuomo exclaiming; “New York Democrats deserve to have at least one actual Democratic candidate for governor at their state convention.”

Which actually illustrates why critical thinking New Yorkers are leaving the state in record numbers.

  1. Post Author

    If you insist on calling that progressiveism, we can’t talk!!

    • Post Author

      This is one instance that I would approve of a drive by shooting! Justice would then be served.

    • Post Author

      What do you call it?

    • Post Author

      In the context of the lefts choice to call themselves Progressive the term is not used in the context a reasonable person like you might expect. It’s a nice sounding cover for “progressively” moving their Leftist/Communist agenda forward. I too was fooled for awhile

  2. Post Author

    There is life after New York. I found it.
    Leslie Davis, Brooklyn in the 40’s and 50’s.

  3. Post Author

    Just anotherexample how screwed up nyc is!

  4. Post Author

    It is awfully unjust, and terribly gruesome. The justice would be served, if Cuomo & De Blasio we’re moved to be these horrible killers’ neighbor.

    • Post Author

      Maybe you should worry about the little white boy who lives next door to you or your son going to school one morning and shoot and kill his class mates, but that’s alright you

  5. Post Author

    The Cuomo bunch have always been pleased to lather & bathe their filthy, liberal selves in progressive slime.

  6. Post Author

    Culmo should be impeached.

  7. Post Author

    Wow! Governor Cuomo, in my opinion, has been brainwashed. I hope the Republican Party can draft someone in the manner of Donald Trump to win the NYS gubernatorial election and bring back some sanity to interpreting the laws for the law abiding residents of NY.

  8. Post Author

    Oh, but he said he was sorry. I guess that’s enough in NYC. And you wonder why the NYC cops turn their backs on the “mayor”. Maybe they’re hoping this guy has a brother that hates mayors.

  9. Post Author

    There is no problem. As long as the police in NYC put up with this shit there is no problem. Have a mass police resignation and things would change instantly. Not likely. VERY good pension plan there! Worth taking a chance of getting shot at I guess!

  10. Post Author

    This is one instance that I would approve of a drive by shooting! Justice would then be served.

  11. Post Author

    I hope you double checked the “facts” you included.

  12. Post Author

    Progressive means wanting improvement in the way things are done. It’s much better than being regressive which is going backwards and not learning anything from the past. I hope the “facts” you quoted in here were double and triple checked, otherwise you stirred up a lot of hate in people who are already filled with hate for anyone they see as “different” than them. I’m not saying that murders don’t happen in cities, but if any of what you wrote isn’t true that makes it a lie.

  13. Post Author

    The Death Penalty was written specifically for ANIMALS like this one. Officers Paganini and Bell never got to enjoy growing old with their families. Why should this ANIMAL be allowed to do the same? It sends the wrong message!

  14. Post Author

    Mr. Bell does not identify with the shooter anymore and if he doesn’t feel like he was the shooter then that is the truth that matters. It’s all about how you feel about yourself, not the reality of brutally killing others. Now you can write a book, get a degree, clean up your image and the past is gone. Cuomo believes all people are basically good except those he does not agree with. So everyone has good within that should be shared with society, except, of course, conservatives who are no good rotten Nazis for wanting to keep criminals in jail.

    • Post Author

      These are amazing comments. But remember thy shall not kill. This character took several lives. A life for a life. Without the privilege of
      parole. They should never be released when they murder. Even if you spend
      thirty – forty years in prison, they usually cannot cope with the outside world,
      it’s changed beyond belief. He knew what he was doing, there is no excuse for his release no mater how changed he is. You fucked up my friend and you
      did not care about another!

  15. Post Author

    Just another example of the brain damaged leftists trying to make our society’s mad dogs feel better by petting them. Common sense is thrown out the window. You can’t rehabilitate a mad dog.

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