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Teen Viciously Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat

Last week, a 16-year old Trump supporter sitting with a friend at a Whataburger Restaurant, minding his own business and enjoying a hamburger, was viciously attacked by a beefy 30-year old man for simply wearing his red “Make America Great Again” cap.

The incident took place in San Antonio Texas, when a menacing looking individual approached Hunter Richard and  grabbed the cap off the teen’s head along with a chunk of his hair. The man then suddenly threw a cup of soda in the teen’s face.

The senseless assault was captured on video showing a smirking Kino Jimenez, yanking the hat off Richard’s head and exclaiming “You ain’t supporting s*it n******… ” He then walks away, turning briefly back towards the teen waving the hat in the air shouting “This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b*tch.”

This incident might have gone unnoticed, if it were not for Patricia Thompson Spittler posting the graphic video clip on social media Wednesday hoping someone would be able to identify the “Scum BAG of the year!”

“Please help ID this ‘Scum BAG of the Year!’” wrote Spittler. “My son and his friends were eating at Whataburger on Thousand Oaks last night. His friend was wearing a Patriotic Hat and this happened! It would be nice to know who he is and for someone to let him know his actions are not ok! Real tough guy… approaches a group of teenagers minding their own business just having a burger! He kept his hat too! Scum Bag!”

Within a matter of days the “scum-bag” in question was identified, tracked down and arrested outside San Antonio.

And just one day after the video went viral; Kino Jimenez was promptly fired from his job at “Rumble”, a popular bar in San Antonio.

The bar went a step further in condemning the despicable action by their former employee, by posting their dissatisfaction publicly on Facebook.

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“THIS BAR IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE!” the post said. “No matter your race, creed, ethnicity, sexual identity, and political stance, you are welcomed here!”

No doubt the biggest winner in this sad American saga is 16-year old Hunter Richard who demonstrated to the unhinged left a level of political sophistication and self-control of someone twice his age, when confronted by a progressive bully.

“I support my President and if you don’t let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me,” Richard told WOAI Radio, adding that some of his hair was also pulled during the assault.

The incident garnered wide attention on social media and eventually made its way to “America Uncensored”, a program appearing on the Daily Caller dedicated to political stories trending heavily on social media.

The program hosted by Stephanie Hamill targets issues purposely ignored by the leftist media.

Fox News also reported on the incident showcasing the disturbing video clip, while Donald Trump Jr. weighed in stating, “What if this was an Obama supporter?”

Adding, “Disgusting and a disgrace, no one should feel unsafe supporting their President.”

  1. Post Author

    The Big Blue Wave is looking more and more like a mirage hovering over the All New Mud Hole once known as The Golden State.

    • Post Author

      It was a cowardly act. However, your description of “viciously attacked” it more like leftist hystetia. I deplore bullying. I also abhor statements which over exaggerates. Please, calm down. The young man displayed civility. Please, do the same.

    • Post Author

      Blue tsunami, you mean! Better batten down the hatches all you misguided Dumpster fans. Enjoy your particular brand of psycho-stupidity while you can. Hope we all survive the ignorant selfishness of the Lunatic-in-Chief so we can vote the idiot cowards out of office. Never MY president!

  2. Post Author

    It would take Punk ass Don invoke Obama’s name..why do the Trumps always bring up Obama’s name..Since leaving office Obama has not publicly mentioned Trump at all..But every time POTUS screws up or gets caught in a LIE he mentions Obama..I do believe that young man wearing that hat should never have been attacked..But considering that Trump has created more outrage than any other President since Richard Nixon.I am not surprised..but I would warn that young man considering the climate towards Trump he would be smart to consider where he wears that hat.

  3. Post Author

    This may be apocryphal, but I read that the reason that this walking colostomy bag of a brute ripped the MAGA hat off of Hunter’s head is because Hunter and his friends were heard making racial slurs. True?

  4. Post Author

    “Make America Smart Again”

  5. Post Author

    Big man attacking a small teen aged person. There are laws against this and I hope he gets hit in his pocket book. Bullies are bad for any society. If he picks on someone his own size he would get his butt kicked for sure. Hope he tries that next time. If I was this teen’s parents I would take him to court for attacking my son.

  6. Post Author

    The only thing missing on this bully is the brown shirt

  7. Post Author

    And why isn’t this assailant in jail?

  8. Post Author

    Mr. President please stop this this Lady Democrat stood up and in a Crowd and told Democrats to gang up on you and your Americans because of her actions people are getting hurt and attacked why is this lady not in jail for inciting a riot she should be held responsible And the Democrats that support her

  9. Post Author

    What happened to our free country the left needs to keep going left until they leave or have left the USA

  10. Post Author

    Im glad the JERK lost his job. Good for the young man not backing down but keeping his cool.

  11. Post Author

    The guys looks like an ISIS fighter in disguise. I’m sure a 16-year old minding his own business was frightened, at the very least, while this bearded bully who had 15 years and probably 60 pounds on the kid got his rocks off by intimidating a young person with differing political opinions. And do these idiots believe for one skinny minute that what they’re doing is productive for their cause? When the majority of Americans see this, they will be as disgusted as I was. For those who are not, you have mental problems that surpass politics and any form of decency left in our society today.

    Put this guy in jail with other predators and let’s see who comes out the victor. He looks mighty tough picking on a high school kid. I don’t think he will be quite as hardcore once he’s in prison with humans that could give a damned less about his politics but will be happy to chew him up and spit him out because he’s weak. Anyone who picks on one half their age and size has inferiority issues. Those issues of his will be exacerbated 10-fold once he’s been gang-raped by 8 or 10 guys who could care less about what he thinks about our President.

    I just hope the press reports as voraciously on him when that happens as they have reported on his despicable acts towards a young man who has the courage to stand up for his beliefs.

  12. Post Author

    As infuriating as they are, I want the bullying socialist psychopaths like this one to keep doing what they are doing. America is watching them, and sane people increasingly don’t identify with these scary freaks.

    By violating others’ rights, and through their bigotry and intolerance, they fail to see that they are setting themselves up to be treated the same way. They fail to realize that they are a small minority attacking a majority, and that when their violence is finally met with violence, they will neither have the means nor the moral authority to stop the backlash.

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