10-Year-Old German Muslim Violates Classmate


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Sometimes there are just no words for what a fervent and devout Muslim will do to another human being. Can you even imagine a culture that produces youth gangs of child sodomists and sadists? Many Americans would never believe that a ten-year-old German student appears to have been the victim of just such a sickening and twisted assault earlier this year.

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Recent reports from Germany allege a class field trip before the summer holidays to a remote castle called Schloss Kröhlendorff turned into a waking nightmare when two 11-year-old students, one from Afghanistan and the other from Syria, held the boy down while another 10-year-old boy sexually abused and raped him in view of two other classmates who kept silent.

Before the attack, one of the attackers repeatedly told the victim, “We f*ck you today,” according to Berliner Zeitung. The victim kept silent out of fear that day, but in the evening, the boy sodomists made good their threat.

For almost two weeks, the 10-year old boy rape victim didn’t speak out against his perverted assailants. He finally admitted what had happened to a school social worker who then passed the information on to parents, teachers, and the police. The three Muslim children – all seeking asylum, by the way – were first suspended and then expelled from school.

Because of their young ages, days after the Muslim miscreants were expelled from school, rather than face criminal prosecution, German authorities dropped the case against them, saying they were all below the 14-year-old minimum age required to be tried in the nation’s justice system.

The boy who actually committed the rape was known to be violent. He had a history of hitting his classmates and will face a psychological assessment that will, presumably, categorize him either as a sociopathic criminal or criminal sociopath. Either way, would you want this boy at your children’s school?

A Berlin School Administration quoted in Zeitung revealed just how soft on uppity Muslims they are:

“We want to exhaust all legal possibilities that the main perpetrator does not attend regular school, but experiences special schooling.”

We have to wonder if special schooling involves tolerant pampering of their extremist views or re-education to integrate into German society? Good luck with that second one.

Interracial bullying in German schools is on the rise, but you won’t hear anything about it in the mainstream news. Tagesspiegel quoted an unnamed pupil who said:

“I’m in seventh grade in a high school in Schöneberg. There, I am marginalized because I am German and eat pork. They swear in Turkish and Arabic about me. In German, I am insulted as a son of a b***h or a f***ed whore. In addition, I am sometimes beaten and kicked. If I get too close to other boys, they call me gay and kick me.”

As for girls, the Koran (Muslim holy scripture) teaches that all infidel (non-Muslim) women of all ages are prostitutes – to use the polite term. The same unidentified student revealed:

“Girls in my class are called sluts when they wear strapless shirts. I’ve been trying to change school for many months but can not find a free place to go to school. The school office and the school do not help me.”

Jews are also singled out for violent assaults by militant Muslim youth who are petitioning for citizenship. One Jewish student in Berlin changed schools after he was bullied and threatened before being beaten by other pupils.

Another recent incident was filmed by the victim, a teenage Jewish student whose faith was displayed by the kippah (yarmulke or circular head covering) he was wearing. A Muslim – part of another gang of three – whipped the youth with a belt while yelling “Jew!” in Arabic. This tragic hate crime occurred very near the victim’s home.

Anti-Semitism is getting so bad in Germany that the Homeland Ministry has agreed to proposals from Jewish leaders to revoke the right for anti-Semitic migrants to stay in the country.

Share the real news of what is going on in Europe because the militant migrant Muslim threat is clear and present in the United States. Forewarned is forearmed.

  1. Post Author

    Why am I not surprised or even shocked by this sort of thing anymore? The whole of Western Europe is under assault by hordes of Muslims now pouring in from the ME and North Africa, thanks to the left-wing politicians
    who are now in charge of almost all of the Western European countries! They seem to have gone absolutely insane in their zeal to destroy what little is left of what used be called national identity. All in the name of ”political correctness” and ”progressivism” of course!
    I’m sure that there must be some kind of psychiatric term to describe what their problems they all are suffering from is. As they all are obviously still completely commited Socialists who still are covinced that a Socialist Utopia can be achieved here on earth, despite evidence to the contrary, then could it be that they are simply delusional and disconnected from reality? And in addition also may be suffering from some sort of Peter Pan Syndrome?

  2. Post Author

    “You sew to the wind you reap a whirlwind”! No one can tell me that the consequences of bringing all these refugees, who by the way HATE all non-muslims, into Germany AND other countries knew beforehand the horrid issues, troubles not to mention the choice by these people not to integrate into the existing wasn’t going to be successful?! Germany as I’ve heard and other European countries are basically ‘done for’! Maybe this will all go back to the old days and ways of an eye for an eye?!

  3. Post Author

    Germany was a great country fighting Russia and the United States where I am from, but I find it hard to believe the Germans put up with these sick barbarians. They are like abnormal sub humans. If that was my son or daughter, I’d be in prison because you know what I would have done. Every country they go to with their small percentage of vermin, they intimidate. Why? Be parents, be a man, kick them the hell out of your country. Get rid of any leaders who condone this.

  4. Post Author

    There is no Room in America for these Muslim PIGS. America always was GREAT, as our Fathers fought for our freedom. This country is still a CHRISTEN nation, ever though the A**H*** Oromba said it isn’t.

  5. Post Author

    Germany arise!! Oh, I forgot our lovely “democracy’ destroyed the most noble and honorable nation that ever existed, indoctrinating them after bombing all of Europe like the cowards they were, and allowing the Marxist hordes to rape, pillage, and destroy a vanquished and unarmed nation. Germany arise!! Take back your nation! Be proud to be German again! Kill these ugly, murdering, hateful, rapist savages! For every crime against a cultured, noble German, repay them 100 fold! Imagine what those beautiful boys of the Hitler Youth would have done to those cockroaches! They would have surrounded them and beaten them savagely!! Oh, how the Fatherland mourns your loss. Kick out the American slobs from your beautiful soil, they aren’t worthy to tread upon it!! Arise you Holy nation!! Take back your country!! The world is watching you. The white race is tired of this genocide by these muslim scum, it’s time to fight back!

  6. Post Author

    These vermin need to be exterminated… so says God Himself, and which He personally has done many times in the past. They are incapable of learning truth and are servants of Satan.
    Come to my neck of the woods with kids like that and you will find them dismembered and pig parts tied to their parts and scattered across muslim homes and mosques…. NO MORE OF THIS INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Post Author

    Okay Germans , now do you know why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us?
    Ypou will have to start smuggling eapons in and killing the the rapist assaulters

  8. Post Author

    Why are you allowing them to stay in the country? It is mostly the muslims that are invading and threatening other countries and they need to be stopped! Time to stop pussy footing around these people and start treating them as they are, terrorists, trying to take over and rule or govern all countries they enter. I think they are rapping their heads to tight or perhaps we are to afraid to be called racist, time to stand up to protect our country and our people by not giving in to them and when they commit such a heinous crime on others, either i prison them and/or deport them back to where they come from, we do not need these types of creatures to people in our countries, we try to live peacefully and get along with all nationalities but if you cannot do this, get out!

  9. Post Author

    These muslim kids sodomizing , kicking hitting, raping and killing people should be exterminated worldwide. This will solve all the world’s problems and bring peace on earth. Amen. Hallelujah

  10. Post Author

    I have traveled the world around and reached the conclusion that Good, Bad and Ugly are every where. To blame a faith, region, race for a crime committed by an individual doesn’t solve the problem but only make it worse. Criminal are criminals. They should be punished accordingly. My biggest complaint is Media . They should report fairly with out any prejudice. Never mention faith because it hurts lots of good law abiding citizens and it’s not fair. I hear every single day so many crimes being reported but they never mention faith but when ever it’s Muslim why they mention it. Media is The problem. Let me say that before we become Jews, Christians or Muslim . Let’s become Human and all the problem will go away so May God help us.

  11. Post Author

    If Europe and other countries including the United States don’t suck it up and deport every last Muslim we will eventually all going to war on our own land. I myself don’t trust not one of them. They try to harm me or my family, let’s just say they better think twice. I don’t understand why Christian’s feel the need to try and change these very savage, evil people. That will ever happen. May our Holy God protect us against evil. Amen

  12. Post Author

    All of Europe has only their bleeding heart Liberal selves to blame for the blatant attacks on the Citizens of Europe. On top of that, they are not allowed to retaliate or protect themselves with weapons of any kind ! What a Pathetic state of affairs ! The illegal criminal Radical Muslims seem to have more rights that the people of Europe !!!

  13. Post Author

    Moslems only understand one thing. Like dogs they understand the boot and the fist. You want Moslems to behave like civilized people you must out terrorize them.
    Merkel has ruined Germany and Germans are complicit by re electing that stupid woman

  14. Post Author

    The headline of this article should be, “10 year old Muslim violates German classmate” Stop referring to Muslims as German, French, etc. That’s what the communists do…

  15. Post Author

    Muslim are trained to be pedophiles and inflict pain on all other humans..They need to be treated like the ANIMALS they are,, keep from the public domain..

  16. Post Author

    It is a case of oil and water. A Lower class culture as exhibited by these criminal Children are a bane to any civilized society. They carry a hateful version of a belief system that is reprehensible no matter what religion they come from. A severe punishment should be meted out to them. Learn from Saudi Arabia.

  17. Post Author

    Make no mistake about it, this is happening all over the world, including the States. It is an intentional dilution of specific societies (won’t say which, just look where it is happening, and you’ll figure it out), their identity, way of life, and their value system.

  18. Post Author

    I can’t believe that Jews are still living in Germany. Get out now! As one author wrote, “Germany has long been the seat of fanaticism.” Except one group of fanatics has been exchanged for another.

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