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Democratic “Blue Wave” Suddenly Becomes a “Trickle”

No doubt if you’ve been closely following the news you’ve heard the political pundits within the mainstream media talk about a monumental “blue wave” that will sweep Democrats into power during the midterm elections.

The same “political pundits” who got the 2016 Presidential Election wrong are now attempting to convince voters that Democrats have a more convincing message then President Trump. What exactly is that message?  “We hate Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, and Impeach Number 45!” Not exactly a winning strategy.

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The pundits, of course, rely on tradition and poll numbers. Tradition being that the midterm elections always favors the party “out-of-power” and poll numbers showing exactly that trend in December, with Democrats holding an 18% lead.

However, the lead began to slowly evaporate. By mid-April, a Reuter’s poll showed Democrats within a 4-month period losing an astounding 5% cutting their lead to only a 13%.

Obviously, the spiraling downward trend for Democrats coincides with the President’s successes both on the domestic front and internationally.

In fact, according to that same Reuters Poll, 39% of registered voters said they would vote for the Republican candidate in November, compared to 36.7% favoring Democrats. Those numbers are significant when considering Democrats had been leading by more than 10% since April.

Perhaps the biggest issue for Democrats going into the midterm election is attempting to explain to the voters why their party refused to vote for the Presidents massive tax cuts for working Americans, combined with the terrible optics of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi standing at a podium and dismissing the substantial bonuses (averaging $1,000 dollars) given by hundreds of businesses to their employees as “crumbs.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, one of the few pundits who understands the dynamics of the Trump Presidency, has predicated all along that Republicans stand a good chance of bucking tradition and stopping the so-called “blue wave.”

Stating; “I think Republicans stand to gain four to six seats in the Senate. While we may lose some seats in the House, we will still keep control. I think we could potentially do even better – and there are plenty of reasons to support this belief.”

Adding: “I have no doubt the Republican surge is happening because the left-wing media is finding it harder and harder to ignore the positive outcomes of the Trump administration’s policies.”

Moreover, the constant drumbeat of deranged progressives within the Democratic Party threatening to block and perhaps roll-back the President’s economic agenda is actually backfiring and giving Trump supporters a reason to come out in record numbers for the midterm election.

Pelosi message last month stating that she would work to roll-back the Trump tax cuts if they retake Congress, stating “It comes down to an economic message, the financial instability of American families is something that needs to be addressed.”

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Void of any actual policies to run on, Pelosi on Monday doubled down and unveiled a plan highlighting the alleged corruption in the Trump administration. She then shamelessly high-jacked the President’s unique expression exclaiming: “Instead of delivering on his promise to drain the swamp, President Trump has become the swamp.”

Her comments once again illustrate the disarray within the Democratic Party, showing that the leader of that party needs to rely on the President’s own words in an attempt to cobble a message.

Doug Schoen a pollster and Fox News contributor also pointed out the deep division within the Democratic Party between radical progressives and moderates saying;  “Overall, Tuesday’s results prove that the problematic trend of far-left progressives winning Democratic primaries over moderate centrists continues, showing that the party is more divided than ever, It is time to move forward with a plan that unifies, rather than divides the party, or squander the opportunity to retake either chamber of Congress in November.”

  1. Post Author

    Just shows the American people are fed up with the stupidity of democrats like Pelosi. We the people are happy with our president and the good he has done so far. So much better than the non American we had before. He was tearing us apart and Trump is mending inspite of the Dems and the ignorance of the media.

  2. Post Author

    The great Blue Wave is turning into a “tinkle” down “HardBoiled” Chris Matthews leg 🙂

  3. Post Author

    I guess to Pelosi $1000 does seem like crumbs to her since she sits behind her protective wall in her mansion. Truly the double standard here. If she and the other lunatics on the far left realized how stupid most of their comments are, they would realize most of us deplorables recognize a lunatic when we see or hear one. Sometimes I doubt Pelosi knows what day it is. Her rambling talk sounds just like one of the dumbed down Snowflakes. She and others need to be put out to pasture.

  4. Post Author

    Do not believe what the Daily conspiracy is putting out, you better put your trust in God and not man or the daily conspiracy, ask yourself this Question why is trump so Buddy buddy with Putin, why do trump want the Russian investigation shut down so quick, he said there is no collusion with Russia why do he want the investigations stop and he is doing everything he can to stop the investigation, 99% of the things come out is a lie, look at the damage he is doing to the FBI and the intelligence community, Russia is putting out all this propaganda and it is so bad and so sad that we have people in the American government that is putting out Russia propaganda I took an oath when I was in the military to defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic , The Russians are our enemy they are not our friend, We need a president that will defend the American way of life, what is that slogan make America great again when was America not great America has always been the greatest nation on earth

  5. Post Author

    The “unbiased” media has already promised to sweep the (d)s into full power by 2020, using their one-sided reporting to portray all (R)s as either perverts, idiots, or irrelevant. Its up to America’s true patriots to get out and vote this year’s election and in 2020 to prove them wrong. The fate of our Supreme Court is riding on what we choose to do.

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