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Liberals Have Issues Being Friends With Trump Supporters

If you’re an outspoken Trump supporter, then this study shouldn’t surprise you.

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Chances are you’ve already lost almost all of your liberal friends the moment they realized you weren’t one of them. The ones still hanging around are probably making your life miserable with their incessant tweets attempting to undermine your support of the president with phony media reports, innuendo’s, anonymous sources and rumors.

The Pew Study chronicled the aftermath of the historic 2016 Presidential Election and discovered that liberals were more likely to “unfriend” a friend on social media because of political differences.

The study also found that most liberals live in homogeneous places,  where interacting with diverse political points of view rarely occurs.

Data from the Pew Research Journalism Project shows that conservatives are more likely to have their political views challenged on social media, and liberals are more likely to block or unfriend someone online because they disagree with something they have posted.

However perhaps the most interesting data gathered from the research found that 47% of Liberal Democrats say having a friend who supports President Trump would actually affect their friendship negatively, while only 13% of Conservative Republicans say a friend’s support of Hillary Clinton would affect their friendship negatively.

Another interesting piece of data shows white and well-educated Liberals (roughly 35%) are even less likely to have a Trump supporter as a friend.

Pew categorized the data with likely scenarios between liberals and conservatives.

“Consistent Conservatives See More Facebook Posts in Line With Their Views.”

Liberals see a wider range of views on social media than their conservative counterparts.

However, Pew explains that doesn’t mean liberals necessarily like what they see. In fact, those individuals who describe themselves as “Consistent Liberals” were the most likely group to block or unfriend someone they disagreed with. The data revealed that 44% had either “blocked, hidden, de-friended or simply stopped following that individual on Facebook because of their political views. While only 31% of those individuals describing themselves as “Consistent Conservatives” did the same.

While the data shows that 47% of liberals would not befriend nor have friends who support President Trump, the good news for conservatives seems to indicate they’re no longer silent or intimidated by the mainstream media’s characterization of them. In fact, Trump supporters as a group are more likely to go public with their views, regardless of the fallout

  1. Post Author

    It’s a sad time for Conservatives in the world we live in. Especially in the spoiled USA. We are censored for our views on Facebook, Google and other social media! It’s now the time to stand firm for what we believe and defend the U. S. Constitution and stand behind it! We do need to pray for our elected office holders and vote in every single election for those who defend what our founding Fathers intended.

  2. Post Author

    Though Trump ISN’T PERFECT and I use BIBLICAL references and simple Biblical reasoning (God says “DO NOT KILL” and most Democrats support using the procedure known as ‘abortion’ that results in a DEAD BODY and Trump supports stopping ‘abortion’ [aka MURDER] funding so I support God and tolerate Trump’s imperfections) the only Democrats that still talk to me are my siblings (they feel they MUST talk to me).

    • Post Author

      That’s a pretty broad statement about Dems that does not reflect the beliefs of all Dems. We are supportive of the right to choose. Which means, it’s your body not mine and I and NOBODY ELSE has any business telling you or anyone else what they can and can not do with their own body. Do I personally support abortion? Yes. In very rare situations.
      I also happen to own a gun and believe in sensible gun laws. NOT in everyone must give up their guns as you all have been led to believe..
      In the end we all want the same thing. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And if something makes me happy but not you, and vise versa, it’s not wrong. It’s different.
      As a bit of a challenge for all, to test one thing the president has done to help the country, everyone should foto the IRS website and enter your wage information into the calculator and see how the next tax law affects everyone. We all might be sitting pretty now but when tax season hits we will all be in for a big surprise.

  3. Post Author

    We have disassociated from any family or friends and church members who don’t support President Trump. Removed name and number from phones and address book and re-evaluated holiday activities.

  4. Post Author

    I do not unfriend trump supporters until they become rude. Then I will stop listening. The friends I had who are trump supporters all of a sudden felt cursing & using bad language was OK. Not on my pages. I would call them on their language & they would become more abusive. It was as though they were afraid they were wrong & cursing, name calling would change the outcome. So yes I unfriended them. It’s their loss; i’m fine.

    • Post Author

      That’s FAR MORE LIKELY to happen with the liberal progressive fasciologues who like to tell others what they can feel, think, and say.

  5. Post Author

    A smaller percentage of conservatives likely to unfriend due to politics would suggest the opposite results of your claim… meaning the conservatives could be in a more conservative circle and not seeing as many friends with opposing views…also in my experience there’s also more anger in conservatives defending their politics,though not always, my conservative friends are less accepting of hearing any opposition or different view points…ie seeing proof that their slander is usually incorrect.. leading to their frustration at defending lies etc and ultimately unfriending me . Imo there are serious flaws in this data, or at least in the way it’s presented .

  6. Post Author

    no comment. Well the left has realized the right is correct.

  7. Post Author

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. My 38 year old son wouldn’t speak to us for 2 to 3 months after the election calling us racists, bigots and misogynistic. His wife blocked her mother and my wife on Facebook. Some people just don’t know how to graciously accept defeat.

    • Post Author

      Racist, Mysoginistic, Biggot…those are all general and inaccurate classifications assigned by intellectually lazy liberals. Pres Trump is NONE of these. No one has ever presented an argument proving any of those despicable terms that the left loves to use.

    • Post Author

      I’d rather have a VD than a demorat friend

  8. Post Author

    I lost a friend of 40 years because of my support for Trump. I later learned that it is part of the Trump derangement syndrome. So Sorry for their narrow view of the world.

  9. Post Author

    Need a good cry snowflake? Itty bitty bad words causing you wittle pwoblems?

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