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A Tale Of Two Cities: A Nation Divided By A Scam

Everyone loves controversy. We flock to it like moths to a flame or like Donald Trump to Twitter – we just can’t seem to help ourselves.

If you were to ASK a person how important peace and conflict resolution is, virtually everyone would agree these are fundamental cornerstones to a self-sustaining society. However, when this philosophy is put into motion, rarely do our actions align with what we claim to want.

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To be an outside observer looking in, one would probably conclude we are a society that thrives on discord and chaos. We continually participate in fiery debates and disrespectful actions, to the point it would appear we collectively just don’t want to coexist with one another.

This is in part because we “get off” on drama. When conflict occurs, our flight-or-fight response goes into overdrive, pumping adrenaline and cortisone through our bodies. This results in a rush that we end up getting addicted to, not unlike a person with an affinity for cocaine or gambling. It’s the same reason so many people stay in torrid relationships or love watching horror movies – that constant suspense becomes habit forming.

The other explanation is that we’ve been taught by larger forces that one’s morale, political standing, and socioeconomic identity demands passion and devotion. One cannot find compromise or resolution with a person of differing opinion or political position. To do so would be to show weakness; to show that you don’t really care about yourself, your family, your community, your party, or your country.

Right after 9/11, then-President George W. Bush made a famous speech that stated:

“You are either for us or against us.”

It was in reference to waging war on terrorism and it was great sentiment. It played on the heartstrings of American citizens who were already going through emotional upheaval. It was the sort of speech that evokes a “superman” ideology and, more importantly, a sense of community and togetherness.

The “us vs. them” ideology is great for unifying like-minded people but it’s absolutely detrimental when it comes to living in a society where people fundamentally don’t agree on issues. Which is ironic because the ENTIRE POINT of governing a large body of people is trying to get everyone to peacefully coexist.

This divisive attitude plays a role in just about every aspect of our lives and, while it’s actually a disservice to us as citizens, it’s incredibly profitable and self-serving to politicians, lobbyists, advertisers, and the media.

A sense of community has always been an intrinsic backbone of self-identity. We naturally gravitate toward people that have similar outlooks on life and feel embraced once we’ve found them. And that’s great until it morphs into a hatred of people outside that community. And that’s what is occurring in America right now. It’s also what emboldens leaders of these subgroups.

It’s the reason we have political parties and the reason it’s been ingrained in us that – to not align completely with your party’s platform – is to be a traitor to your party.

This philosophy breeds drama and conflict and continues to be the reason bipartisanship is viewed as a weakness, not a strength. While this insidious need to point fingers at one another is detrimental to the fabric of society, it is great for governing forces. Drama keeps this well-oiled machine working because it’s profitable.

This divisive rhetoric is what keeps a two-party democracy empowered. It’s what drives news networks to put their partisan “spin” on stories instead of just sticking with facts. It’s what advertisers piggyback off of to keep people flocking to social media. Its why issues that really are non-issues frequently surface, keeping us focused on things that don’t matter to distract us from things that actually do. It’s why really pressing issues like gun reform, police brutality, human trafficking, and healthcare will NEVER be resolved.

In short, we use emotion over rational to make decisions because we have been taught that’s what you do.

And until we wake up and realize that the politicians nor the media nor private conglomerates have our best interest in mind, we will continue focusing our misguided anger at one other. We will continue to be divided as a Nation and that’s EXACTLY where the higher-ups want us. Because, so long as the country’s narrative continues to be based on emotion, drama, and divisiveness, the winners will continue to be everyone BUT us citizens.

  1. Post Author

    In short, we use emotion over rational to make decisions because we have been taught that’s what you do.
    I do believe you meant “rationale”. Ever considered using a proofreader?

  2. Post Author

    The other day I asked myself why is no one willing to make a deal? Why is there no Henry Clay in either house of Congress? He’ll, we don’t even have a John Calhoun! Some how those two could find a way to build a consensus in order to get our nation’s business done. The clowns we keep electing would rather fight it out to the last man (or woman), but accomplish nothing. We should fire every last one of them and start over. Throw all the bums out!

    • Post Author

      Donald Trump was never supposed to be elected President. Whatever problems the country may have, they can be handled in due time. The most important thing now is to get rid of Trump, or at least prevent him from claiming any successes. Failing that, persecute him, his family, his supporters, and anyone connected to him in any way so as to chip away at his support, intimidate anyone from cooperating with him, and render him ineffectual by any means necessary, even if you have to lie. It’s called TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Post Author

      It’s not practical to throw all the bums out, but what the hell I agree. Let’s throw all the bums out. They don’t deserve to be on the taxpayer’s payroll. Or, an alternative: term limits.

  3. Post Author

    Interesting take but it is my experience as a seasoned citizen their is only one “party” that places people in disaffected groups. And value people by their “minority status” . Now those of us that happen to be white and male must accept our “white privilege” or be labeled racist. Now while I agree this country is polarized your argument assigns equal responsibility which I reject. Your premise of compromise has been tried over the years by milk toast Republicans with our Country sliding further into a amoral socialist dystopia every year.

    • Post Author

      When one continually, CONTINUALLY compromises with the left, the middle keeps moving farther and farther to the left. Enough is enough. Take a stand for what is right.

    • Post Author

      I believe you mistakenly wrote Republican instead of Democrat. The unabashedly socialist Cortez was just elected in NYC and almost immediately 8 Democrats jumped on her band wagon. The true meaning of socialism escapes the remaining Democrat voting base.

  4. Post Author

    I agree completely and that’s where my fantasy of an alien i I agree completely and that’s where my fantasy of an alien species knowing this also as truth and fearful of humans eventually reaching further from this planet will come here with their superior technology and force mankind to do the right things resulting in a peaceful planet we’re human needs are appropriately and functionally addressed

  5. Post Author

    The real cause of the problem is the central bank system which creates all the fiat money out of thin air. This allows the funding of all these political, government and corporate borrowings. But for this availability of funding most of Washington and Wall Street would not exist. As always follow the money trail.

  6. Post Author

    I agree with this, but with one important caveat – useless debate over a difference of opinion is one thing, but when one side has the truth and the other side claims that their false narrative is equal to or better than the truth, then it behooves the right side to do all in its power to forward their facts over the false claims of the other side. To do any less would be a betrayal of both logic and progress.

  7. Post Author

    Excellent narration.

  8. Post Author

    Conflict management is a buzz word used by socialist. It is taught in our public schools where a consensus is arrived at by a group. Individuality is discouraged. The solution is group determined and not necessarily what’s really best for the problem given for students to discuss. They are given several predetermined solutions where the group comes up with a group decision.
    We are seeing proof of a dumbed down easily controlled bunch of ignorant, arrogant and mindless kids who do not know they are being used by the left to accomplish the goals of the left. They are called the useful idiots. (I liken this bunch of disodents to Hitler’s Brown Shirts) Hitler gained control of the schools by nationalizing education and brainwashed them just we are now witnessing in our country. Control at the local level was taken away from every local school district in each state and given to the Dept of Ed where they gained the right to write curriculum. This is how our schools have been nationalized! We now have two generations that have graduated from the school of “nonsense.”
    The brainwashed liberal hippies from the sixties are the same ones who are now in office and who teach liberalism in our universities. These people cut their eye teeth on the teachings of socialism— thus the cabal in our government was born. This cabal has no ethics, no morals and probably not even a conscience.
    Both political parties are so far to the left that they no longer represent the ideals of Conservative America. People who were born during the 1940’s and 1950’s probably are representive of the last group of conservative middle American who embraced conservative values, morals and religious beliefs. Living was good during that time and there was little widespread conflict. There was no need for “conflict management” because the majority agreed with these values. What’s good for the people is no longer considered of import to these liberals. The left seems to see it only one way—their way. It’s a grab for control over the people, their lives and freedom. Sadly, a country will not stand when radical groups are paid to protest against everything our country stands for thus causing a division in our country. This divisiveness is right out of the socialist/communist playbook. Unfortunately, these groups are funded by rich radical groups who wish to divide n conquer America. Thankfully, our president is trying to turn back the tide of socialism and their infringement on our liberties as set forth in our Constitution which by the way is not taught to our school kids today. Trump and his actions scares and angers this cabal who are against our country and whosd goal it is to form a borderless one world government. God help us!

  9. Post Author

    Wow, not one single comment besides mine! I guess nobody likes the truth, because the truth hurts

    • Post Author

      Complete agreement here. I’m in Canada where our Marxist PM , a man completely unqualified for anything more than public dog catcher, is more than preoccupied with identity know the usual suspects..climate change, imigration, women and racial “equality” doh! The usual globalism mantra. Scary stuff!

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