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Democrats Cry Fascist During Kavanaugh Hearing

It took less than a minute for Democrats to turn the Kavanaugh hearing into a name calling slugfest. The well-coordinated plan was apparently hatched by Democratic lawmakers over the long Labor Day weekend. The plan was to simply disrupt the proceedings at every turn, one bogus charge after another, with the intent of throwing the hearings into chaos.

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Disgruntled Leftists had also gathered well in advance of the hearings with the sole purpose (much like their Democratic counterparts), to disrupt the proceedings by shouting down Republican lawmakers attempting to make an opening statement.

The shrill, high-pitched shouts of “fascist” from a few loons in the back of the hearing room echoed throughout the chamber. Finally, after multiple shouts, capital police moved in to ask the demonstrators to be silent. When that failed, they moved in again and began ushering the protesters out of the chamber.

At one point the unruly protesters began repeatedly shouting and mocking Kavanaugh. “Kavanaugh is a danger to the future of America.”

That’s when Kavanaugh’s two young daughters were ushered out of the hearings, and spared from hearing the repeated taunts by rabid protesters.

However, the orchestrated chaos had begun long before, when Sen. Kamala Harris of California began arguing that the hearing should be delayed until those additional 42,000 documents released by the executive branch Monday night were reviewed.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, reminded Harris and the rest of the Democratic lawmakers that the documents produced thus far had already reached over 483,000 of Kavanaugh’s judicial writings and opinions. This is more pages “than the last five Supreme Court nominees combined,” Grassley explained.

Adding this is “more materials than we have had on any Supreme Court nominee in history.”

Then came Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s turn, hoping to torpedo the hearings by suggesting that Kavanaugh’s nomination may have been submitted by former aides and campaign workers to President Trump – who may have been guilty of some imaginary crime. Therefore the president, who is also under investigation by the Mueller probe, should not make appointments to the Supreme Court.

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Other Democratic senators chimed in and agreed that they should “move to adjourn” or “postpone” the hearing, “we have been denied real access” that turns the hearing into a mockery, according to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).

Who’s perhaps best remembered for lying about his military experience, by suggesting he served in Vietnam.

The good senator repeatedly lied regarding his service within the Marine Corp Reserves, implying that he served overseas in Vietnam, while he was stationed in Washington, D.C. That lie actually became a part of his official biography.

At a Connecticut rally in 2003, Blumenthal greeting returning troops said, “When we returned, we saw nothing like this,” the reference, of course, was how mistreated Vietnam vets were treated when they returned home. At another event honoring America’s warriors, Blumenthal once again lied stating, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) perhaps weighing a 2020 run for the presidency also chimed in asking Grassley, “what is the rush” and “what are they trying to hide?”

Throughout the morning turmoil, Judge Kavanaugh kept his composure, waiting his turn to address Democratic lawmakers, after their raucous performance.

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    The truth shall set us free!

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    It was embarrassing that the Repunlicensed on the committee put up with the crap that was going on. Time to show must spine and gumption

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    It is a disgrace the way the Democrats are behaving. Unbelievable. Judge Kavanaugh couldn’t be more qualified to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

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    The dems are a bunch of winy babies.

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    The democrats dishonest, uncivil behavior will encourage me, and I hope others, to do more than just vote against them. I will work against them.

    If they are playing to the cameras the cameras will not lie. A thug will act like a thug. The democrats have several political thugs on the committee.

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    Democrats create confusion, and God is not the author of confusion. That leaves Satan who is the author of confusion. There is only khaos wherever Democrats are. Republicans are the only mature logical representatives we Americans have. To all you Satan followers, he doesn’t win. Time is short, you better get right with God while you still have a chance.

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    I wonder, are any of the Democrat senators part of the planning to use paid law breaking demonstrators to disrupt the hearing? If so, are they guilty of bribery and incitement to riot?

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    Isn’t it funny that the Democrats send out their very own version of the Brown Shirts (Antifa) to stomp out speech and attack those they disagree with all the while calling others fascists.? Irony is lost on the ignorant.

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    For the Love of God People do not play into the rhetoric of the talking heads on either side … a country divided will fall to one another !

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