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Dying Is Not An Option For Aubrey de Grey

What would you do if a scientist told you he discovered the fountain of youth, and as a result, you would never be sick or get old?

Would you believe him, and if so, would you take advantage of his medicine?

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Well, it’s only a matter of time before we will all have an opportunity to make that decision, thanks to a man who has dedicated his research to regenerative medicine.  Aubrey de Grey, 55, has dedicated over a decade to prove to everyone that it is indeed possible to live for 400 years or more while vibrant, healthy and happy. Known for his book Ending Aging, he has taken his research on regenerative medicine to new levels thanks to his very own research center.

Staying alive forever is appealing…but is it ethical?

When it comes to finding the fountain of youth, we are all willing to do whatever is necessary to score the ultimate goal of continued existence. We have all seen the movies of oxymoron vampires that are both young and old at the same time; displaying tight skin, vibrant energy, and at the ripe old age of 300. Living a long life without illness is a dream that most of us have had since we were young, but what happens when someone tells us it’s possible? That’s when the problems begin to brew, according to de Grey.

“What people fail to see is that this research is not just about looking great or living forever,” said de Grey in response to his critics who doubt his motives. “This ignorance is what stands in the way of people understanding this research and the importance of it.” What is the research, exactly? De Grey co-founded the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) in 2009 to utilize an engineered approach that is designed to keep the process of degradation below the threshold of a deadly disease. Basically, his research confirms that the process of engineering human cells, tissues or organs can aid in the extension of life as we know it.

Does it really matter what the critics say?

When you have a scientist who dedicates his research center to finding mechanical replacements for tissues injured by trauma, damaged by disease or worn by time, should it matter whether people support his efforts or not?

The pushback that de Grey is facing is actually doing more harm than good considering the attitude of his biggest critics reflect the lack of understanding that most people have regarding his research. “It’s unnatural to stand in the way of the natural evolution of man,” stated one of de Grey’s critics. “Man continues to think he’s God by pushing the envelope of human existence. This takes things too far and blurs the line of what man should and should not attempt to do with human life.”

De Grey has heard it all and continues to remain steadfast in his desire to provide the world with the opportunity to live the life they both want and deserve. “People tend to fall victim to psychological madness and fear surrounding their lack of truly understanding the importance of regenerative medicine,” de Grey states when asked about how he’s questioned by critics on the grounds of ethics.

“I actually believe it’s suicide for anyone to refuse to take the therapy.” De Grey makes it very clear that his research is dedicated to improving life, not extending it. “If you have an opportunity to improve your cells and avoid cancer or other diseases, why on earth would you say no to that unless you’re insane?”

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But not everyone fails to see the importance of de Grey’s research. The founder of the Pineapple Fund, one of the SENS biggest financial contributors, stated that they believed that “regenerative medicine for aging will be transformative to both medicine and humanity.” Additionally, de Grey’s research foundation has raised more than $7,900,000 in donations…most of which were from Ethereum, and have acquired thousands of partners who support his effort to regenerate cells and extend life.

The critics are the least of the problem

The process of overcoming public confusion and self-denial is a grueling one that leads to an overabundance of travel time, speaking engagements, and interviews; all of which he feels is well worth it if it will help the public understand how the treatments work and why they are so vital to the improvement of our overall health. De Grey puts a great deal of stock in the fact that public understanding will lead to improved levels of financial support, which is gravely needed.

“Unfortunately, the rate of progress is limited based on the money received,” stated de Grey. “We need to pay the people to actually do what they are trained to do on this issue. It starts with getting the word out so that people can understand the value.”  It seems he has found the ingredients to the fountain of youth, but now, it’s a matter of who will drink from it.

To learn more about Aubrey de Grey and the SENS non-profit research organization, or to donate, please visit

  1. Post Author

    Man was meant to live forever but sin entered in, so Adam was driven out of Eden because he disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, sin can not enter Heaven, sin must be paid for.Sinful man has to die to pay for sin, except those that accept Jesus who paid for our sins. We who believe in Jesus Christ will live forever in a glorified body, sinless, because Jesus paid for our sins.

    • Post Author

      The answer to true longevity (over the natural limits imposed by aging cells) of 130 years is not based on biology alone, but in the energy that drives the higher order structures of organic cells in the first place, which I refer to as the etheric amplitude of spirit. Taken as a base amplitude, the ether in vacuum (meaning space devoid of matter itself) is at a lower amplitude. This ether I am referring to was modeled by a genius in the 1980s, whose life (and that of his scientific partner) were prematurely ended by some faceless group due to their breakthroughs in the electrical connection to gravity. However for the sake of this sort post, the ether I refer to is a cubic (or rectilinear) and tessellated structure of standing light. Moving light (photos) are simply moving amplitude structures in this model of the non-material ether.

      The ether frequency, however, remains fixed in the Terahertz range. (Sorry, but Planck’s continuous spectrum is not contiguous in this ether model).

      Living tissue is driven to higher order organizational structure by the spirit itself, which is amplitude within this fixed-frequency etheric matrix.

      ONLY if a spirit becomes highly energize can a reversal of the degradation of the organic DNA be possible and only then can stem cells undergo a reversal of their later-gen limits on differentiation. In other words, it is the light of spirit (light being an amplitude of fundamental etheric base frequency) can drive differentiated cells back into a state where these stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell in the body. However, this is ENERGETIC, and to try to force this with stem cell injections is typically allopathic, hedonistic and doomed to failure.

      There is a way to drive the human immune system to work faster/smarter. It can prolong MOST people to a life span of 130 years, and it was hoped anciently that this would be time enough for the most determined, spiritual individuals to attain a higher energy state, and thence to a translation of normal devolutionary to a higher evolutionary state. One might then live 1,000 years. However, there must exist a further transformative state and it is merely my belief — but based in the writing of the ancients who claims some had achieved this state — that this higher order lies beyond the lower vibrational state of this matter in our current planet’s material state. I am not talking about plasma, but there must be higher vibrational states, for example, nearer the core of galactic rotation where the movement of the atoms of all matter are slower, and ether more ‘compressed’ by galactic mass-influence.

      The ancient occult myth of the two trees of the ‘garden’ — Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Duality (aka knowledge) — tells this story. It is the truth and once understood true longevity can be understood. I have already discovered the truth about the Tree of Life. I haven’t been sick from ANY virus now for 14 years. Remove the damage from viral infestations (non commensal viruses) and you remove most of the causes of disease-induced aging and death.

      This solution is mineral alchemy, and it is simple, scientific and provable. I am open to a scientific analysis of this, but only by someone or s group whose goal it is to get this to ALL humanity and to do so affordably. Altruistic drives my decisions, not money.

      Anyone looking into this s hence will be spurned, due to the misunderstanding and lack of real information on alchemy. The (once) poster boy of virology in Europe — Luc Montagnier — who discovers the AIDS virus, and won a Nobel Price for this work,, began working with signals in water with his Nobel Prize money. He was blacklisted in Europe for the same sort of physics I am involved with (however, his knowledge of the actual mechanisms of the ether was not part of his paradigm). Called a pseudo scientist, and accused of studying homeopathy, only the Chinese had the wisdom (and flexibility of thought) to fund him. So, who would fund my work, sans PhDs?

      Perhaps a less cynical people with more intuition? : )

    • Post Author

      “We who believe in Jesus Christ will live forever… ”

      There has never been, nor ever will be, a greater more important message than that! You are right ON!

  2. Post Author

    Like so much – most – of the drivel you print, this pure hogwash. Crackpotism at it most obvious, most blatant, and most laughable.

    • Post Author

      Then, why are you here? Internet dickery at its most obvious, most blatant, and most laughable.

    • Post Author

      Wow, really? That’s the best argument you can make. Given that you are making ‘subjective’ statements with no factual basis to support your argument you points to a small closed mind that is unwilling to consider alternative view points or have a rational debate on the issue. I wonder what would have happened if Columbus would have listened to people like you and simply accepted that the world was flat? Or if Copernicus had listened to the “authorities” when they labeled him a heretic for even daring to consider that the earth orbited the sun? Who are you to say if what is reported in the article is true or not? Do you have any contradictory article or evidence to prove the contrary? Further, according to some historical records, and yes, even the bible, human beings used to live for hundreds of years. Abraham is alleged to have lived to 175. Further their is the story of Methuselah who was reported to have been the longest lived human estimated at over 960 years old. It is said that for our transgressions, God decreed we would no longer live for that long and thus are much shortened life spans. To further point out your ignorance, it was routinely accepted by “medical science” that humans would not live longer than around 70 years of age.

      Case in point: It took tens of thousands of years for people to add just a few extra birthdays to their lives. Civil War-era Americans, for example, lived on average into their mid-30s, still a population of very young oldsters by today’s standards. To be sure, average life expectancy at the time was greatly affected by the prevalence of early-childhood deaths and many people lived well past their 30s. But death was more common at all ages than it is today. To note just one example, many more women died of childbirth at that time.

      By 1900, after the Industrial Revolution’s momentum, average life expectancy had climbed to 47. Then came an unprecedented boom in life span, powered by historic improvements in health care from early childhood through old age. As the 20th century gave way to a new millennium, people were living roughly four times longer than their caveman ancestors. In the United States alone, life expectancy shot up to 77, a near-unthinkable 30-year jump in a single century.

      Well we started living into our 80’s, 90’s and now we regularly have many people that live well into their 100’s. Is it such a stretch to believe that we won’t soon have humans that will live to 175 like Abraham. And if so, then could we not also extrapolate a theory that we could very well live for 200, 500, or even 1,000?

      The depth of your ignorance and dare I say stupidity, is astounding!

  3. Post Author

    God said about 4 thousand years ago” my spirit won’t contend with man forever, now his days will be 120 years”. It’s interesting to note, I read a recent anatomy and physiology science book and it said scientists have researched our DNA, and said that our DNA will only continue to work for about 120 years.

  4. Post Author

    Keep up the good work, god speed. retired biochemist.

  5. Post Author

    I believe that we could live longer
    but these Doctors put us on all
    this medicine and it’s putting poison
    in our bodies. How can we get healthy ? I’m interested and like what I have read.

  6. Post Author


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