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Three Weird Antarctica Conspiracies

Antarctica, one of the largest and most overlooked continents in the world, is a place of intrigue and the subject of several conspiracy theories. Here are three of them:

  1. German Nazis Built a Base under the Antarctic Ice

Many ufologists (people who investigate UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena) agree that high-tech aliens made a pact with Adolph Hitler, Germany’s National Socialist Party (Nazi) leader during WWII. While details of the arrangement are a bit sketchy, the aliens always trade their technology for whatever it is they want here on Earth – including hidden bases for repair, recreation, and biological samples.

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The theory is that the aliens helped Hitler’s gang prepare a “new city” in Antarctica to develop and stash some advanced weapons and energy projects – including anti-gravitational “flying saucers.” This came in handy when Hitler realized that his enemies were gaining the upper hand and needed an escape route.

A rumor persists to this day that Hitler did not die in a German bunker, but instead, escaped to Argentina – and then perhaps, on to Antarctica. Could he still be alive today?

In 1938, so the story goes, the Nazis sent a large team of explorers, scientists, military units and building crews on warships and submarines to the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. While surveying the area, they found a vast network of subterranean warm-water rivers and caves. One cave went down at least 20-30 miles and featured a large geothermal lake.

City-sized Base 211 or New Berlin was constructed for use by the Nazi SS, the occult Thule Society, serpent wisdom cults, and assorted other German occultists (Hitler was big into paranormal powers). Some people believe the city still exists and thrives – and some think the US knows all about it and has an elite team working hand-in-glove with the New Berliners. There is even a rumor that there is a New Berlin office in a Washington, D.C. office building.

Historical records show that, from December 1938 to April 1939, one lone German ship, the Schwabenland, did scout the western part of Queen Maud Land for new whaling territory.

Otherwise, the proof for a Nazi/ET base is circumstantial. Still, one has to wonder why former US President Obama visited Antarctica secretly in 2016, followed by Secretary of State John Kerry on November 9 – whose trip occurred after Wikileaks released photos of the icy continent. The official story was that Kerry left the height of the US Presidential Election to go check out global warming patterns – whatever that means.

  1. There are Big Pyramids Buried in Antarctic Ice

One theory as to why Kerry went to Antarctica is that pyramids have been discovered in Antarctica. Think big pyramids buried under the ice.

On December 1, 2016, astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the lunar surface) made a surprise visit to Antarctica, only to be medically evacuated, the event which made headlines. His goal was to be “the oldest person to reach the South Pole at the age of 86.”

Aldrin has publicly declared his belief in the existence of UFOs and ETs for many years. Silent Circle says he described a pyramid “located not far from the United Kingdom’s ‘Princess Elisabeth Station’,” and tweeted a photo of a snowy pyramid (presumably from Antarctica) with the caption:

“We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

Did Aldrin get to see physical evidence of ancient civilizations at the South Pole? Is that why he told reporters, as he convalesced in a New Zealand hospital, that the trip where he almost died was worth it?

  1. Other Earth Species and/or Aliens Have a Portal to their Underworld in Antarctica

So many mainstream sources – including Snopes (itself debunked as a liberal fraud site) – say there is nothing to see in Antarctica that, for this reason alone, many speculate the opposite: there are many secrets embedded in the ice at the bottom of the Earth.

One of them is a massive object buried deep in the Antarctic ice. The New York Post said the “anomaly” is located in Wilkes Land. “The area is 151 miles across and has a minimum depth of about 2,700 feet.”

Is the odd object an ancient extinction-event asteroid – or a big old UFO? Maybe it marks the entrance or portal to another world underground, populated by beings who pre-date humans, aliens, and/or races from other dimensions?

Ufologists from Secure Team have analyzed images that claim to reveal saucer-shaped, high-altitude entrances into sides of Antarctic mountains. They pose an interesting question:

“There is some evidence of this coming to light in recent years, with images purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains, with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude. This begs the question: how would you enter these entrances without something that could fly and was the same shape as the hole itself?”

Despite the mainstream denial, ridicule, and distraction, serious investigators who want to know the truths kept by world governments continue to probe the secrets contained in Antarctica.

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    Good article, something is going on down there for sure. Obama and Kerry’s visits speak volumes. If it quacks like a ducks, walks like a duck……….

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