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Anonymous White House Mole: “I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside The Trump Administration”

Late Wednesday afternoon we witnessed the culmination of what can best be described as “Yellow Journalism” at its worst when the failing New York Times ran an op-ed hit piece by someone claiming to be a senior staffer inside the White House.

For those not familiar with the term “yellow journalism” it’s a term associated with newspapers presenting little or no legitimate or well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales, or to promote an agenda.

It’s a pejorative term highlighting media organizations that treat the gathering of news sources in an unprofessional or unethical fashion — which is now the actual news.

The Times along with the other “fake news” outlets have been running “off-the-record” articles and quoting “anonymous sources” since Trump became president.

Moreover, just recently the Boston Globe led the charge calling on some 300 news organizations all across the country to push back against the president. Perhaps this is exactly what they are doing by fabricating an anonymous source and thus creating discourse and distrust within a White House already besieged by a disgruntled and hostile press.

Therefore the possibility that a New York Times employee actually penned the article cannot be ruled out.

The op-ed article also “coincidently” follows and supports another disgruntled journalist, Bob Woodward’s new book titled “Fear: Trump in the White House.” Which also oddly enough cites sources within his book, who refute his assertions, claiming he fabricated their comments and which mirrors to some extent the headline within the New York Times article attributed to “anonymous” that reads “I Am Part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration.”

Obviously, this is all speculation. However, if true the article should alarm us all in that the “deep state” is now lurking within the walls of the White House and is dangerously close to our Commander-in-Chief.

The president, of course, weighed in on the obvious breach of trust tweeting out:

Isn’t it a shame that someone can write an article or book, totally makeup stories and form a picture of a person that is the exact opposite of the fact, and get away with it without retribution or cost. Don’t know why Washington politicians don’t change libel laws?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5th, 2018

The unnamed author referenced as a “senior” Trump official paints a scary picture of himself, as a self-aggrandized conspiracist leading a “quiet resistance” against the president from inside the White House.

“It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room,” the author wrote.

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“We fully recognize what is happening. And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t.”

The writer  goes on to suggest perhaps a soft coup might be the answer stating “Trump’s “instability” led to “early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president.”

Adding, “But no one wanted to precipitate in a constitutional crisis. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until, one way or another, it’s over.”

That ominous last line by someone lurking in the White House, cowardly writing hit pieces in secret, perhaps only a few feet away from the president, should immediately concern the Secret Service.

How far does one go from anonymously writing an op-ed in the New York Times, claiming to be “part of the resistance” to perhaps taking that unimaginable next step into history?

That’s a question no one can answer.  Yet I must point out that we’ve seen, over the course of just two years since Donald Trump became president, the slow and continued escalation of hate aimed at this man and his family. And with each additional step, we’ve witnessed the Left become more shrill, more unhinged, and more dangerous.

Celebrities no longer insult the president, they now overtly threaten him; like drug-addled Johnny Depp casually talking about assassination as a viable alternative.

  1. Post Author

    I personally believe that this is not a “senior official “ inside the White House. Just be reading the wording it makes you believe it is someone with democrat leanings. I thing someone wrote that “letter” either inside the newspaper or posing as coming from the White House.

  2. Post Author

    They do that to Trump and the rest of my life is certain, I will kill everyone I can find whose in on it!!!!!!

  3. Post Author


  4. Post Author

    I honestly think the New York Times made up the Tale.What a shame what these people (TURDS)are doing to this president

  5. Post Author

    Most likely just another Democrat crony

  6. Post Author

    It’s a shame that the once proud “Grey Lady” has turned “Yellow” and ruined the once proud profession of journalism forever!!!!

  7. Post Author

    “W” tried to ignore this kind of crap but then, rather than admiring him for turning the other cheek, he was viewed with an increasing degree of dis respect which I now think he deserves. He became weak and feckless and unable to accomplish anything. Today, he seems more of a Democrat than Republican. I am growing to dislike him and the people he surrounds himself with Including Bill/Hillary, Obummer/Michael and others I distain. Go after them but don’t put yourself out on the tip of the sword as it will be viewed unpresidential.

  8. Post Author

    What’s happening in our country is tantamount to treason by everyone involved in these acts against our country and our president. Why are they not arrested for the remarks, threats and innuendos they make against the leader of our country. Not long ago they would have been arrested by the Secret Service for making such threats. There is a revolution happening right now in America and we do nothing to stop it. If you are thinking that you can say or do whatever you want by disregarding our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our President and the laws we all live by, and hold office as a member of Congress or work for the FBI, CIA or any other part of our government, you should be held as a traitor and prosecuted by the courts in our country. The swamp in Washington needs to be addressed by our Department of Justice first and foremost and have all the swamp creatures removed. I am tired of hearing about the double standard for our rich politicians when it comes to filing charges against them for the crimes they commit. If your name is Clinton, Obama, Feinstein etc. you have cart blanche, your untouchable.

  9. Post Author

    I have yet to see the terms “alleged” or “hypothetical”, or any similar descriptions used in connection with this NYT “Op-Ed” which has the stink of Yellow Journalism all over it. Why is nobody asking the Hard Questions but seemingly just accepting this [probably] work of fiction at face value?
    The National Enquirer is looking more credible by the day with the antics the self styled “legitimate press” is engaging in.

  10. Post Author

    People must use their brains when they read books or articles or listen to talking heads by either side. Truth can be found it just takes some effort.

  11. Post Author

    I would say anonymous is probably the names he says The President is ! Why secret, except to destroy this Adminstration, just by unjust means ! Scary indeed to have someone like that near you !!!! Hope Secret service is doing something to find out who, & get rid of him./her !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Post Author

    Be interesting to see what kind screes get posted here by the drones in the current “regressive” left wing culture. Always amusing, and sad, at the same time.

  13. Post Author

    All fake news to keep everything stirred up

  14. Post Author

    All FAKE NEWS is right. The reason nothing is happening to prosecute the rebels and Bill and Hillary is probably because MANY of the staffers in the White House, Department of Justice, FBI, etc., are OBAMA appointees or hirees. It doesn’t mean much to get a new President without cleaning house of.his opponents. I worked in government many years and I can tell you the position on how things are done didn’t change after elections. Trump needs to realize this and hire “cleaners” for each department even outside Washington to determine who is following old rules, do the rules need to change who needs to go if we want Trump’s ideas to prevail. Those that are being fired will not be limited, and may go as far as the director or secretary of the department

  15. Post Author

    Pray for your president, pray hard.

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