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Mueller Gives Up On Collusion, Pursues Obstruction

Most Mueller watchers have already concluded that there is no Russian collusion involving President Trump or his White House staff. Fox legal analyst and best-selling author, Attorney Gregg Jarrett, has echoed that same conclusion and believes Mueller has given up on collusion and instead is pursuing obstruction of justice charges against the president to save face.

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Jarrett’s critically acclaimed book “The Russia Hoax” details how the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton conspired with a foreign agent with ties to Russia to infiltrated the 2016 Presidential Election.

Jarrett went on to say that Mueller and his team. “can’t be trusted to be fair and impartial.”  And warned that if the president is foolish enough to sit down with the Special Counsel, there’s an excellent chance that Mueller will attempt to “twist the facts and contort the law” to perjure him.

Adding, “I think Mueller has given up, there was no evidence of collusion, to begin with, the FBI violated their own regulations” to begin the investigation in 2016.

On Saturday the president tweeted out that his administration is the “most transparent in history,” noting that his White House staff voluntarily gave the Special Counsel’s office over 1-million pages of information, and also allowed White House attorney Don McGahn to “fully cooperate” with the Mueller probe, adding there was “no collusion” and “no obstruction.”

Mueller, of course, seized upon the opportunity and interviewed McGahn on at least three different occasions that totaled approximately 30-hours within the past 9-months.

The substance of the investigation and what was discussed apparently ran-the-gamut, from the president’s demeanor regarding Mueller’s investigation, to why he fired FBI Director James Comey.

And there perhaps lies the perjury trap for President Trump, as outlined by Jarrett. 30-hours of testimony by the president’s White House Counsel allows the Mueller team to quiz the president (if ever he decides to be interviewed), and compare his testimony to that of McGahn.

Jarrett said that Mueller, an “inferior” officer, doesn’t have the legal basis to question Trump about exercising his constitutional authority.

“Where is it written that you can question the president about a non-crime called collusion?” he asked.

Adding, “Mueller has a clear “conflict of interest” as a longtime friend and colleague of Comey, whose firing would be central to an obstruction case.”

“How is it fair to the president? Who is Mueller disposed to believe? His friend who was fired by Trump or Trump? It’s an obvious answer,” he argued.

The president’s lead counsel Rudy Giuliani said Monday he believes that Mueller will respond soon regarding a sit-down with the president. Adding that he does not want the Russia investigation to influence the upcoming midterm elections.

“I think he will give us a decision this week on our counterproposal, we are coming down to his looking really bad by interfering in the election. I think he has to get it over with by the beginning or early September.”

Giuliani has at advised the president against sitting down with Mueller, warning that such an interview could be a “perjury trap.”

The former New York mayor has also indicated that the president would not answer questions related to obstruction of justice; although that seems the only card, the Mueller team has left to play.

  1. Post Author

    He should give up on it all and crawl back under his rock with Roesinstein and Sessions

  2. Post Author

    Like so many have said before, how did we get to this point that OUR elected President can be investigated for collusion that is well know that Obama and Hillary created this false allegation and used their puppets infiltrated throughout the government offices to just keep searching for something, anything to charge the President with. They do not care what benefits he has created for the people he serves and they should serve as well instead of theirselves. The swamp is huge and seems to be in every office in Washington and the Country. All the things Obama did such as using millions of his campaign money for personal use and he gets slapped with a fine and little coverage in the papers or news channels. The conversation with Putin on an unknown open microphone. His effort to assist the Middle East Countries and flew Millions to Iran and turned his back on Israel as if he practice the Muslim faith himself but lied and said he was a Christian. The unrest between races, law enforcers and God of our citizens understanding being removed from everything. He did NOTHING BENEFICIAL his 8 years Nothing but create division and hate between us. This unrest is exactly where Putin wants us. Wake Up! The Russians infiltration the Whitehouse o Obama’s watch and he did nothing. Left office and turned around and pointed the finger at Trump Hillary failed at every position she has been given and used it as a way of gaining favor and donations under the disguise as the Clinton foundation. Speaking of Clinton’s, Bill is a dog that sexually harassed women and had sex with many before elected and while in office. What’s with digging up sex Trump had with women before he was elected. That’s between him and Melania. Let our President do his job and quit causing this daily effort to spread fake news and news that doesn’t matter. One word explains Hillary as the socia path she is and that word is BENGHAZI! Never forget their pleas for more protection weeks before the attack and she ignored their requests and WHILE BEING ATTACKED she took a phone call and went back to sleep. Obama was called about the attack as he was headed out to a fundrasher and did just that. As many of us want to know, how are they getting away with all the Democrats did?

  3. Post Author

    Since there is no collusion with the Russians……why then does Sessions not just end it? Even though he recused humself….since the basis for his recusal has now vanished, why should he not then end the special investigation and call it a day?

    • Post Author

      Sessions has proved to be a Major Disappointment ….Sen. Graham hinted he’ll be replaced after the Midterm Elections.
      Really Cannot Explain Sessions….thought of him highly at one time….!

  4. Post Author

    As we bear witness to corruption at the highest levels of government President Trump has turned this country around.The occupants of Washwood are trying everything they can to bring this president down.I do believe that we will see the day where many top level government people past and present will be prosecuted and jailed.I believe pizza gate will be part of the reason to take down many.Washwood is the east coast swamp Washington and the west coast swamp Hollywood.Along with the fake main stream news who also dwell there,President Trump is going to expose their deepest secrets.This is why they are in such a frenzy as they see this president as a threat to the hidden crimes they have committed.As the eyes of more and more people are opened the swamp dwellers of Washwood see their hold on the people is slipping away.

  5. Post Author

    Mueller is BIASED AGAINST Trump and always has been. Instead of giving uo when he found no collusion he went after 3 people that had worked for Trump to get them to turn on Trump. He won’t do anything about clinton, obama, podesta, steele, ohr, who are GUILTY of collusion, murder, and so many other things because 1) he’s a dem, 2) he hates Trump because clinton lost to Trump. He needs to go after clinton and her cronies but NO-ONE will go after them. That’s the democratic way. Bring Trump down!!!

  6. Post Author

    He won’t because the democrats won’t let him as he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  7. Post Author

    It is very simple to understand!!!!! If President Trump was to stop all of this BS, then it would be to pay on the demwits side!!!!! obammy and his sister killery have been proven to be vindictive and crocked for a long time, but heaven forbid, that anyone says that they were bad and have evidence to prove so!!!!! They seam to commit suicide TWF!!!!! Two shots to the back of the head or 12 stab wounds to the chest????????

  8. Post Author

    He is looking for a needle in a haystack. He is about as trustworthy as Comay.

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