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Donald Trump’s approval ratings soar, despite the Democrats

Donald Trump is on a path to securing a legacy of being the most successful first-year president to grace the oval office. This sounds almost nuts considering the president has seemingly spent most of his term deflecting negative press, rejecting false accusations, avoiding  “advisers” who want to keep the status quo, and ignoring public scrutiny of his decisions – which usually fell in line with his initial promise to make America great again.

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Whether we agree with Trump’s strategy or not, one thing is for certain: the majority of the population is slowly getting on the Trump train.

Numbers never lie

Trump’s approval rating thus far has jumped to 41.9%, higher than the 41.3% rating he received during the first quarter of his presidency, according to the Gallup poll.

His rating reached its personal best in June when it hit 45% after the president’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  Better yet, among his fellow Republicans, he has an approval rating of over 88%.  “Trump speaks on things that are real and on what real families are facing,” said a Trump supporter. “I don’t think there is anything that Trump could do to lose our support because we believe in his agenda and vision for our country.”

Trump’s approval rating from the Right stumps the Left

With all of the accusations, threats, and demonstrations, many Democrats are confused on how Trump continues to get approval from the public. They have questioned his public and foreign policy decisions and have attempted to use Trump’s lack of political experience against him, to no avail.

So why are Trump supporters so content with the president?

Well, for one, his strong support of border security.

Additionally, his summit meetings have opened the door to discussions on the revamping of the criminal justice system and foreign relationships.

He took a much needed and very bold approach to governance that shook the pot and woke everyone who failed to see the political plays made by prior administrations.

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Political participation is at an all-time high. Now, everyone is talking because they have a president that openly gives them so much to talk about. “Trump was the man to shake things up,” one New York resident stated about Trump. “He has the business acumen and the take no prisoners attitude we desperately need.”

They were blind, but now they see.

Like it or not, Donald Trump has made the dividing lines of red and blue more visible than ever. The Liberals who once begged for tolerance and equality have shown that it isn’t so easy to be tolerant when things aren’t going your way.

Trump, continuing to push the very agenda he proposed when running for office, has shed light on the mainstream media and its unfair lean toward the Left. He has also made American’s aware of the fact that he isn’t the only one with an agenda by calling out Democratic bureaucracy and underhanded tactics used to fool the public into agreeing with liberal policies.

The public also loves the fact that Trump keeps his word, according to USNews. With the implementation of tax bills that double child tax credits, tax cuts for small businesses, and tax cuts for citizens, Trump adheres to what he promised when on the campaign trail.

Most people agree that his tax bill will have notable effects on the budgets of many families and businesses across the country. “I will stop supporting Trump when he stops fighting the cancerous bureaucracy and insane progressives,” stated voter Will Walley of Brandon, Mississippi. “No media attacks will sway me.”

The people have spoken.

  1. Post Author

    good job

    • Post Author

      Kick the trash out of D C.

    • Post Author

      I’m a BELIEVER and President Trump has my support. How can anyone vote for democrats that have proven over and over again that they are all talk and only out for themselves.
      The Progressive Republicans are Democrats in disguise. Wise up!

    • Post Author

      Great Job!!!

    • Post Author

      I think he’s done an absolutely wonderful job
      He deals with the facts and issues and from my perspective he is making America great he will go down as the greatest president in the history of the 21st-century !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Post Author

      He’s done, or is doing, everything one could possibly ask for. Any of the individuals who’re against him are either ignorant of the facts, or are trying to protect something for themselves.
      My concern is that with all of the absolute hatred being generated against him, how long can any human being continue? If you want to see how successful he is at anything, simply look at how he’s raised his own children. I know that we could all learn from that.

  2. Post Author

    I hope president Trump keeps up the good work me and almost all of my family support him and his agenda.

  3. Post Author

    If he would temper the Koch’s are a big joke type comments or referring to someone’s height or weight or constant name calling he would go a lot further and would disarm his enemies. But he makes enemies unnecessarily. Let the Koch brothers spend $400 million getting us a Republican Congress, and just smile when they protest his tariffs and other things they don’t like. Calling them names hurts the Congressional races. He would be a spectacular president and save us all a lot of Rolaids if he would do less name-calling.

  4. Post Author

    spare us.

  5. Post Author

    Donald is my hero.

  6. Post Author

    I agree , Trump is an answer to pray. We will make America Great again and and God has sent Trump to be our leader!!

  7. Post Author

    Donald will make the U S of A wealthier, but more vulnerable.

  8. Post Author

    He is much better than the alternative.

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