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Professor Dershowitz Slams “Socialist Democrats”

The long-awaited revolt has finally begun, and ironically not from the anticipated Trump supporting quarters, but rather from exasperated liberals who’ve grown weary of the constant hypocrisy from their fellow progressives, who’ve morphed even further to the left by embracing “socialism” as their new Democratic Platform.

On Tuesday liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz took aim at far-left radicals like self-proclaimed socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, proclaiming that they will not steal the spirit of the Democratic Party and doubled-down on his attack on fellow liberals who “shunned” him for displaying common sense values and principles.

The dust-up began when Professor Dershowitz a frequent contributing guest speaker on Fox News spoke honestly and objectively regarding the Trump Presidency, which apparently angered many of his colleagues and friends on the far left. In fact, he claims they no longer speak to him, or invite him to their parties on Martha’s Vineyard.

“I won’t let the Democrats steal my party from me. I want to regain the center,” Dershowitz told WABC Radio’s “Curtis and Cosby” show, noting that he will remain a Democrat as “as long as there’s some chance the Democratic Party can return to normalcy.”

Adding, “I want to make sure that the radical left, the woman who got elected in the Bronx and Queens to Congress on the Democratic ticket, that she, Sanders and others don’t represent the Democratic Party.”

The reference, of course, was the recent victory of self-described socialist Ocasio-Cortez, who pulled off perhaps the biggest upset since the November 8th victory of Donald Trump.

Dershowitz continued unloading on his former colleagues and friends lamenting, “The idea that some of these people aren’t talking to me is not a punishment, it’s a great reward. I am so pleased,” he said during the interview. “It’s a red badge of courage for me that there are some people who prefer to shut down debate and not talk to me.”

“These are people who have asked me for help over the years, who have asked me for support when their kid gets busted on a marijuana charge, or on possession of alcohol, I’m the first one they call,” he added. “But as soon as I defend the rights of Donald Trump or anybody else they disagree with, I’m a pariah.”

However the good professor wasn’t content with merely airing his grievances on Fox News or WABC Radio for a few minutes, rather a full op-ed article on the Hill specifically detailing the current state of the unraveling Democratic Party and those individuals responsible for it.

Namely characters like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the unhinged California lawmaker who’s slogan is “IMPEACH 45” has recently called for her supporters to physically confront members of the President’s team shouting; “They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

Dershowitz likens what’s taking place to liberals who stand up in support of President Trump to the infamous blacklist of the 50’s stating; “I never thought I would see McCarthyism come to Martha’s Vineyard, but I have. I wonder if the professor who refuses to listen to anything I have to say also treats his students similarly,” he continued. “Would he listen to a student who actively supported Trump? What about one who simply supported his civil liberties?”

However Dershowitz isn’t alone, lifelong liberals like New Yorker Brandon Straka, a gay hairdresser, has also spoken out in a compelling video titled #WalkAway, which has garnered over 5-million views on Facebook and YouTube, detailing why he’s no longer a liberal within today’s hostile environment.

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    Aren’t Democrats aware that logical thinking people see the games being perpetrated on the American people? Sad!

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      Progressive liberals are so full of themselves they can’t see past themselves. That’s why Trump being elected was such a shock to them. Most of theses liberals are in coastal states because beyond those states they’re mostly extinct.

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    Oh puleeze….. No one in the Democratic party takes Alan Dershowitz seriously. For one thing, he lost all credibility when he defended the monster OJ Simpson. Currently he’s a FOX News fixture and supportive of Trump’s anti Russia investigation stance. No one is the Dem. would give him the time of day.
    The Democratic party IS divided and facing challenges related to message and who best represents the party ideals. Alan Dershowitz is NOT a part of that discussion.

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    I have long believed that this is the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party as a major political force. The more extreme elements like ANTIFA will end up joining the Communist Party USA, while the more moderate will join the Libertarian Party who espouses most positions that a moderate Democrat can get behind and is pro capitalist and pro gun as well.

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    I really believe that the Demoncrats are on a straight path to losing HUGELY in the upcoming midterm elections as the result of conflicts within their party over the extreme views of a small number of party members.

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    Hooray! Finally, a high level democrat speaks out. All though he’s a little late. These are the same reasons I left the dem party over 20 years ago… lack of morals, values, & integrity; and their view that if someone doesn’t agree with them, they can deny them their rights! Pretty sad, sick, pitiful and definitely unamerican!!

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    DEMORATS get a big

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    Progressive liberals are so full of themselves they can’t see past themselves. That’s why Trump being elected was such a shock to them. Most of theses liberals are in coastal states because beyond those states they’re mostly extinct.

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    I am afraid to say that the Democratic Party will continue its lurch to the left so much so in fact that the Communist Party USA already tells its members to vote Democratic. Trying to salvage the Democratic Party is a fools errand.

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    There is always room in the Republican Party for a free thinking (emphasis on the word thinking) liberal conservative. I have been a conservative most of my life and I always knew this day would come; from the time the Socialist Party in America disbanded in the 50 ies with the comment that they were no longer needed; they had the Democratic Party. Even main stream Democrats are commenting that they don’t want a Supreme Court Justice that follows the Constitution because it gets in the way of their progressive agenda. What happened to their oath taken to support the Constitution. If they want to change it there is a method to do so.. Any other approach is anarchy and treason. By the way what are we supposed to be progressing to: haven’t heard much in the way of any plan from the Democratic Party except obstructionism, slander, violence, and the inability to engage in a meaningful dialog with facts and logical arguments.

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    Yup, the oldest game in the book: divide and conquer.

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    Nice to see there is a line some people won’t cross in their liberalistic ways. Lawlessness is lawlessness… and must be dealt with accordingly. In time, logic wins if someone is actually thinking and cares about this republic.

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    Professor Dershowitz is principled voice whose party may indeed have left him behind, just as it did Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and me.
    I pray that he steps back and sees that he Party he belonged to is not the champion of the people, but a party that must lie about what their plans are, and about what their opponents plans are, in order to get elected.

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    Liberal Democrats are right to be alarmed. Not only are the Democrats saying they are socialists they are in fact behaving as socialist, identical to the behavior by members of and advocated by the leaders of the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZIS) in the 1920s – 1940s. It is similar to Mao’s cultural revolution in the Peoples Republic of China in the 1960’s – 1970’s.

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    i did my undergraduate work at Harvard (78-81) and cross-registered in some classes at the Law School. Alan Dershowitz was a full-time Professor there at the time and was one of the “darlings” of the Law School because of a number of very notable national cases he had been involved with. most notably, was Dershowitz’ (a practicing Jew) representation of Nazi protesters who had been denied a permit to conduct a march through Skokie, Illinois. Dershowitz won that case and the Nazi’s had their protest. Dershowitz was always “a Liberal” but he is the “real deal” kind of Liberal. his sincere devotion to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech means that he will defend the right of ALL citizens to speak their minds – whether it be conservative “anti-abortion” protesters or Nazis, or “traditional” Liberals mad at the Government. it does not surprise me a bit that Dershowitz is defending the right of “Trump supporters” to be allowed their “freedom of speech.” it also does not surprise me that Alan Dershowitz is choosing his legal and ethical principals over “the continued adoration of his liberal friends and colleagues.” as i said, Dershowitz is the “real deal” kind of Liberal. i share very few “political” views he holds, however, he still believes in “principals” and “equal treatment under the law” – whether or not those convictions “ruffle the feathers” of his (former) social pals on Martha’s Vineyard.

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    My father came from Denmark when he was 21 after WWII. He would always tell me that Denmark was a fine example of socialism but it is exactly the fact that no matter how hard you work, you can never achieve more than anyone else. His uncle Fleming was a successful Real Estate agent and worked only 6 months a year because any further work became 100% taxed.
    All I know is my father’s passed away 30 years ago and if he were alive, he would be going crazy with this socialism talk.
    Another thing I find funny, the left wants to paint the right as Nazi’s. Nazi stands for Nation Socialist Party that Adolf Hitler was a main proponent of. Every time I hear this reference it makes me laugh. Do a little homework.

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    Thank God someone has finally seen the handwriting on the wall, I hope it is not too late.

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    GOD BLESS AMERICA.. Maybe the stupidity will stop
    and Enjoy all the Rewards that are being offered..
    People are so blinded .. By their Remarks and tell
    them BIG Donors stop wasting there money..Or
    maybe keep SPENDING their $$$$$$$$$$$$

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    I feel sorry for the USA I am NOT an American citizen and live in the West Indies. I support President Trump because he is doing what he promised he would do if elected and also what he swore to at his in auragation.
    He is the leader of the USA NOT the rest of the world, and he is doing for you all what I wish our leaders would do for us. I thank God that he has put a man in charge of the USA who is pro life as if Hillary had won you all would end up as a country where life was not worth anything.

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    Unfortunately, the Democrat Party, the so called party of the people is not. It is controlled by wealthy elitist, for the benefit of wealthy elitist at the expense of the very people it purports to champion. Thanks to the Democrat Party, America now has multiple generations of welfare families, a veritable welfare plantation: it encourages harmful drug use by passing legislation that enables pathway drugs, embraces the notion of unconstrained sexual behavior in every form without regard to the negative consequences therefrom, has no moral compunction against killing the unborn, favors open borders in order to change the demographics of the nation, uses racially divisive rhetoric to advance it’s political goals, is manifestly anti-Caucasian, and anti-Christian, favors global governance, subordinates individual rights to group rights, is hateful both in rhetoric and action and has advanced a social and economic agenda that has proven to put the nation on a course to third world status. Witness the nature and quantity of “protests.” Democrats are full of anger, hatred and vile behavior: all of which are on full display for even the least observant to see. Professor Dershowitz is wasting his time…the Democrat Party died with the advent of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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    In the last 2 years I have not heard a substantial platform issue from the Democrats which will garner enough votes to win. All I hear is impeach Trump which is falling on deaf ears throughout the REAL America. And the entire idea of being the resistance is absolutely silly as it ultimately goes nowhere. Now, understanding all politics are local perhaps in certain quarters they can maintain their base and I suggest they institute the socialist agenda in those communities and see how that works out

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