Hogg’s “die-in” boycott against Publix kills liberal donations


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Anti-gun zealot David Hogg has once again miscalculated the political landscape. The self-proclaimed liberal activist and Parkland shooting survivor called for a boycott against grocery chain Publix, for their support of the Second Amendment and in particular Florida’s candidate for governor Republican Adam Putnam.

Hogg was so upset that Putnam was a pro-gun, pro-NRA supporter and received more than ½ million dollars in donations from the grocery chain that he organized a “die-in” demonstration at his local Publix, calling for anti-gun zealot’s (like himself), to boycott the chain.

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The negative publicity apparently became too much for Publix to handle and on Friday the grocery giant decided to end “all” political donations, while the company decides its policies, to perhaps continue or not.

Company spokesman Dwaine Stevens in a press release acknowledged, “We would never knowingly disappoint our customers or the communities we serve, as a result, we decided earlier this week to suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we reevaluate our giving processes.”

However here’s the kicker, Publix is an equal opportunity donator, and thanks to Hogg’s “die-in” boycott antics, aside from conservative causes, the grocery chain also contributes to liberal institutions, namely pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion organizations, which will now no longer receive donations.

The issue with liberal characters like Hogg isn’t their anti-gun stand, but rather in their use of a tragic school shootings to advance a political agenda and nothing more, as demonstrated by the actual events in Parkland, in which both the FBI and a police officer on site, failed to do their jobs, resulting in the deaths of innocent lives.

Moreover nowhere within his public anti-gun rants is there a call for reasonable legislation which should be at the core of any gun debate. Hogg never references the issue of mental health, or creating a universal databank in which states enter complete mental health information on all individuals deemed by the courts to be mentally unstable.

Rather he throws insults and demeans law abiding gun owners and supporters of the NRA.

“Anyone who supports an NRA sellout is an NRA sellout,” Hogg tweeted. “That is why I am calling on everyone to stop shopping at Publix until they pull their endorsement of Putnam publicly.”

Hogg was also demanding that Publix double the amount it had given to the pro-NRA candidate and donate that amount to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund.

“I call on Publix to donate double the money they gave to Putman to the Stoneman Douglas Victims fund, $1,000,000. And never support an A rated NRA politician again.”

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) May 23, 2018

Hogg has now turned his attention towards Trump Towers in New York City with his “die-in” stunt with the hope of pressuring legislators into passing more gun control laws which would have done nothing in Parkland.

The former Marjory Stoneman Douglas student tweeted out to his followers, “So when are we doing a die in at Trump Hotel?”

Least we forget this is the same kid who attempted to silence conservative Fox host Laura Ingraham, by launching an advertising boycott against the popular host because he took issue with Ingraham’s characterization of him

The boycott of course failed and actually produced the opposite effect with Ingraham enjoying a 16% ratings increase, thanks to this obnoxious over-rated little twit.

  1. Post Author

    Hogg is a a dim-witted little boy!! Tell him to come back when he grows up in say, 20 years!! Such an IDIOT!

  2. Post Author

    Hogg just seems to be constantly screaming “PLEASE SOMEONE LOOK AT ME PLEASE!”

    Hogg’s obviously a self centered, angry, self serving, snot nose punk that thinks he’s smarter than everyone else but is to stupid to realize just how stupid really he is.

    • Post Author

      I so agree with you on this about Baby Hogg! I could not have said it better! Ty for sharing!!

  3. Post Author

    This kid really needs a clue.# 1 i refuse to allow a baby who has never had to hunt fish or defend his home to attempt to influence legislation how i choose to live my life. I say spend a week in my shoes or a rancher in montana or a hunting guide in Alaska or better yet a single mother raising kids in a inner city….go ahead disarm us….try it.fucking snowflake.blame for this tragedey can be placed anywhere you find convienent.The NRA is a easy target…lazy bastard,do some real work for once in your life and dig up the real issues. Or continue to blame guns….lazy punk.

    • Post Author

      great point’s the mental health issue was never addressed. The way he acts concerns me that if he doesn’t get his way he will be the next loose cannon to go off.

  4. Post Author

    This little Hogg twerp isn’t the mastermind behind the “die in” stunts. He’s just the Millinial point of contact face. He takes his marching orders from a much higher source

    • Post Author

      Soros and the Dem commie leaders give him his marching orders and fund his travel and sit ins. When those commie Dems can no longer get fundind from anyone but Soros (or when his shit ass dies) he is gone.

    • Post Author

      I agree with you 100%. I thought that from the get go. That there was money in organization behind this group not these punk little kids

  5. Post Author

    Putnam is not just a sellout to the NRA. He is a self proclaimed PROUD sellout. Words really do have consequences.

  6. Post Author

    Hogg is nothing more than a ‘vanilla’ version of Jackson, Sharpton and 0bama all rolled into one. Going for the Socialist ideal of ‘social justice’, trying to ‘organize’ it and push a political agenda.

  7. Post Author

    “obnoxious over-rated little twit” is the epitome of understatement.

  8. Post Author

    Do we know that Hogg is human? He looks like one of those grey aliens with a slit for a mouth.

  9. Post Author

    Love the report of the twit, David Hogg

  10. Post Author

    Twit maybe letting him off easy , but I guess he is a snowflake so I understand.

  11. Post Author

    Nobody needs any AK gun for anything except to kill people.

    • Post Author

      Nobody needs violent video games, and violent movies either. Guns are tools, like knives, cars, and opiate drugs, which all kill more people than semiautomatic weapons. Misuse a tool and bad things can happen. Moral decay in our society is the cause. Guns don’t jump out of drawers and closets to shoot people

    • Post Author

      Wrong….. that’s your mentality, not law abiding gun owners.

    • Post Author

      I somewhat agree, AKs and ARs really serve no purpose in the shooting sports, HOWEVER, if you are a law abiding citizen without a felony record and really want to waste your money on them, have at it. BTW, I was qualified Sharp Shooter in the Marines, so I do know what I’m talking about. Also, the original commenter above, he/she is a moron.

    • Post Author

      For defense, Use American made AR15, Not AK Foreign made junk.

  12. Post Author

    Go back to school Hogg and graduate ! Keep your nose in the books – you are not popular and are a young loudmouth is all !

  13. Post Author

    A review of the home life of all the perpetrators of institutional violence will indicate that their lives were lacking in guidance and nurturing love.
    I think Hoag’s home life ought to be looked into as well.

  14. Post Author

    Publicity Hogg! That’s ALL this punk is!

  15. Post Author

    Good Ol’ Hogg Boy! The brains of a small NAT! He needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The Second Amendment and The Right to Bear Arms are here to stay.

    They need to stop calling this STUPID SHT a Parkland Survivor, he wasn’t even at the school the day the incident occurred!

    Go Away Hogg Boy!

  16. Post Author

    Little twit, didn’t think things through did you?

  17. Post Author

    Why give him any recognition it is only empowering the obviously deranged child Just looking at his photo he looks like a deranged elf with dilutions of grandeur. Why any corporation or entity is giving any credibility is beyond me

  18. Post Author

    I can’t believe the grocery chain folded. I think less of them because the did. If there was one in my area I would not shop their because the DID fold.

  19. Post Author

    You denigrate a 17 year victim of a mass school shooting because he wants to do something to stop the bloodshed? Whether agree with him or not, I still understand his point and sympathize with his feelings and so should all adults. He’s now become the latest target of the NRA and their toadies who will use any dirty trick to retain power over politicians. Pffft.

  20. Post Author

    Just like most High School students, Hogg failed to do his homework! While he checked on the donations that Publix made to “conservative” causes, he forgot to look at donations they make to more “liberal” causes. I think Publix made the right decision to suspend ALL donations. That way they don’t offend anyone. AND they can blame Hogg for the stopped donations. Sounds like a WIN for conservatives – they stop making donations to liberal causes and Hogg gets the blame!

  21. Post Author

    I think he should be Drafted in to the USMC, lets see how big he is. He would cry like a baby. I for got they want good men

  22. Post Author

    so it was the NRA that furnished the guns to the shooter? Little idiot If you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will have guns. Chicago is a gun free zone, yet it leads the nation in gun deaths and crimes. Texas is a gun carry state and it has the lowest guns deaths and crimes. Little idiot please explain this. Please remove yourself from Twitter and the social media before you have a heart attack.

  23. Post Author

    Anyone who chooses to step into the national limelight on an issue like this better know how to play hardball. And, of course, the interests who are encouraging him don’t care one whit about his future life or well-being, but it could be a very long time before he sees that. If ever.

  24. Post Author

    Mr. Hogg is doing this for the “MONEY”

  25. Post Author

    This kid is the hugest dumbass ever!!! The only way I’ll give up my 2nd amendment right is when they pry my gun from my cold dead hands!

  26. Post Author

    I understand that this twit has now graduated and is of legal age “18”!!!! Has he signed up with the selective service???? If not send a Army or Marine Recruiter to his house, drag his A$# out and he is in now in the MILITARY!!!! Bust this sh&t off and if he tries to leave put him in Leavenworth for 30 years hard labor, and only gets bread and water to eat!!!! Then maybe, just maybe he will know how good he had it before he opened his mouth!!!!!!!!

  27. Post Author

    Why not stage a ‘die-in’ in front of Hogg’s house …

  28. Post Author

    MK Ultra mind control in action I.e. shooting rampages

  29. Post Author

    any donations made to Parkland school is a waste. They only spent 5 million dollars of the 100 mlilion in their budget for school security.

  30. Post Author

    The worst thing you can do to a zealot like Hogg, is feed his ego, the more you give him the more he will demand, like the spoiled child he is. Truly the inmates are running the institution, and I hope saner minds will stop taking the advice of this PTSD, C- H- I- L- D. Corporations must stand up and be Adults..not passive enablers…..That is what Stoneman Douglas survivors are asking for …ADULT leadership, not sheep.

    • Post Author

      I have heard that he was not at school when the shots began He is a LAME person by every definition in the book. Is his dad a FBI agent???

  31. Post Author

    Another liberal idiot with more stupid ideas.
    No one is going to boycott Publix, just because a bunch of children get their hands on weapons and he doesn’t like who contributes to whom and who runs against who. Hogg stop giving weapons to the children. This just blows my mind all these children getting their hands on weapons. How is this happening unless this silly minded fruitcake isn’t providing them. I beat he is. He is a liberal with a screw lose. Go away you ass!!!!

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