CNN’s Acosta breaks protocol interrupts historic signing!


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You don’t need to look too far to wonder why CNN is losing its viewers “big time!” Simply witness the brief one-minute video clip of the historic signing between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.

An introspective moment, as both leaders sitting a few feet away from each other, heads bowed, began signing the document that would hopefully bring lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, and perhaps end the threat of a nuclear showdown with America.

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When suddenly CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta, “BREAKING PROTOCOL” began shouting questions and disrupting the august mood of the ceremony, attempting to once again purposely inject himself into a historic moment, thus becoming the news.

The abrasive and caustic reporter has a long and sordid history of attempting to embarrass the President at every possible opportunity, and this was no exception, as Acosta shouted out “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier?”

No doubt attempting to remind the millions of viewers around the world witnessing the historic moment, that North Korea is a brutal régime and the individual sitting a few feet from the President is a despot, we get it!

Perhaps Acosta needs a brief history lesson; in WWII President Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Democrat) aligned himself with Communist leader Joseph Stalin, a brutal dictator reputed to have murdered and or starved between 5 to 7 million of his countrymen, Roosevelt understood that in order to stop a bigger threat to humanity like Adolf Hitler, concessions at times must be made for the “greater good.”

The impromptu shout-out caught the President by surprise, which was exactly what Acosta wanted, asking “Mr. President, did he (Kim) agree to denuclearize?”

The President’s attention momentarily diverted, he graciously responded that the process would begin “very quickly,” and that’s when Acosta “true-to-form” asked about Otto Warmbier, hoping perhaps to catch the President off guard, however, Trump didn’t take the bait, ignoring the inconsiderate and inappropriate question.

However, the rude interruption prompted President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, to demand Acosta lose his press credentials, angrily stating, “Jim Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended, “he is an absolute disgrace!”

For those who’ve watched Acosta’s antics at White House press briefings, you’re already familiar with his staged performances of interrupting White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, hoping to get noticed with his ill-mannered remarks.

Acosta continued his “one-man show” barking questions during the historic summit and grandstanding for the few CNN viewers still watching the “fake news” network asking, “Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?”

Moments later following the Presidents 40-minute huddle with Kim, Acosta once again “broke protocol” asking, “Any progress, Mr. President?”

Then Acosta abruptly turned to the North Korean leader asking, “Chairman Kim, will you denuclearize?”

However this time the self-aggrandized journalist may have gone too far, in that all the networks including Acosta and the hundreds of reporters and journalist covering the historic event in Singapore were briefed long before the two leaders met regarding journalist protocol and professionalism in reporting the monumental event.

Acosta has become the journalistic “poster-child” for the unhinged left because of his caustic and abrasive attitude towards the White House. He recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly slugfest, bragging like a misbehaving school punk how he was kicked out of the Oval Office by President Trump, adding he wears his disgusting behavior “as a badge of honor.”

Kimmel, of course, savored every moment saying “He is a persistent thorn in the flabby underbelly of the Trump administration.”

The love-feast went on and on, with Kimmel fawning, “I love watching you bust their balls, “I can’t get enough of it.”

This brings us back to the network employing Acosta, CNN, which is losing their prime-time audience in record numbers, even rearranging their overall programming to garnish better ratings, is failing.

Chris Cuomo another far left personality working at CNN had been co-hosting another losing morning show titled “New Day” was promoted to a prime-time 9:00 p.m. weekday spot. The new show titled “Cuomo Prime Time,” faces off against Fox’s “Hannity” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Cuomo show averaged 1.1 million viewers in his first week, compared to Maddow’s 2.6 million and Hannity with almost 3.2 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Worst yet CNN saw a 9% drop in viewership for the first week of  “Cuomo Prime Time” slot compared to last year, during the same period.

  1. Post Author

    I really don’t know where President Trump takes the patience from to put up with blatant bad behavior Acosta constantly demonstrates. Shut him up for good!

    • Post Author

      Yes. Plus, Acosta is beyond the reach of reason and should be banned from WH press briefings. He brings NOTHING to any table where civil discourse is the norm. Acosta is a self aggrandizing grandstander. That’s about it.

  2. Post Author

    Black-on-black crime. Journalist-on-journalist fight. Welcome to the almighty America. Suddenly, there are no go areas; lying, and absolute partisanship is now the norm. We are watching and having a good laugh. But Jim Acosta is doing his job. That’s his job to hold government officials accountable. That’s what we in the third world crave for. So sad in the free, first world, it’s become a source of partisan opinion articles. Shame.

    • Post Author

      It’s called manners!

  3. Post Author

    Acosta should have his White House press credentials permanently removed.

  4. Post Author

    This is why all these pols, like President Trump had become in this regard, never learn from their experiences. Acosta is always doing this and yet he still gets into these events. If this is his M.O. (Modus Operandi for those who live in Rio Lindo) then why do they the think it will change. The real simple answer is to tell CNN he can not and will not be allowed into any such events, by the President, because of this. Tell CNN to provide another reporter or their are out all together. Boy I think I should be POTUS at least I have common sense to see this.

  5. Post Author

    Real stupid. Idiot

  6. Post Author

    STOP the side video….PLEASE…it’s very distracting and I don’t want to read the text because of it. This is a dichotomy….your article talks about Acosta interrupting an historical moment….YET, your horrid crash video interrupts the reader’s visual focus on the article’s words. No thank you, Daily Conspiracy!!

  7. Post Author

    CNN is a real threat to news and decorum . CNN is trying to bring down all that is good and the progress our president is trying to do for us. But why???? We will all loose. Are you stupid? I guess we all know the answer to that. Away with CNN .

  8. Post Author

    That is one reason I don’t watch any of the late shows.
    They are out to get trump and I’ll vote for him again when the elections.
    Now if they could just get those Democratic people out of congress, I’d be Hppy.

  9. Post Author

    What comes to mind is the exclamation of “redeeming value”. Obviously, to those of us who remember that exclamation; finding any redeemable value top and of CNN and Mr Acosta is a loosing proposition much like emptying a toilet bowl with a table spoon. I can only assume that the refresenced image is well within the limited understanding of the two subjects. Using the judgement of their value through any sense or filter dirties the vision so badly as to render the results obtuse and inconsequential. Also diminishes the measurement of any quantifiable moral fiber.

  10. Post Author

    CNN IS NON GRATA TO THIS FAMILY. May they go bankrupt. May they keep losing their vievers. Happy demise upon CNN.

  11. Post Author

    What else can you expect of CNN and Acosta. The people in that network has no breeding and morals. They are idiot like all the Demoncrats. To hell with them and I hope they go down the drain. C stands for Clinton, News Network. What a shame.

  12. Post Author

    When hatred is in ones heart, it is very hard to see how wrong we truly are, I pray mr Acosta will be found by God and maybe if he can see clearly by the grace of god he might be saved, truly he does not know the Lord’s Prayer Our Father or else when he gets to that part that says and forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US, it sounds like trump did him wrong at some point in his life that this brother can’t get past, let us pray instead of judging one other that we come back to God,and as a Nation we repent and maybe we become one Nation Under GOD again,what would that be like, we’ve tried walking away and how has this been working out for us as a Nation,a Godless people but where free to destroy ourselves thru hatred

  13. Post Author

    acustic is an arrogant little PRICK and should lose his credentials immediately, TRUMP give him your favorite saying, YOU ARE FIRED, LOL

  14. Post Author

    The liberals cannot stand the idea of any success by the Trump administration. I love watching their heads explode. It’s as much fun as watching the movie, ‘Mars Attacks’!!

  15. Post Author

    Don’t allow him to any more events being disruptive like that could be a dangerous issue it’s time for the GOP to stand their ground

  16. Post Author

    Thank goodness someone is holding 45 accountable for the atrocities of dictator Kim.

  17. Post Author

    Jim Acosta should be removed from anything connected with President Trump. This includes all of his staff until he portrays some semblance of professionalism.

  18. Post Author

    Did this scumbag Acosta ask this question 17 months before Otto Warmbier’s death during the Obama administration when he was being held? No because he did not give a shit then when Obama did NOTHING! Only now, why?

  19. Post Author

    Jim Acosta and the unhinged main stream media ought to be banned from any and all press gatherings from this point on. I realize this is the only place most American news viewers even see them, but the fact that CNN along with all the other MSN networks ratings are plummeting should be a sign to them and the Democrats that resisting Trump is definitely helping his ratings rise…better than what Obama’s were at the same time in his presidency. This is another reason I cancelled my subscription to our local newspaper using USA Today as their news source, but print nothing but their own left wing views. And, I’ve had many friends cancel their subscriptions due to this biased behavior. My news source is FOX News, “True and Balanced”!…the way news should be reported!

  20. Post Author

    This is disgusting and stupid person this Acosta

  21. Post Author

    IF it has acosta, kimmel, madcow maddow, cuomo, or any other outstanding cnn personalities posing as “news reporters”.. I simply do NOT have ANY time for them. Way less time than this has taken to write.

  22. Post Author

    The White House should tell CNN that they need to find another reporter to cover them because Acosta is no longer welcome in the White House because of this little stunt.

  23. Post Author

    Well said!

  24. Post Author

    I will never watch CNN again as long as Acosta is there a total disgrace to real journalist

  25. Post Author

    Acosta should loose his W.H. credentials for good!

  26. Post Author

    Well lets see if white house gonna back it up and suspend acosta or are they same as rinos

  27. Post Author

    CNN isn’t losing viewers Fox is, their the ones lying through their teeth. Somebody needs to call our evil president and his Comrad Kim out. He accomplished nothing this was a dog and pony show nothing else.

  28. Post Author

    Nothing worthy to say here. The TV crowd are saying it all.

  29. Post Author

    fuck you CNN is booming

  30. Post Author

    Rude, deliberately offensive “reporters” like Cuomo should just be removed from the meeting he’s covering, the moment he starts his nonsense; and he should then be banned from official WH briefings.

  31. Post Author

    Keep working ,splendid job!

  32. Post Author

    Not sure what all the hoopla is all about. Rudeness and careless action seems to be the rule rather than the exception since the 2016 election. The presidential seal doesn’t automatically cover all the stink any more than a set of press credentials.

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