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Orchestrated Outrage By Progressives On SCOTUS Pick

The Kool-Aid had been chilled and the signs with the names of each of the 4-nominees had been preprinted well in advance, waiting only for President Trump’s SCOTUS announcement.

The performers had already assembled (days in advance) in front of the Supreme Court and White House, in anticipation of Monday’s planned announcement. Pro-choice activists holding up purple signs reading “Protect Roe” and “Don’t Criminalize Abortion,” had already staked out the best vantage-point in front of the cameras while rehearsing their lines into a bullhorn shouting “abortion is violence” and “uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.”

All that was needed was a villain and at around 9:00 pm the announcement came from the East Room of the White House, the President had picked 53-year old Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

The president praised Kavanaugh’s “impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law.”

Adding, “There is no one in America more qualified for this position, and no one more deserving.”

The announcement immediately galvanized the assembled mob, and within seconds of the president’s announcement, the unhinged left finally had their villain, chanting: “Kavanaugh has got to go!”

The chant was followed by an extremist group calling themselves Democracy for America branding the nominee a “reactionary ideologue” whose confirmation would “directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights.”

Then came the same Democratic cast of characters that we’ve come to expect, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, taking to the podium to speak to the frenzied crowd. Sanders yelled into the mic, “Are you ready to fight?” and “Are you ready to defend Roe vs. Wade”? The response from the frazzled wild-eyed crowd standing behind the disheveled socialist was a resounding “yes!”

However, this was just the opening act by the assembled mob of assorted loons. The Women’s March also gave this ominous announcement, “Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States.”

“Stripping a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body is state violence,” the group continued. “We cannot let this stand. We will raise our voices and take to the streets.”

The mob’s meltdown continued well into the night, with one frazzled fringe group after another taking turns in condemning the president’s choice and vilifying his nominee.

For the record Judge Kavanaugh had been the president’s pick from the moment Justice Kennedy informed the president on June 27th that he was stepping down.

Moreover, Judge Kavanaugh has won the respect and admiration of his peers in the legal community and demonstrates a firm understanding of the role of a judge in our Republic, which is to faithfully follow our Constitution as written by our Founders.

However, it appears the confirmation process will end up being an all-out war with the left, with perhaps a few vulnerable red-state Democrats breaking away from the death-grip of their leadership to endorse Judge Kavanaugh.

The esteemed nominee already knows what to expect from the hostile opposition stating, “I will tell each senator that I revere the Constitution. I believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic.”

Adding, “If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case, and I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.”

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    I pray he will do what he said!

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      These people are out of there minds. They want Abortion to kill there own children before they get a chance to fight. Yet they want gun removed from people that want to let’s say kill the same people who want to kill the unborn. You people are messed up. None the less this new SCJ nominee has said and just like everything else the left one here’s what they want to here. The LAW has been set. Now are you going for best of 3 maybe best of 5

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        You people will be real happy in Russia! Please go there and leave us decent folks alone! You are the crazies.

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    Abortion is murder. Period. Conception leads to birth. Every person knows this. To end that conceived and growing life inside a woman is murder. If a woman doesn’t want to become pregnant, then she should not be participating in the act that leads to pregnancy.
    A society that allows for the murder of its own children is a sick and demonic society. People will spend thousands to save the life of an animal, then turn around a kill their own children– May God forgive us.

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      No, it is simply a woman’s choice not to continue a process that could result in a child (only when born) if she wanted to continue. No murder. Do not attempt to impose your religious dogma on those who have other beliefs.

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        The woman made her “CHOICE” when she chose to spread her legs for unprotected sex. She had her chance, now it’s the unborn child’s chance to choose life. How could anyone not understand that?

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          OK, so maybe she didn’t choose to spread her legs. There are those instances of forced sex, so now you want to force her to have a child that she did not agree to? Are you going to raise that child ? I know I can’t afford to. There has to be a middle of the road here, if she had unprotected sex “willingly” and became PG then it’s she and the partners fault, and both she and her unprotected “willing” partner need to take care of it in what ever way they decide (remember this is America, freedom of choice, and all that) and at their own expense, we should not have to pay for their bad decisions. Then there is the unwilling, to whom we owe the right to “not” have to bear the consequences of an already ugly situation. Why would anyone in their right or left mind force a person to have a child that is the result of an unwanted sexual act, the disgust of the encounter is bad enough, but to be forced to carry the result around for nine months and then go through the pain of bringing it into a world that is already overcrowded, dumped into a system overburdened with unwanted children, Good Lord, let that woman have the Abortion. I am more willing to pay for that than for twenty something years of that poor child being bounced from group home to group home. I have personally seen the results of that, lots of more unwanted babies.

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        It truly is a woman’s decision whether or not she wishes to produce a child (as well as a mans) that is why we have so many ways to prevent pregnancy. Unless this pregnancy is the result of rape, there is no reason to ever become pregnant. Therefore there is no reason that the American taxpayer should ever have to pay for an Abortion, (excepting in the case of rape, or danger to the Mothers life) and if that be the case, we are all too willing to allow the procedure and bear the cost thereof. This has nothing to do with Religious dogma, but rather Common Sense.

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        No religious dogma here, you want to use abortion as a way of birth control rather than take the pill or other methods, fine by a bunch of us. But pay for it yourself, don’t expect us to pay for it for you. Knock yourself out, we have no problem with you making a bunch of Dr’s richer, maybe it will lower our medical costs. YES!!

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      I thought the constitution provided for Freedom of (from) Religion. That’s the right to PRACTICE your religion – not to make other people practice it. God has nothing to do with this. Religious liberty is not the freedom to legislate your personal form of morality. Faith communities have the right to develop ministries to support women for the 20 years or so it takes to raise a child, but the have no right over my daughter’s body. The government has no place in the consulting room.

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        Perhaps you should have tried Consulting your Daughter before she engaged in sex. God has nothing to do with my right not to want to pay for your mistakes either, there are a million ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Our Constitution absolutely does provide for the right of freedom, to or from, Religion. Most Religions do not insist that you only have sex to produce pregnancy. If you don’t want a baby, then make sure you are protected, if you don’t then don’t expect the rest of us to pay for your stupidity, pay for the abortion yourself, or pay to raise the little bugger yourself. Your decisions should not be our problem regardless of our Religious beliefs.

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    Roe vs. Wade is but one of the issues that SCOTUS may need to address. To assume that all Republicans agree on abortion policy assumes that all Republicans agree that as soon as as sperm and egg unite that the State has a new citizen; entitled to all the protections afforded by the Constitution. Has this assumption be confirmed?

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    He is Pro Second Amendment…that’s good enough.

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    If women are so concerned about lack of access to an abortion and it meaning they would face death, why don’t they just practice contraception up front and then the whole abortion issue becomes moot?

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      YEA!!!! Someone with Common Sense does exist. Thank You

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    Go back to Russia! Liars! Liars!

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