Migrant Children Enjoy Higher Standard Of Living Than Most American Kids


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In a stunning new government report conducted in the 2017 Fiscal Year, migrant children crossing illegally into the United States, either alone or accompanied by an adult enjoy a higher standard of living than the average middle-class American child.

However here’s where it becomes even more astonishing, their standard of living is nearly three times greater than their native-born American counterparts.

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In 2017 nearly 41,000 immigrant children crossing into the United States were referred by the federal government into a government-sponsored program called the “Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.”

This program is designed to rapidly coordinate with the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Moreover, according to just-released government data reported by Breitbart News, the migrant child entering illegally costs the American taxpayer roughly $35.000 annually, almost three times greater than the average standard of living for an American middle-class child.

That astounding report is supported when referenced against additional data from the Consumer Expenditures Survey conducted in 2015, which found that a typical American middle-class family of four will spend about $13,000 annually on a child, with a family income between 59,200 to 107,400 dollars.

The study commissioned by USDA is also known in years past as “The Cost of Raising a Child” survey, which has been tracking the annual cost of raising a child since 1960, examining annual expenses within a changing economy from household income, budgetary component, and region of the country.

However even more astounding is the number of AMERICAN CHILDREN under 18 living in abject poverty, roughly 13.2 million that the “bleeding-heart” politicians seem to have ignored in favor of refugee children crossing into America illegally.

The government considers a household of 4-individuals with a combined annual income of less the $24,000, to be living in poverty.

Now consider for a moment the current hysteria regarding the immigration issue, compared to the horrific way our government treats an “impoverished American family.”  Imagine for a moment if those same numbers were reversed, rather then allocating almost $35,000 to an unaccompanied minor crossing our border “illegally,” taking that $10,000 which is the dollar difference between the poverty level in America, and the “high” standard of living afforded to an illegal alien child, and giving those taxpayer funds to those “Americans in need!”

Breitbart News also reported that our federal government spends about $1.4 billion annually on illegal border crossings by unaccompanied minors, which of course the American taxpayer is saddled with.

Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak documented the comfortable living conditions that an illegal alien child receives, once they cross the border unaccompanied, which includes lodging, meals, clothing, medical care, education, recreation, counseling and an array of other social services.

Perhaps, even more, astounding (if that’s even possible), in just two years immigration officials released over 100,000 unaccompanied children into the United States.

Current law requires immigration officials to turn over unaccompanied children crossing the border to the Office of Refugee Resettlement within 72 hours. The Office of Refugee Resettlement must then “promptly place them in the least restrictive setting in the best interest of the child.”

CIS director of policy studies, Jessica Vaughan, said in a recent interview, “The surge of minors and families from Central America has been going on for nearly six years and shows no signs of abating; it is the most urgent border security issue that needs to be resolved.”

Adding; “The placement of these children has been a fiscal disaster for communities that have had to absorb them, mainly because of the impact on the schools, which have struggled to deal with the sudden arrival of so many ill-prepared kids, and no new funding.”

Moreover, one can’t help but wonder about our own American born children living in poverty, many within the inner cities of America, struggling to survive. Perhaps no longer of concern to those politicians who’ve exploited them for decades, for their own political gains.

  1. Post Author

    This is your “source for daily FAKE news”🐗

  2. Post Author

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said here and I’m pissed. I’m sick and tired of these people coming here illegally and then expecting to be taken care of they’re coming here illegally they belong in jail the children 2. I know that sounds heartless but these parents know exactly what’s going to happen to these children when they come here yet they come anyways. Because there will be some crybaby somewhere that says we should probably spend $60,000 a year per kid while our kids go hungry. As the United States taxpayer I am mad as hell and I say this stops now I cannot afford to raise any more children and basically that’s what I’m going to be doing. Mr. President Senators congressmen and anybody else who can hear stop we do not want these people in our country and I do not want to have to pay for them!!!!

    • Post Author

      Same as I say!

  3. Post Author

    You guys are full of sh$t try living In their world for a year, then write your story.

  4. Post Author

    An obvious invasion to anyone not indoctrinates by the commie PC culture. USA will become Venezuela very soon. Instead of teaching people how to fish and be self sufficient aka Peace Corp days the Demo-communist party needs sheep to sustain itself. While the RINO party destroys the balance of power between labor and management!

    All empires fall because the citizens become fat and lazy.

  5. Post Author

    You so full of it

  6. Post Author

    Insanity….makes me sick
    Our govt should help OUR kids in poverty not foreigners.

  7. Post Author

    For crying out loud! Those kids are already scared out of their minds. They are lost, confused and dealing with the most scariest of situations. We, Americans, are treating them with love, compassion and kindness to help ease their fear. They ARE going to go back to their country! We, Americans, are above the rest when it comes to humanitarian efforts. WE ARE BETTER. What’s the point of treating children like crap? What would that accomplish, exactly? We are better than that!!! We are above the rest, we are AMERICANS.

  8. Post Author

    I wish this was posted on the news .

  9. Post Author

    Our Congressmen are more concerned about illegals than the Americans that elected them. Remember the liberals at election time and oust them.

  10. Post Author

    They are not “refugees” nor are they “immigrants “; they are illegal invaders who are unskilled, uneducated, unable and I will to assimilate, and plagued with diseases we eradicated four decades ago in this great nation. These filthy savages should be eliminated wholesale as quickly as possible since they breed like rabid vermin.

  11. Post Author

    It has always been, that the American children come second to the help that other children in other countries get. So this report is not new news to what is happening to the children in this U S A.

  12. Post Author

    OMG, you call this unbias journalism? This is so incomplete. I am sure this will not get published. However, I am compelled to write this comment anyways. This is such emotional b.s. propaganda I can’t believe the editor signed off on this! Shame on this rag!

  13. Post Author

    This type thing make me very angry. I have started redirecting my anger from the crooked,selfish, ignorant, lying politicians to the general public. These thieving, lying, fools were put into their positions by stupid voters. At this late date I am not sure the country can be saved, but if it is to be saved the citizens better wake up and start voting for individuals not political parties. In my mind both parties are corrupt.

  14. Post Author

    And how many families have decided not to have any more children or any children at all because their government has chosen to favor, through unreasonable over taxation, populations of illegal immigrants into our country. Is it any wonder why the birth rate of U S citizens is shrinking.

  15. Post Author

    Ah…you do realize that the majority of that $30,000+ per kid doesn’t actually go to the kid or their family, right? Instead, it goes to social workers, judges, GALs, fostering programs (for the ones who really are put in foster care-that’s fewer than you’d think), etc. The kids are a great big fat cash cow for DCFS, just like foster kids from here in the States.

  16. Post Author

    If they just sent 2 of these kids back home and gave the $70,000 to a local school we could hire a policeman to protect our school age children..

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