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“Pee, Pee Paree” has locals peeved at seeing sidewalk urinals

With the influx of approximately 400,000 illegal migrants residing within the city of Paris and its surrounding suburbs, sooner or later the installation of public open-air urinals was bound-to-happen to this once magnificent “City of Lights.”

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Street urinals are the latest attempt by the city of Paris in combating what has become a public health crisis in the French capital, which coincidently began with the rise of the refugee population, which of course French officials are reluctant to admit, as perhaps being a major source to the on-going problem.

City residents complain regarding the “immodest” sight of seeing bright red urinals, dotting street corners within the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

Reuters reported; “The urinals’ conspicuous placement near popular tourist spots, like the Seine River on the Ile Saint-Louis near the Notre Dame Cathedral, has prompted locals to write to town hall in protest.”

“There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such a historic spot,” Paola Pellizzari, told the outlet. She said it’s next to the townhouse where 19th-century French poet Baudelaire lived and was concerned that it was too close to a primary school.”

Local mayor Ariel Weil, of course, defended the policy of turning this once wondrous city into an outhouse, calling these filthy receptacles an “invention of genius.”

Saying, “If we don’t do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets,” Weil told Reuters. “If it is really bothering people, we will find another location.”

Note the mayor’s solution, finding another location, rather than actually confronting the issue, of disgusting individuals simply relieving themselves in public. Moreover, those bright portable red “open-air” urinals apparently come without a basin to wash your hands after you take a pee.

The designer of the “Uritrottoir” a combination of the French words for urinal and pavement said it offered an “eco solution to public peeing.”

This thing is simply a box with an opening in front, where an individual simply relieves himself by urinating onto a bed of straw within the box, which eventually transforms into compost for “parks and gardens.” Oh yes, the box is beautifully designed with a floral display on top, quite primitive to be sure.

One can only imagine with no sanitary conditions contained within these street urinals, the stench must be unbearable, especially during the summer months.

“It’s horrible,” said the 50-year-old owner of a nearby art gallery, who declined to give his name.

“We’re told we have to accept this, but this is absolutely unacceptable. It’s destroying the legacy of the island. Can’t people behave?”

Mayor Ariel Weil is the person responsible for keeping Paris safe and lawful. No doubt public peeing in the streets of Paris is an unlawful act. However if the mayor refuses to follow the law, he should be replaced.

New York City also had an issue in the late 80’s regarding the growing homeless population, living in the streets of the “Big Apple.” However in 1993 Rudy Giuliani running for mayor focused on “quality-of-life” issues, those little things that define a cities well-being, aggressive panhandling, public drunkenness and lewd behavior within a public place were all targeted by Mayor Giuliani, and within 5-years New York City became once again a viable tourist attraction, and one of the safest “big cities” in the country.

No doubt the “City of Lights” has been transformed into a “third-world” medieval environment with the influx of over 400,000 migrants. Where urinating in the street or an outdoor box is now the norm. Eventually a civil society is judged on how its leaders handle domestic issues. Paris is slowly regressing back into the dark-ages, simply because of political correctness and gutless politicians who refuse to confront the issue of unrestricted immigration.

  1. Post Author

    The people of France have only themselves to blame, they have allowed their city officials to bring in these Infiltrators into their country, knowing full good and well what kind of culture they come from. They have endangered the citizens and the Rape and beatings are rampant ! My Ancestry is French and I will never be able to see my country of heritage, it is now a 3rd World Shit Hole !

  2. Post Author

    This has nothing to do with immigrants! In 1980 while I was visiting Paris I almost got peed on as I was walking down the street and suddenly there was a yellow arch or urine in front of me (I walked behind the guy instead). At the time I thought it was just that he didn’t like Americans, but apparently a lot of guys do it. It is also a big problem in S. Korea.

  3. Post Author

    The illiterate DEPRAVEDS call this “PROGRESSIVE” when in fact it is “REGRESSIVE” in terms of the societal and cultural growth over the centuries that we as humans have achieved.
    What next in the City of Lights – Pot and then Opioid vending machines in every street corner, Holes in side walks for relieving one self (what about the Toilet Paper Dispenser?) and finally a vending machines with vials of mind altering drugs and needles – ALL OFCOURSE AT NO COST.


    We are Paris – we will eat CAKE when no Bread is available. The right option is to enforce the law on the law breakers – whether refugees, illegal immigrants or native nationals.

  4. Post Author

    I just put Paris in last place of the cities I want to visit on my bucket list. On second thought I’ just remove it from my list totally. Fortunately I visited Paris many years ago when it was in it’s prime.

  5. Post Author

    Why should anyone be shocked? The Muslims want to change all of Europe into their backward culture. They have no intention of assimilating into ANY European country culture. They have their instructions from their Quran. They intend to have a world wide Islamic caliphate. Wake up and smell the roses – while there still are some to smell over the public urinals!

  6. Post Author

    Ship them all back to wherever country they belong. They do not belong in France destroying its culture.

  7. Post Author

    Scratch Paris off my bucket list. Lol!!

  8. Post Author

    If you remove the urinals, they will go back to urinating wherever is convenient!

  9. Post Author

    Paris is such a beautiful city. There is only one Paris and few cities can rival the wonderful buildings, art museums, historical architecture and the relaxing Seine. It’s an astrocity to have urinals on the sidewalks in such a beautiful city. Maybe officials should be thinking of a better solution of placement for the immigrants. Try placing them away from the city then they could install urinals there! They could fine people for public indecency for those who continue to urinate in public. Just a thought.

  10. Post Author

    Never been to Paris and will not be going there any time soon.

  11. Post Author

    Don’t blame the foreigners or the homeless for public urination in the streets of Paris! This is nothing new! When I lived in Paris in 1979, men urinating in public into the gutter or against a wall was not uncommon. It was not foreigners, either, or homeless. As a foreigner, after my initial horror, like the Parisians around me, I too, learned to avert my eyes, and keep walking.

  12. Post Author

    Hogwash! This kind of thing has been going on for years in France. I can remember as a young high schooler being shocked after reading about the men who urinated on the streets of France—all in front of everyone who passed by— or the French men who would pinch a pretty lady on the rear and whistle at them. They were just a crude society. I am now in my 70’s, so this practice has been going on for that long. In fact my dad who came back from WWII said the water there was not fit to drink and why the people drank wine instead.

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