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Hawaii Island is All Fracked Up

Last month, this writer revealed the potential threat to Pacific rim coastal areas posed by the continuing venting and eruptions from Mount Kilauea on Hawaii (the Big Island).

The notion that Big Government and its mainstream media stooges were suppressing the magnitude of the potential tidal wave damage that a large volcanic eruption on Hawaii would cause is indeed a conspiracy theory worth considering. But it is overshadowed by a much more sinister and ominous plot that is now surfacing from alternative news sources and on-the-scene reporters: secret hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on Hawaii have created earthquakes which have destabilized the volcano’s normal activity, threatening an eruption large enough to generate a lethal tsunami.

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The worst part of these new revelations is that Baron de Rothschild (you know, the CEO of Planet Earth) is behind the whole thing. He wants coastal devastation along the west coast of America and all the other countries on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean that would be devastated by tsunami damage.

If you scoff at the idea – preposterous! – perhaps you have heard that scalding lava flowing from gaping vents near the town of Leilani are heading directly toward the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) power plant?

Although Kilauea volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983, this new lava outbreak that has wiped out both upscale Leilani Estates and Vacationland has been going on since April 30, 2018, with more vents opening as time goes by and subterranean magma, builds up pressure that seeks release through the Earth’s surface. The red circle on the image below marks the endangered and vulnerable PGV power plant:

PVG is located in a region known as the Kilauea East Rift Zone, an area that has seen the wrath of Hawaii’s volcano goddess Pele more than once in the past:

Notice the Hilina slump – a geological fault system – on the map of the same area below:

A geological slump is “a form of mass wasting that occurs when a coherent mass of loosely consolidated materials or rock layers moves a short distance down a slope.”

The Hilina slump is well suited for coastal naval defense because it affords ” a steep upper submarine slope down to about 300 meters [about 1,000 feet] water depth.” Think of it as an underwater bowl or bathtub just offshore.

A major collapse into the ocean off the southeast coast of Hawaii Island after a sizeable earthquake could start the killer tsunami every horror movie producer dreams of. But not coastal residents and property owners.

Hot lava from Mount Kilauea is currently on PVG property but has not reached any of the underground wells that bring steam and hot liquid up for geothermal energy conversion. When that happens – because it’s starting to look inevitable – there will be enormous local eruptions of steam and toxic gases. Coupled with a collapse of the asks:

“The scientific data clearly shows how the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) is at the epicenter of the volcanic eruption. Is this merely chance or by design?”

Although PVG will not admit that they are, in fact, fracking, scientific analysis shows very strong positive correlation between PVG’s highly pressurized fluid injection to crack up underground rock deposits in order to recover and exploit (read: sell to the locals for big profits) geothermal heat energy and earthquake activity in the Hawaiian Islands.

Here’s the clincher, though, as revealed by Dr. Michael Salla on PGV leadership is linked to global leadership, i.e., the Rothschilds (New World Order top echelon elite):

  • “The Puna Geothermal Venture is owned by Ormat Industries, which is an Israeli based company that was founded by Lucien Yehuda Bronicki.”
  • PGV CEO Bronicki won the Rothschild Prize for Innovation/Export in 1977.
  • “It is quite plausible that the Rothschild’s 1977 support and financial backing made Bronicki and Ormat Industries obligated to do the Rothschild’s bidding in some way. This makes it possible that Bronicki was instructed by the Rothschilds to build the geothermal facility in a dangerous volcanic region for a hidden purpose despite the inherent risk in building a facility in such a dangerous area.”
  • “The hidden purpose of the Puna Geothermal Plant was to trigger earthquakes and seismic activity around Kilauea volcano that would lead to a collapse of the Hilina Slump. This would create a Pacific-wide disaster that would cripple the U.S. economically and militarily for years to come, thereby helping the Rothschild family maintain its shadowy global control system.”

Yes, you read right: the Rothschilds want to create societal chaos from the collapse of international infrastructures along the Pacific Rim and resulting financial erosion in order to keep all us “breeders and feeders” upset and vulnerable to their plotting and scheming. This is so insanely evil that it might just be true.

The New World Order, operating through the United Nations, the World Bank, and other powerful individuals and agencies, is hell-bent on establishing a global government, economy, and total control of everyone by a few self-designated Rulers of Earth.

Sound like science fiction? So did rockets ships once upon a time.

Stay tuned and aloha.

  1. Post Author

    Total bullshit

  2. Post Author

    There is is the one true and living God that those who love Him and His only begotten Son , can call on to block the ultimate leader of Rothschild and Company….
    The devil is a defeated foe because of Jesus Christ’s shed blood, death, burial and resurrection! Hallelujah Bind the evil one in Jesus name, and we cast him and his strongholds into the deepest part of the earth, along with all imps, minions and cohorts
    on that subject matter according to Matthew 18:18 Whatsoever you bind on earth!!!!!
    So, now he is blocked and can only try another avenue. Stay awake and aware. Thank you for that insight as to the fracking…no one ever said that on the news……

  3. Post Author

    Don’t think that the world leaders are going to be dominated by one corrupt American corporation. That happened during WW 2 ! And eventually the threat was at their doorsteps. World leaders are not that stupid ! I hope they become stronger and united and oppose these corrupt American corporations that are the root of all the evil in this world !

    • Post Author

      wow I like your thinking. Let me ask you this. Do you work? Do you work for one of the many corrupt american corporations? I do hope so. Those same corrupt companies also exist in every country. But the way those companies put food on the tables of every employee. You can have it your way these companies will stop making cars, trucks, stoves, refrigerators, dish washers, wood to build homes, Electricity, gasoline, mattresses and let’s not leave out the groceries stores and the companies and the farms that feed the stories. Do you fell better now. You single handedly brought us back to where ISIS wants the world.

  4. Post Author

    You guys are so incredibly ignorant/ anti-semitic/ trash. Shame on you🤮🤮🤮

  5. Post Author

    Whether deliberate or not, if fracking causes damage, then those responsible should be held responsible.

  6. Post Author

    The CEO of Planet Earth is Almighty God, who formed the planet!!

  7. Post Author

    I congratulate you. Of all the conspiracy theories you have concocted, this one is the purist example of paranoid thinking I am aware of. The UN, IMF, New World Order, (what—no Bilderbergs?) and, of course, you cannot have a calamity on planet earth with the Jews. Did I leave anybody out. Causing a tsunami by surreptitiously destroying a power plant thereby destroying the economy of the Pacific rim thereby enabling the Rothschilds to maintain their iron control of the world. Terrific stuff. Keep it coming from your room in the mental ward.

  8. Post Author

    Adolf Hitler once said: Lance the boil and there you will find the Jew. And what is Rothschild? Red Shield is what that name means. Rothschilds have been meddlers for a long time!

  9. Post Author

    Oh you sad rubes. There are no hydrocarbons in volcanic rock.

    • Post Author

      Did I miss something? Was there a mention of hydrocarbons in the article? By the way, what’s a rube?

    • Post Author

      They arent looking for hydrocarbons. The so called fracking that the story is referring to is the breaking down of volcanic rock to enlarge cavities to inject water or whatever into to produce steam to convert to electricity. Fault lines would be a great place to do this but that being said (and I’m not a geologist) doing it on a volcanically active Island fault zone might be a bad idea. I’ll have to read up on it.

  10. Post Author

    What??? How stupid do you think we are? Total garbage. Flew over island in an helicopter January 2018. No fracking or drilling going on. And why would it be? This websight Just lost all credibility in my opinion. Just removed my email from this sight. Get enough distorted and misinformation without asking for it!

  11. Post Author

    Why don’t you produce proof of your accusations?

  12. Post Author

    Well, I suppose one could create a science fiction story based on the Book of Revelations which tells the world the outcome, but doesn’t tell how it will play out, exactly.

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