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Harvey Weinstein pays the price for sexual crimes

Well, the verdict is in and it’s definitely not a good one for media mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

The grand jury of which his lawyer refused to allow him to testify, indicted Weinstein on two sets of rape charges and a sex crime charge. With charges of Rape in the First and Third Degrees, and Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree, it can only serve as proof that women are taking a stand against sexual abuse, fighting for their rights to live without such abuses, and winning the fight through the court system.

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Repercussions to sexual misconduct

Weinstein is potentially facing 25 years in prison if found guilty. Not only is he on the path of losing his freedom, but he is also facing financial ruin and the complete tarnish of a reputation that took years to build.

To sacrifice all of this just to accommodate a sexual weakness that involved the mistreatment of his power and the women who trusted him to guide their careers is beyond believable. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. expressed his relief of the indictment while sharing his desire to keep the case in the courtroom, not the press.

“This indictment brings the defendant another step closer to accountability for the crimes of violence with which he is now charged,” Vance stated when asked about his opinion on the decision of the grand jury.

The decision of the grand jury made a major statement to men and society, at large: if you sexually abuse women, you will lose everything. This is indeed something that should be a common understanding; however, it’s only really surfacing as a virtual promise since the enactment of the #MeToo movement.

Use it or lose it

Weinstein’s attorney, Ben Brafman, has utilized the media to promote both this case and his defense of his client. Brafman has laid claim to the innocence of his client by attempting to convince the press that Weinstein had consensual sex, not rape, with one of the survivors.

Not understanding that even if Weinstein had a relationship with the survivor at the time of the sexual encounter, he could still be guilty of rape if he forced himself sexually, without her consent.

Believing that the media attention would assist in his winning over the grand jury, Brafman continued to argue his case in front of any camera that was placed in his path. This is the media that Vance is attempting to avoid in all future dealings.

  1. Post Author

    He’s about as convincing of his innocence as Hillary Clinton was and is. He’s going to be convicted.

  2. Post Author

    We are still waiting on an indictment of Bill Clinton …
    The metoo movement was created as a gotcha in their venous hatred of President Trump… Only it serves more as a gotcha on Slick Willie…

    • Post Author

      You can keep waiting for any indictment of Clinton. Everyone will have to stand in line behind Trump!

    • Post Author

      It’s repulsive that you can turn acts of violence into yet another attack against Hillary. How can you reply and justify your position. Are you obsessed? President Trump has been the perpetrator of many sexually inappropriate and criminal acts against women. Even recordings of his misconduct are blamed on a woman who won the popular vote. His behavior is Another example of cruel power. Even cruel and repulsive acts become a reason for your warped attitude that Hillary was to blame for his sexuall misconduct.

      • Post Author

        Hillary never won anything, you should wake up. This person needs to go to jail for her pranks, kickbacks and shady health care plan. I know…… you know nothing about this either RIGHT……

  3. Post Author

    Rape is rape no matter what socio-economic level a man is at. Weinstein’s biggest crime was his use of his Hollywood power over unsuspecting women. It is sad to watch a man lose everything he has spent his life working for, but there comes a time where if one does the crime…he has to do the time.

    • Post Author

      It’s not sad to watch this man fall! It is justice. Nothing less than life in prison and forfeit of the wealth he built on others misery will be sufficient to serve justice.

  4. Post Author

    OPRAH should be prosecuted for pumping girls out to Weinstein

  5. Post Author

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer Scumbag!!!

    • Post Author

      Trump’s time will come. There are even bigger power abusing scumbags than Weinstein out there!

  6. Post Author

    This is not particularly about Weinstein. I am not downplaying the reality of men who are sexual predictors and the damage and pain they inflict, but what about the women who will suck every d*ck in Hollywood for a chance to be famous? It won’t happen, but it would be nice if they too were outed and had to pay some sort of price. This isn’t always a big bad man forcing an innocent defenseless woman to do something against her will. There are lowlife despicable people of both sexes who trade sex for an opportunity, and opportunity for sex. I have a problem with belief when an aging star’s career is coming to an end, and they suddenly remember a rape that opened an opportunity for fame.

    • Post Author

      Who would ever have consensual sex with Harvey?

  7. Post Author

    It’s important that we remin civil during all this stuff and there is culpability on both sides. I when any kind of abuse happens it should be reported when it occurs, not 15 to 20 years later. Sinful acts are wrong and the should be dealt with at conception. Bottom line all these men are reaping what they sowed.

  8. Post Author

    There are even bigger power abusing scumbags than Weinstein out there. Clinton will have to stand in line behind Trump!

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