Can there be too much freedom in America?

Audra L

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Recently, the Statue of Liberty Climber, Therese Okoumou, appeared outside Manhattan federal court and shouted “America, you mother—kers! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA” to the people who came to show their support.

She also wore a dress that said, “I really care, why won’t u?” that was intended to mock First Lady Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket.

Okoumou is a naturalized citizen of the United States and apparently feels comfortable sharing her radical far-left views publicly. The question that seems to evade everyone is exactly when does a person go too far when expressing their “freedom of speech”? Additionally, if American’s can’t show respect for their own country then how can they expect others in foreign lands to show respect?

Strict rules in foreign lands

A woman named Dong Yaoqiong streamed live video of herself splashing ink on the poster of Chinese president Xi Jinping in protest of “authoritarian tyranny.”

In the video, she gave her real name and stated that her act was to oppose Xi Jinping’s tyranny and dictatorship, and the oppressive brain control she felt was perpetrated on her by the “Chinese Communist Party.”

This act led to her being detained by the authorities shortly afterward. Yaoqiong recorded two members of authority outside her door and prior to opening the door stated on social media that they were “coming for her.” She was never heard of again. Without a doubt, this is another extreme version of “freedom” when it comes to speaking out against the government…only this expression led to an equally extreme response from the authorities.

Finding the perfect center

There have been instances of extreme rebellion on both sides of the fence when it comes to expressing one’s feelings about their government and the people who share opposing views.

Violence, death, and radical self-expression has been the earmark of those who feel strongly and want to share their opinions. American radicals have hidden safely behind the first amendment and, as a result, have continued to split the true essence of the original goal of freedom set by the founding fathers.

In one aspect, the first amendment allows the sharing of individual ideas and opinions that can assist in our understanding of one another. On the other hand, radical expression does a lot of harm when small acts are seen by the world and are then placed upon all Americans like a scar that both can’t and won’t heal.

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Jeremy Waldron is a professor of law and political theory at New York University and Oxford and the author of “The Harm in Hate Speech.” Waldron was concerned with the harm done by hate speech and discussed how the offense of the speech contributes to the damage of a people as a whole.

“Hate speech involves undermining a public good, which is the implicit assurance extended to every citizen,” Waldron wrote. “While his beliefs and allegiance may be criticized and rejected by some of his fellow citizens, he will nevertheless be viewed as someone who has an equal right to membership in the society.” Unfortunately, when we see individuals spewing their disdain for the ideas shared by others, we see that liberty is truly at risk.

Moving forward

In an era where people are attacked for wearing clothing that has statements in which others disagree, it has become evident that we are in need of going back to the basics.

Back to the original intent of our founding fathers who wanted everyone to be heard, respected, and understood on an equal level. To somehow find a way to discover the commonality between us all and to use that as a means by which to pull ourselves toward the center of understanding. This is not the only way to someday use freedom of speech in a way that may benefit us all, but it is indeed a start.

  1. Post Author

    I wonder if this lady is receiving any assistance from the United States of America government?
    Maybe she should go back to her country of origin and live amongst her own people for the remainder of her life.
    She’s now living in a country that could afford her many opportunities to better herself, and possibly to help act as a goodwill representative of the country she hailed from. … However she has decided to make a spectacle of herself, to what end? She needs a lesson in how to live a humble lifestyle in a country like ours, that has allowed her the comforts that so many in this world DO NOT HAVE.

  2. Post Author

    Spu LOVE and freedom of speech,

    its when you start telling lies?
    I expect there is a part of America that doesn’t look at facts, 2+2 = 4, Always will!
    If you can’t speak the TRUTH, what GOOD are you as a HUMAN BEING.

  3. Post Author

    The problem is who is going to determine hate speech. In today’s world just because you disagree with another, it maybe interpreted by that person it is hate speech. I do feel if you assault another person you should be arrested. It is the responsibility of the police no matter what side of politics they are on.

  4. Post Author

    With freedom comes a heaping amount of responsibility.
    Thank you, I enjoyed your article.

  5. Post Author

    When I see someone that has the look of pure hate that woman has in the photo I tend to agree with the Chinese solution to the problem!

  6. Post Author

    Public profane should be a misdemeanor.

    • Post Author

      Agreed. It shows the level of thinking and often starts the downfall of trying to fit in with others which in this false sense National pride and deciding what is right or wrong now is like falling down a bottomless rabbit hole. I am old school. Moral values, honesty, integrity, help your neighbor, stay away from smoking, drugs, alcohol and try to live a decent helpful life. Too many people are trendy copycats and since pink hair, pierced body parts and some ink is considered the norm today prepare yourself for the next stupid attention fad of facial tattoos thanks to usually ignorant rough thug life rappers who gain popularity by shocking the system. I guess when Jerry Springer started the shock reality show everyone decided it was ok to be self consumed and ruleless. Thanks Jerry… then reality TV? What find a pile of miscreant families and tell the US this is the new family roll model? Blended families … don’t even get me started. I need some self sufficient capable land and others like me to chain out the rest of the world. Shut off the tv and interact with real neighbors of all ages. Oh I think that’s called Utopia? Not every in my lifetime.

  7. Post Author

    The limits are defined clearly by the U.S. Supreme Court, so you cannot shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater (or similar intent to cause physical harm) and you cannot advocate direct harm to the physical beings of others…

    Hate speech reveals as much black marks against itself as against its target… but as long as it avoids the direct harm threatening, it is protected by the 1st amendment……. simple, sensible and decently managed.

    Lots of people disagree and even irreversibly disagree but the ‘sticks and stones’ idea is still the rule of law… mudslinging without sticks and stones is good for the common good.’s health.. agreed? ttyl

  8. Post Author

    Her actions, and her thoughts, are all evil. She doesn’t belong here. send her back to whatever dreamland she came from. The woman is a loon but she doesn’t need to be our problem, we have enough ill-informed twits of our own.

  9. Post Author

    Funny I said same thing to much freedom. But who would say that but a commy .I feel that anyone who is saying such disrespectful words about our people and country should not be here period … Question is how do we handle such people ?? We have right to free speech but when it hurts or starts fights something should’ve done.

  10. Post Author

    Man…..thats a crazy a ss bi tch! Hey okouumouoo or what ever your name is…please leave. Go back home to your 1st country. We have enough nuts….dont need anymore.

  11. Post Author

    There can NOT be to much freedom for AMERICANS

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