Italy tells refugees: “get ready to pack your bags”


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It appears that Italy’s new Interior Minister is taking a page out of President Trumps “Make America Great” playbook, by announcing and tearing up Germany, England and France’s “open door immigration policies.”

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new Interior Minister, has taken a hard-line stand towards the continued depletion of Italy’s hard-pressed government resources and benefits stating Sunday, that “common sense” was needed to stop the country from becoming “Europe’s refugee camp.”

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Italy is ranked as the third largest economy in Europe and the eighth largest in the world. However, the country suffers from both internal political unrest and structural problems, which has forced a “populist coalition” between Salvini’s right-wing La Lega party, and the left-wing Five Star Movement, led by Luigi Di Maio. Although both parties differ on many key issues, both share anti-immigration policies.

Salvini’s first duty as Interior Minister within the newly formed populist coalition was spent traveling to Sicily’s port-of-entrance region for illegal aliens, to announce the new crackdown which propelled him to power.

Under a blazing sun in the port town of Pozzallo, the Interior Minister told his supporters that, “Italy and Sicily cannot be Europe’s refugee camp.”

Salvini continued, “Nobody will take away my certainty that illegal immigration is a business… and seeing people make money on children who go on to die makes me furious,” he said on Sunday when the bodies of 35 migrants were found on Tunisia’s southern coast.

Italy had experienced a 75% decrees in the number of illegal aliens arriving in the summer of 2017, however, since the beginning of January, Italian authorities have reported more then 13,500 arrivals have been registered.

Ironically the latest arrivals came only hours after Salvini took the oath of office, as the Italian coast guard in Pozzallo was called into action rescuing 158 people including 9-children.

The new Interior Minister immediately asked for support within the collation in “how to reduce the number of arriving migrants and increase the number of expulsions”.

Announcing emphatically: “The good times for illegals are over, get ready to pack your bags!”

Regardless of which party is in power, Italy much like the rest of Europe is besieged by the potential of terrorist attacks, which sparked a new call by Italian authorities in January for mass deportations.

Moreover, within a three year period, Italy has absorbed more than half-a-million illegal aliens, which is more than the population of the Tuscan capital of Florence, while taxing the countries social services resources.

Under previous liberal administrations, Italy allowed over 400,000 illegal aliens who were not legally permitted to stay in the country because of security issues to nevertheless stay, thus jeopardizing the wellbeing of its citizens by allowing un-vetted immigrants to stay.

On Tuesday the European Union interior ministers will meet to discuss the controversial “Dublin Rule” in which illegal aliens “must file for asylum” in the first bloc member-state they enter, however, Salvini will not attend stating that member-states unfairly target  Mediterranean countries and leads to “an obvious imbalance in management, numbers and costs”.

Citing the accord favors none of the Mediterranean countries and actually penalizes countries like Italy, which since 2013 has absorbed over 700,000 illegal aliens.

In fact, the tighter border controls instituted by France, Switzerland and Austria have forced illegal aliens to seek alternative routes which has negatively impacted Italy, and may be the underlined cause for Italy’s new hard-line approach.

However, even more, pressing is Italy’s economic woes, with its public debt soaring to 131% of the country’s GDP, streamlining their immigration costs through deportation, would help in reducing Italy’s financial obligations.

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    What? No left wing loser hacks, yes-men and drones to comment about how unfair or evil this is? Well, if it was about the exact same situation at the southern border of the US they would comment. You bet.

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      It’s about time. These countries ‘elected’ their leaders to do the duties to safeguard and promote prosperity and foremost, keep their citizens safe. I salute Italy for taking the lead….now, if only the other countries would find their guts to do the same, their countries would be safe and prosper.

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