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British Healthcare System: “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

As decedents of mother England, we sometimes forget the reason why we filled Boston Harbor with 342 chests of British tea in 1773 and fought a bloody revolution to gain our independence.

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Fast forward to 2018 and mother England is still at it, inflicting their own special brand of tyranny — perhaps just as egregious as what befell those 13-colonies so long ago.

However this time it isn’t “taxation without representation”, but rather snatching your organs if you don’t protest before the scalpel begins dissecting you.

Britain’s socialized medicine is taking another leap forward in deciding what’s best for their people by attempting to legalize “organ donation laws” which makes the average citizen responsible for opting out of the government program.

Conservative government ministers say these laws could increase the availability of organs for transplant by 700 per year.

If enacted, the law will simply presume the dead person is a donor, unless that person has expressed their desire to be buried with all of their organs intact.

However there will be exceptions to the law which include children under 18, those with diminished mental capabilities, and foreigners who have been in the country less than 12 months. Additionally, relatives can also override the “presumed consent”.

Medical ethicist Dr. Piers Benn raises some serious concerns regarding the impending law, suggesting that the government is legally forcing all Britons to be presumed organ “donors”, saying that it may leave some people feeling “cheated” and “uncomfortable” with what has traditionally been treated as a “gift”.

Adding, “you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it because you want to save someone’s life”, he told Sky News on Sunday.

“The problem with opt-outs is that, while it does save lives, people may not be aware that that is the default assumption, so people will be ‘donating’ their organs without knowing they are doing that.”

The legislation was introduced last year and will be addressed again in the fall when the House of Commons returns from their summer break.

If passed, the law will take effect in the spring of 2020, leaving some time for its introduction allowing for a year of “transition” before the law is actually enacted.

Under the new law, those who do not wish to donate their organs will still be able to opt out via the register and by using an NHS app that launches at the end of the year.

Currently, fewer than half of families donate the organs of their loved one if they are unaware of the deceased individual’s wishes. The law will encourage people to make their wishes known before their death.

No doubt the law would save lives, however forcing individuals to declare one way or another also seems extremely intrusive, with the end result of perhaps having government bureaucrats simply snatching someone’s organs.

Moreover placing an individuals name within a government registry opens many unintended issues for those individuals seeking anonymity wishing to keep their decision private. This law is simply another form of government control over an individual body, even after death.

The British National Healthcare System is a social insurance system that operates on the belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

However the term “free healthcare” is a misnomer, in that the system is “free” at the point of access. A working individual actually pays through taxation based on income. In 2008 the average working Brit paid approximately 9% of their gross income, in support of their government health care. The system is actually England’s version of OBAMACARE.

  1. Post Author

    We are descendants, not decedents, but this article does relate well to decedents!
    Better proof reading, please!

  2. Post Author

    How does that rank with stealing somebody’s car and money brcause if he has more than $100 in cash he must be a drug dealer?

  3. Post Author

    It is a cheap price to pay (if you don’t opt out) for a lifetime of healthcare. The National Health Service may not be the healthcare our elected representatives receive, but it is better on average than the average healthcare in the U.S. that the rest of us struggle to pay for.

  4. Post Author

    Okay Brits, like I have been telling you for several years, now you know why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us. You are out of options, start smuggling weapons in you are going to have to kill some people before they get the message.

  5. Post Author

    Health care per capita in UK is 40% that of the US. For an average 8.7% of income from taxpayers there is free care from the NHS. How much does health insurance cost the average US citizen? We in the UK are involuntarily opted-in to the national health care system so why should voluntary out-of-school to organ donation be equated to “theft”? What a disgraceful headline!

  6. Post Author

    I sure there is another side to this story that is not being heard. Organ donating enhances the lives of many people.

    • Post Author

      But what gives the government the right to steal your body parts? What if you can be saved but the recovery time is long? The Gov’t has a list of people needing all of your different useable body parts and what stops them from just taking them? The Chinese Gov’t does this to prisoners all of the time.

      One thing is a constant. Gov’t will abuse any power over you they can.

  7. Post Author

    “This law is simply another form of government control over an individual body, even after death.” You’re assuming the government is going to wait until death before harvesting…Wrong Assumption.

  8. Post Author

    I am an American but I want to tell the British people my experience with organ donation.

    I was a hospitals organ donation dream when I was brought to the hospital Emergency Room. I was 35 yrs old in top physical condition and losing consciousness fast. My wife (a former nurse) was in the ER with me giving him details of my symptoms and condition to that point. The whole time she was filling in the doctor who was trying to save my life a hospital admin staffer was trying to get her to sign forms to authorize the hospital to immediately start harvesting my organs. I was still conscious but loosing the ability to communicate. My wife just grabbed her and told her to get the Hell out! He’s not dead yet! When she protested, the Doctor told her to get out or security would take her out. He also told her they guys not dead yet so get out and let me try to save his life. Yes I remember all of this.
    The doctor figured out that I was having a rear brain/brainstem stroke and there wasn’t much they could do. The staff proceeded to harass my wife for the next 3 days I was in coma to let them harvest my organs.

    I had a person with the guts to stand up for me when I couldn’t so what will happen if you are on an operating table and someone makes the calculations the its going to cost us x amount of money to save you and your organs could save 10 people. Its simple math, In the automotive world you take parts from one car to fix several cars on the cheap so why would you think NHS wouldn’t to the same with your parts.

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