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Democrats use ‘immigration’ to push their own agenda

Immigration is nothing new to the American system and it has only recently surfaced as a major concern—to the lefties, in particular.  The media, which tends to partner with the democratic agenda, leaked a photo of a detained immigrant child crying for his parents weeks ago and the U.S. has been up in arms ever since.

The concern that has been surfaced revolves around President Trump’s immigration practice which detains illegal immigrants and their children. The problem is that the left wing would love for everyone to believe that the issue of separation and immigration detainment began with Trump, when in actuality; it began with the Obama administration.

It has been acknowledged that both Obama and Hillary have practiced detaining illegal immigrants that have been caught attempting to enter the U.S. without sufficient documents. However, the argument from the left side continues to attempt to raise itself above everyone by stating that they may have detained illegal immigrants, but they never did so under policies that would dare separate children from their parents.

To expand their point and push their hidden agenda even further, liberal pushers began to seek the support of the media, liberal celebrities, and innocent children to incorporate an emotional appeal to the public to please stop Trump from taking children from their parents… even if the parents took the chance to come into the country illegally.

What’s REALLY going on here?

Have you noticed that the issue of illegal immigration has boldly come up ever so suddenly and has provided the Democrats with a platform to finally stand on? Don’t you wonder how the left will benefit from immigration laws and the people that those laws will hit the hardest?

Finally, is it a shock at all that this madness is taking place at a pivotal moment in our election process where the Democratic Party is fighting to take the lead? It’s no secret that states like California, Virginia and New York have political movements to legalize voting by noncitizens and that illegal immigrants have indeed voted and had their votes count.  A 2014 study in the online Electoral Studies Journal shows that in the 2008 and 2010 elections illegal immigrant votes were in fact very high, according to the Investor’s Business Daily.

“Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress,” wrote Jesse T. Richman of Old Dominion University. Richman and other researchers on illegal immigration and voting also noted that illegals might have cast as many as 2.8 million votes in 2008 and 2010. So the left feels that EVERY vote should count and they want YOU to support this without your knowledge. Even if the vote comes from someone, who isn’t a citizen of the U.S., apparently.

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Hillary almost won with the support of illegal immigrants

A 2018 Rasmussen Reports poll found that 53% of the Democratic Party supports letting illegals vote, even though it’s against the law. This comes as no surprise considering Hillary had a nearly two-million vote lead in the popular vote, even though she lost in the Electoral College.

With the U.S. having almost 30 million illegal immigrants circulating among the general population it is no shock that the desperate left would find useful ways to take advantage of those numbers. They use emotional tactics to sway the general population into their favor by suggesting that protecting the children of illegal immigrants is the only motive, but of course, it’s NOT the only motive for them. Take a moment to look beyond the tears, the smiles, the angry taunts, and the acting so that you can see a clear agenda. It’s necessary that you do so because if not, you will discover on the back end how you unknowingly supported a goal that ultimately had nothing to do with you.



A REAL U.S. Citizen

  1. Post Author

    I believe that the Dems are on the immigration situation now is just because President Trump is against illegals crossing our border.

  2. Post Author

    This is called “truth mix with lies, its true, the policy started with the Obama administration, however, the separation of families is a Trump Administration.

    • Post Author

      I would like to inform you that what you stated above contradicted itself. If Obama detained immigrants, He’s still separated families.

  3. Post Author

    Um, please don’t insult us Conservative Left Handers by referring to the Libs as lefties…….

  4. Post Author

    I noticed that you carefully avoided stating Obama had a policy of separating children from their parents. Detaining illegal immigrants was never something new. But the approach is. And the demonization of thousands fleeing violence and death in their own nearby countries of the Americas is part of that as well. Might as well condemn the police, our armed forces, good gosh – EVERYONE – because there will always be criminals among them. To use that as the excuse to shut the door on these people for that reason, well, the Italians or Irish should never have been let in, right? Oh, you say, they came legally. Not entirely. We had a much bigger open door, then, and most immigrants were not fleeing this kind of violence. The people seeking asylum now are as capable of contributing to our nation as any were back then, given half a chance, without fear of deportation. And as far as the use of the video of that little girl, that was corrected quickly but hardly erases what is actually happening, and is damaging to children. [And, BTW, that example in California (was it?) Trump touted turned out not to be what he stated, either. But his unrelenting fake news gets the pass, huh?] Oh, you say, these parents shouldn’t have come and put their kids through all this. Right. You would, in their place, knowing what faced you and your children in Guatemala and El Salvador, have stayed rather than risk such a dangerous and arduous journey for freedom. Kiss the ground that you are on that you will never face that choice, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same. And as far as election fraud is concerned, probably there are cases here and there, as there have been perpetrated by pols for a century or more. But the scale you claim by these people is ridiculous and without credible substantiation. Hard to find anyone on Capitol Hill from Trump’s party who would agree. It’s like the silly claims about attendance at the inauguration. Such pains to deny the fact that a minority got this President elected. About the only thing he’s made good on is the fear mongering appeal to the lowest bias of citizens which does more to debase our country than what we actually have to fear from these people. How about making noise about gerrymandering, which is an overt effort to rob citizens of proportionate representation?

    • Post Author

      Another hillary loser – Trump is not shutting the door, just wants to separate the good from the bad , of which there are many bad .

  5. Post Author

    We all know that they lie and accuse others of doing the things they themselves do.

  6. Post Author

    If the illeagles voted for the republicans you could hear the protest clear to ten buck two by the democrats, the phony bastards.

  7. Post Author

    I read your comment and I understand the statistics of the high number of votes from illegal immigrants, which it is not ok!
    I also read how, and if I may add, that the photo used of an innocent tired little girl crying, it was, in my opinion, an intentional act to help their cause, by wrongfully playing with the “Americans’ and the rest of the world’s emotions, to portray that this innocent little girl was is distress crying because the mean Trump’s policies in Immigration had separated this little girl from her Mommy, by the American ICE. And, as people know this was not the case as it occurred. Rather, the illegal immigrants and supporters knew that was not the case since the child was crying but not because ICE separated her from her mother. And, this is not acceptable either using false implications knowingly it was not true to inflict turmoil and using our emotions to finally say, well this is going too far!
    Moreover, the question is from the start, are we not supposed to have Immigration laws to have order in our borders? Also, is it proper for non citizens to rule by disobedience of our laws, that as U. S. Citizens, we are supposed to obey, but not them?
    Should America succumb to non legal citizens’ demands in changing policies by the acts of illegal immigrants’ and by the disobedience of other city, county, state and federal government appointed and elected officials who are supposed to follow and defend the laws of our country?
    And, finally, shouldn’t the appointed and elected officials be disbarred for refusing to represent all of its citizens before representing illegal immigrants, since after filing complaints against illegal immigrants for a Battery, against my person and rights, many officials have turned their backs and refused to officially complete my complaints investigations,, i.e., Department of Fair Employment and Housing, California Attorney General, to mention just a couple.
    Therefore, who will be affected the most? The most being affected the most will be the legal, American citizens, because, for the most part, we are living a life with the rule of law. Without the rule of law (although, it is not perfect), I experience multiple violations by the illegal immigrants who refuse to respect the traffic laws, my civil rights, my privacy rights, and many are very violent trying to intimidate my existence for freedom of expression, freedom to live secured in my residence without their trespassing and polluting my backyard by dumping their debris without any regard or respect of being a citizen in my own country. It appears that the Illegal Immigrants.
    , which the majority are Mexicans and other south America countries apparently think that they have a right to Batter American Hispanic women and the Illegal Immigrant women and the Dreamers carry so much contempt, hatred and to some extent, I believe it may be jealousy of the legal status and confidence they intentionally tried to destroy me.
    I do not approve of the Illegal Immigrants or no borders. We need protections and the rules of law.
    Thank you,
    Sylvia Santos
    [email protected]

  8. Post Author

    I AGREE. Left is lying . It is dismantleing on its own. Illegals, voting will be doing time in PRISON, Some are already. Do NOT VOTE if you are NOT A LEGAL CITIZEN. AFTER TIME SERVED IN PRISON YOU WILL BE DEPORTED FAMILY FIRST.

  9. Post Author

    This information needs to be read by every legal voter in the USA. How can this be made to happen?
    A Very Concerned US Citizen

  10. Post Author

    Why don’t our government stop the bullshit with this prejudice segregation crap, and start workomg together to save our country?? You all want to blame each other for the crap that is happening when it is all of your faults because you are so ignorant to the reality of what is happening in the real world!
    You spend your time pointing fingers at other parties and nothing get accomplished.!! Oh, I guess there is something that gets accomplished. The USA gets pore, broke and becomes more vulnerable to all other countries.
    It has been going on forever! Democratic or republican or independent. They all suck!!
    Nominate one from each party.
    They get the same benefits as the average Joe Blo blue collar worker. So do the Congress.! You haven’t been doing crap for us! Why should you make more than us!!

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