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Surprise Retirement of “Swing Vote” Justice Kennedy

The news coming out of Washington at the beginning of this week, was like no other, the Supreme Court had just upheld a narrow 5 to 4 ruling in favor of President Trump’s travel ban, little known socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had just pulled off a shocking defeat of the 4th most powerful Democrat in the country and “anti-Trump” FBI agent Peter Strzok was set to appear on Capitol Hill, to testify “behind closed doors” regarding his role in “stopping” Donald Trump from becoming President.

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No doubt a “dream come true” for any political junky. However, the biggest shock came Wednesday afternoon, when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he was about to retire. This news caught everyone by surprise and blew away all the presiding news coverage for the entire week.

Kennedy nominated by then-President Reagan in 1987, won confirmation by a unanimous vote from the Senate in 1988 and became the senior Associate Justice on the bench following the death of conservative Justice Anthony Scalia in 2016.

Although nominated by a staunch conservative, Kennedy through the years has been labeled a “swing vote” when it comes to social issues facing the country, usually siding with his more liberal colleagues.

Kennedy’s sudden departure gives President Trump another opportunity to fill the vacancy with another “constitutional jurist.” In the same tradition of Justice Neil Gorsuch, appointed just a little over 9-months ago by the President

Upon his departure, Justice Kennedy met with the President in the Oval Office and handed him a letter, “For a member of the legal profession it is the highest honor to serve on this Court,” he wrote. “Please permit me by this letter to express my profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek in each case how best to know, interpret, and defend the Constitution.”

However, Kennedy’s sudden retirement is sending shockwaves all across the progressive landscape as unhinged Democrats along with the mainstream media are in full “meltdown mode.”

The New York Times Editorial Board, upon hearing the news called Kennedy’s sudden departure “crushing!”

Adding, “It is a dark moment in the history of the court and the nation, and it’s about to get a lot darker.”

Race hustler and tax cheat Al Sharpton posted on Twitter soon after hearing the news, “As a member of the LGBTQ community, Justice Kennedy being replaced threatens my rights. It also threatens the rights of minorities, women, and Muslims. Trump must not be allowed to replace him before November. Let the people speak first.”

However, perhaps  the biggest surprise regarding Kennedy’s departure came from Democratic National Committee members minutes after the blockbuster announcement, groaning in disbelieve and crying out, “Oh, My God!”

Adding, “Not that he’s done us any good on these recent decisions, but he was the one occasionally persuadable.”

The President praised the 81-year old senior associate justice saying he was “honored” that Kennedy chose to retire during his presidency, adding, “He felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy, that’s why he did it.”

Several former law clerks have speculated that Kennedy’s decision to retire now was predicated by his desire to have a Republican President in office, as a tribute to President Ronald Reagan who nominated him over three decades ago.

The departure gives the President the opportunity to pick someone who will follow the constitution as it was written and intended by our Founders, and not as an interpretation of a “living and breathing document” changing with the cultural whim of those in power.

The President has already compiled a list of 25-highly qualified individuals stating he will “begin immediately” the process of choosing the next Supreme Court Justice

Adding, “Hopefully, we will pick someone who is just as outstanding; it will be somebody from that list.”

However look for the rabid left to obstruct, resist, and cause mayhem, regarding any nomination the President brings forward.

  1. Post Author

    To hell with the rabid left. They don’t represent our democracy. They “the Deep State” are hell bent on open borders, globalism and turning America into a Soros/Socialist country. We need SC justices who interpret & enforce the Constitution of our great land, not left leaning politicians & their lawyers who launder money, sell our uranium rights to Russia & become fabulously wealthy by capitalizing on their elected (bought by their rich supporters for wealth building favors) positions in government.
    Have the rabid left explain why our Constitution, a document that has been functional for over 240 years, should be torn apart. Have them explain why a Big Bureaucratic Government that controls peoples lives is what’s best for all of us. Have them address the senseless loss of life created by open borders, open borders they did nothing about from 2008 -2016.
    Lefty Harry Reid has created the current situation that allows President Trump to name our next Supreme Court Judge. Suck it up all you Soros lovers. Looks like once again you’ll be sleeping in the bed you made.

  2. Post Author

    Let’s go back a little:
    Election literally stolen from Al Gore and the majority of the American people who voted for him, by a supreme court that had no standing in a state court issue.
    thus we got Roberts and Alito.

    Then the majority of voters elected President Obama and were denied their rightful Scotus appointment by Mitch McConnell and his outright obstruction of Obama’s appointment.

    Now, take a look at the relationship between Trump and Justice Kennedy’s son. A banker for Deutche Bank. Said bank gave lots of loans to Trump over the years. Coincidence? I am sure. NOT
    And finally, interpret the constitution the way is was written and as intended by our founding fathers? That is a joke. If you sincerely believe that that is what the current conservative justices are doing, then I have wasted my time and energy in writing this comment because you are not playing with a full deck.

    Good luck,

    • Post Author

      How can we play with a full deck when the left has all of the Jokers ?

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