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Obama Allowed Russian Interference During 2016 Presidential Campaign

The giant “Jigsaw puzzle” dubbed the “Russian collusion” investigation, is slowly coming together “piece by piece.” This latest revelation on Wednesday confirms what has long been suspected, that President Obama may have directly ordered his National Security Adviser Susan Rice to “stand down” in response to the mounting evidence of Russian cyber attacks, targeting our 2016 presidential election.

That stunning acknowledgment came from an Obama loyalist and former “Cyber-Security Coordinator” for the Obama Administration. During a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence meeting, held to review the Obama and President Donald Trump’s administrations’ policy response to Russian election interference.

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Michael Daniel, a cyber-security expert, testified he was ordered directly by National Security Adviser Susan Rice to “stand down.”  The incident was first reported in a new book titled “Russian Roulette” by authors Michael Isikoff and David Corn, recounting in detail the events taking place within the Obama White House regarding Russia’s meddling in America’s election process, and Obama’s reluctance to address it.

The authors reveal how Daniel was developing ways to combat the Russian cyber attacks on U.S. companies and political campaigns. He proposed several new strategies, one being a counter cyber-attack known as “denial-of-service” directed specifically at Russian propaganda news and Russian intelligence

Daniel also purposed a bogus “cyber exercise” against a Eurasian country. The idea behind the announcement was to put Moscow on notice that America was wise to their cyber attacks on our election process, and that we could “in-kind” easily target their infrastructure, with perhaps greater success.

However that idea, according to “Russian Roulette,” was shot-down by Rice, telling Daniel during a meeting in August of 2016, “Don’t get ahead of us.”

After the “brush-off” Daniel informed his staff regarding the National Security Adviser’s decision to do nothing, which prompted Daniel Prieto one of Daniel’s staff members to lament, “I was incredulous and in disbelief.”

Adding, “Why the hell are we standing down? Michael, can you help us understand?”

The exchange between Daniel and Prieto, and the events leading up to that exchange including the pointed conversation between Rice and Daniel was confirmed during Daniel’s testimony on Wednesday, during a round of questions from Idaho Sen. Jim Risch.

“That is an accurate rendering of the conversation at the staff meeting,” he testified.

“You were told to stand down, is that correct?” Risch, a Republican, asked Daniel.

“Those actions were put on the back burner, yes. That was not the focus of our activity during that time period,” Daniel replied.

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Perhaps it’s noteworthy to point out that a “stand-down” order of this magnitude would normally be given by the Commander-in-Chief, down the chain-of-command to his National Security Adviser, which needs to be investigated further, if indeed that was the case.

It’s also worth pointing out that during this pivotal period, Hillary Clinton was all but assured of winning the presidency, and apparently our national security wasn’t of interest to President Obama. It’s also worth mentioning that former British spy Christopher Steele a co-calibrator to Hillary Clinton, visited the State Department in October 2016 (a month before the November 8th election), and briefed officials regarding his bogus creation, of what was to become the infamous anti-Trump dossier, it was revealed on Wednesday.

That revelation prompted Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr to inquire, “Based upon our review of the visitor logs at the State Department, Mr. Steele visited the State Department, briefing officials on the dossier in October 2016.”

This new found information had apparently not been disclosed to the committee, regarding Steele’s visit to Foggy Bottom in Washington, D.C., just prior to the 2016 election.

Burr revealed Steele’s visit during an exchange with Victoria Nuland, who served as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs in former President Barack Obama’s Administration.

What seems apparent is that with every piece of the puzzle linking one to the other, we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of just how pervasive the Obama tentacles reached into the Trump campaign and the months that followed the election.

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    Oh no, not the greatest president in the history of the world. It couldn’t be. He He He !

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    So sad for us, the American people. We can not trust our own Government, at least not the Democrats and I am a registered Democrat myself, I will vote for Republicans in the future. What they and the Media are doing to President Trump is disgraceful!!!

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      People need to understand that both sides are crooked. I’m sure that we could argue forever on which side is worse, but it is time to wake up and demand honesty from all of our elected officials; even the ones that we like and support.

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    Heads need to roll…

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    As all conservatives had already figured out, Obama interfered in the election

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    Why would Obama interfere when it got him “placed” in office twice?!

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    This is disgusting, unacceptable, a sell out of the American people, electoral security, and our right to choose a candidate in an election. Why vote if a foreign country is directing our election. Personally, I think this is a violation of the Constitution and treasonous behavior.

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    Why do you not report facts as you allow Trump to lie on and on but say there is no proof of his participation although it would seem he knew?

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    This is a most interesting post but I don’t know what to do with it since Donald Trump is now President.

    In addition how does one know anything this President does or the previous one did as articles on either never contain verafiable independent evidence?

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    You people need to stop, Obama did not interfere in the election, being a black man in America, if Obama truly interferes in the election, don’t you know he would be in jail, but you got Trump just lying, 99% of the things come out of this man mouth is a lie, ask yourself these questions, why you trump so Buddy buddy with Putin, why is the Republican Party not condemning Russian interference in the election, The Bible is the truth, psalms 118 verse 8 the Bible say trust in the Lord, it is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man, I will put all my trust in The Lord, you people are putting your trust in Trump a man that lie, the Bible also say Ephesians 6:12 Wickness in High places, a lot of Wickness in Washington DC and the White House, the Bible say Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupt Communication process out of your mouth, but that which is good, and the White House is putting out a lot of corrupt Communication, but God will revealed the truth about Trump and the Republican party and all the corruption with Russia,

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      I see wings and halos on all the Democrats. They are such Angels. What a load of BS! Come on dude, you are siding with the Satanic Dems. They are masters of illusion.

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    This is a lot of he say, she say. Our Savior knows who is telling the truth, and He will deal with all wrongs one day. I hope and pray it will be real soon!

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