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Democratic Party Using Divide and Conquer Tactics

We are living during a time that will forever go down in history as one of the most tumultuous and divisive political environments the United States has ever seen. There are clear lines of separation that are hard to ignore and it seems as if the American people have lost their way on exactly how to communicate through disagreements. Liberals have often led the battle in dictating what is heard in the media, what’s promoted and praised through entertainment, and even which direction swing votes will take during critical elections.

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This is no mistake and should not be taken lightly— given the fact that you are potentially being blinded by the glitter of its majestic rule.  The Democratic Party has always professed to operate under the guise of tolerance, equality, and fairness, yet we are beginning to see a trend that leads to a nation terribly divided. The divide and conquer tactics used among Leftists is truly nothing new; however, these schemes are incredibly powerful and effective if they go unchecked. Let’s take a moment to recognize just a few of the deceptions used by the Tolerant Left, shall we?


  1. The Blame Game: Detained Immigrant Children

Democrats are currently running to save their positions within Congress and will do anything to ensure their survival. To assist in their turning red seats blue, they have taken the opportunity to use Donald Trump as a scapegoat to cover up the fact that most of the decisions made are really practices that were followed by president’s Obama and Clinton. Take the latest upheaval on immigration detainment practices, for example. The U.S. government had one 100-bed facility in central Pennsylvania and added three larger facilities in Texas and New Mexico that held families by the thousands.

Children were separated and Obama faced legal challenges that hindered his desire to continue detaining mothers and children indefinitely. This led to a ruling by a federal judge in California stating that the Obama administration was violating the Flores case—being unlawful to keep families detained for longer than 20 days. Considering the fact that most of the children were unaccounted for administratively, they were eventually discovered to have been passed through human trafficking. The facilities for immigrants (that separated children from their families at the border) were established and used by Clinton, as well.  The far Left has convinced the public that Trump is the evil culprit who has created such a monstrosity.


  1. Black Leaders: Political Puppets Jumping Left Wing Hoops

Maxine Waters, John Lewis, and a host of other Blacks within the Black Congressional Caucus have made it a point to push every political button that their fingers can hit to ensure the Left agenda of divisiveness.  California Rep. Maxine Waters made speeches to the public on how they should harass any person from the Trump administration publicly. This has led to a number of political figures, as well as anyone who dares to wear a red hat that says Make America Great Again, to become taunted and berated by citizens throughout the nation.

Black leaders who currently fight publicly for the children of individuals who chose to come into America illegally and who willfully take the chance of losing their children to do so. Black leaders who promised those that they represent within the black communities that they would fight to ensure better housing, improved education and improved health care, are now leaving that community standing with their hands out and pants down. A Pew Research analysis of Census data found that of the 11 million Black children living in the country, 38%, or 2 out of 5 black children, live in poverty.

Additionally, 1 out of 3 Hispanic children who are legal citizens of this country are currently living in poverty. Where are the representatives that promised those children a fair opportunity to live, grow and thrive within an environment that is safe, healthy, and flourishing? This is only one of the examples of how the Black leaders are pushing an agenda that overrides the populous they promised to serve.


  1. The Media: Pushing One-Sided News for Emotional Appeal

The media has continued to play the American people by siding with the Left and pushing the idea of “tolerance” and what that should look like. Tolerance has become anything that is generally accepted by the mass population as fair, just or good. This is not for the media to decide, yet they have taken an active role in this position. News has continued to push opinions rather than simply sharing facts that would allow the audience to draw their own conclusion.

Instead of making up our minds on which political policies work best for us as a people, we are being told through emotional commentary what we should tolerate on a daily basis. The Washington Examiner published an article attempting to explain why it uses the term “progressive” whenever it describes the Left end of the Democratic Party. They actually used the entire article to explain why they refuse to justify themselves on protecting the Left. They did, however, make it a point to state that the word “liberal” was a positive term, related to “liberty” in their opinion. I think you get the idea.


Living within a society of free and independent thinkers would be great if this was something that wasn’t consistently being manipulated by others. The moment you look at the media and see that people are being harassed for their beliefs, their political affiliation, or their opinion…well, that’s a sign that there is something going on beneath the surface that is feeding the division of all mankind. Only when we find our way back to listening to our own voices, believing in the guidance of our own instincts, and finding our connection to one another will we become unified, once again. It can happen. You just have to believe.

  1. Post Author

    In a “nutshell Democraps are pathetic losers with no real meaningful agenda. The are the poster children of “sheeple, idiots who will follow any narrative without taking the time to educate themselves on the truth.They are a renegade political party that should be disbanded as traitors, murderers, un-American political outcast who do nothing but destroy and should be outlawed and any one who practices as a democrat should be imprisoned or put to death!

  2. Post Author

    Well said!

  3. Post Author

    I’ve always thought it a mystery as to why the left call themselves “progressive” when EVERYTHING they say and do is ass-backwards!

  4. Post Author

    I have a left leaning social perspective, but great disdain for both the solutions tendered by the left and their paradoxical intolerance for any perspective that differs from their group think bubble. I am concerned with the erosion of our values and freedoms from the path the left is taking us down. The media and the Democratic Party are causing me to reevaluate many of my positions. I believe their are significant numbers of independent voters who feel the same as I do, but are largely silent given the collective rage that the radical left evokes. It is not worth the fight, but watch the elections. There may be an unpleasant surprise for the Democratic Party.

  5. Post Author

    This is the way COMMUNIST used to do….1. CREATE a problem….2. Advertise (or today Explode it over MEDIA) and 3. Offer THEIR Solution… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. old action hidden in a NEW DIRECTION PHILOSOPHY.

  6. Post Author

    Anyone that hates trump for being trump is a blind libtard. Every president has had people that disagree with there policies but the liberals take down who trump is not the amazing progress that he is making. Someday libtards may open their eyes and they will have to live with the fact they followed fake news.

  7. Post Author

    I agree that we must totally listen to our own voice and follow what we personally believe. I trust nothing that I read anymore. It is a constant source of frustration. What is the source of the info? Who paid for it? As much as I want to totally agree with you, I question your info as well. It is very sad.

  8. Post Author

    Divide-and-Conquer is a double-edged sword; i.e., their party has fractured into three cohorts; i.e., the DNC has Bernie, the old bunt out hippie socialist, FREEBIE for all cohort, another is the Mad Max cohort that is Mentally Certifiable and the third cohort consists of those who simply leave the DNC out of disgust with the other two groups of Wacko’s.

  9. Post Author

    Everything you say about immigration is true and accurate. Of course if Trump had not made so much noise about ‘zero tolerance’ and being ‘tough’ there would be no opportunity for progressives to pull on heartstrings. We need tough immigration laws – but those laws should be enforced sensibly and, most importantly, without partisan bluster. Blaming the other side for today’s political climate is not helpful.

  10. Post Author

    We wouldn’t be living in such a tumultuous and divided time if it weren’t for the absolutely worst president we have ever had.He is ruining our country!

  11. Post Author

    Wow. Everything you said is fake news…

  12. Post Author

    First get rid of Trump and Pence. Second get rid of the Democrat and Republican parties should be as one because as we are being told we the American people need to work together to stop all this violence and killings in the United States then so should they the cry babies that fuss and play the blame game. They need to work together and get things right for the sake of this country. America is falling apart and you on Capital Hill need to get your heads out of your ass and do the work for the American people that needs to be done. Stop letting one man push everyone around and do the job that you know needs done.

  13. Post Author

    Simple. Read Marxhst/Leninist Sol Alensky’s “Rules For Radicals” which contains a complete blueprint for. the takeover of America and making it a Communist nation. As you read, you will, perhaos, be surprised how far the far left has been, to date, in progressing toward their ultimate goal of the takeover of America and converting it to a Communist dictatorship, run and controlled only by them for their excludive benefit. We the people have a choice, but the time to act now.

  14. Post Author

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t like Trump as a person. There’s something weird about anyone who refers to themselves in the third person. He is a terrible example of a moral leader and his lack of self-control is appalling. However, for those who say he’s ruining our country, I say “How”? What is it that he’s doing that is so devastating? Congress writes the laws of the land and he is enforcing those laws. He has done very little in the way of Executive Orders when compared to Mr. “I have a phone and a pen”. The economy is booming with real jobs, real tax relief, real reductions in government regulation and interference, and real minimum unemployment. Unemployment will never be zero, until the entitlement mentality of the left is undone. He is attempting to protect our sovereignty as a nation by controlling who enters our borders. He’s actually protecting the children who are used as tools to gain entry by separating them from the criminals who are using them. If they are really your kids, don’t place them in jeopardy by bringing them in illegally. He is appointing judges that are Constitutionally minded (their job) and who won’t legislate from the bench (not their job). This threatens the “progress” that the left has enjoyed through their own judicial legislators, but it certainly doesn’t threaten our country as it was founded. He speaks his mind without the filter of the press, which certainly threatens the left because they can’t spin his words before they hit the air, but he has the same right to express his opinions as any other American citizen. The fact that he’s undoing much of the damage of the left, built up over the last century through small and seemingly insignificant, small steps and compromises, is what really ticks them off. A large and not so vocal majority of America voted him in to do exactly what he’s doing. The left will continue to do what it does best – Lie, Deny and Deflect – but more and more Americans are waking up to the BS behind these tactics. They are panicking and pulling out all the stops. The answer is simple – stop listening to them and inform yourselves. Truth is anathema to liberalism.

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