Socialist Candidate Accused Of Stealing $13,000


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A just-released police report, concerning Democratic Socialist candidate Julia Salazar, shows a 2011 arrest of the 27-year-old socialist on suspicion of attempting to access the bank account of Kai Hernandez — the former wife of retired baseball legend Keith Hernandez.

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According to the Daily Mail, the theft occurred in 2010 while Salazar house-sat for Kai Hernandez. When Kai returned home, she found that $11,800 in cash was stolen, including an additional $1,175 in Pottery Barn vouchers and over $950 in expensive wines.

Salazar is a political ally and friend of fellow Bronx socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who upset Joe Crowley during the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district. Salazar is currently running for a state Senate seat within New York.

An audio recording by UBS Bank, obtained by Tablet Magazine accuses Salazar of allegedly making three separate phone calls attempting to impersonate Kai Hernandez and access her bank account, in December 2010.

After the third call, the bank notified Hernandez’s financial adviser who immediately alerted Kai that someone was attempting to access her bank account. Hernandez filed a police report, a few days later, and an investigation began

Several months later, Salazar was arrested and charged. However, the charges were later dropped for lack of viable evidence, noted the state attorney:

“There was not a likelihood of conviction based solely on the voice recording.”

However the incident didn’t end there, Salazar then sued Kai Hernandez for defamation of character, alleging that Kai actually made the phone calls and then accused her in order to get her arrested.

The reason for the alleged set-up? A rumored love affair between the former Met first basemen and Salazar — who was a neighbor at the time.

However, that discloser seems at odds with Salazar’s political bio, which claims she grew up in a “working class” neighborhood, rather than within a privileged environment.

For members like Salazar and comrade Ocasio-Cortez of the Democratic Socialists Party, pedigree is extremely important.

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You need to demonstrate you’re one of the people; even your family lineage becomes a source of concern.

Additionally, Salazar is trying to represent the north Brooklyn District, around Knickerbocker Avenue, a predominantly Jewish enclave.

Which obviously means she needs to campaign as a Jew, and so Salazar has reinvented herself, claiming to be a Colombian-Jewish immigrant — perhaps doing a little fibbing like the honorable senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal who claimed to be a Vietnam Vet for years.

Salazar’s family lineage seems extremely vague, and whether it’s by design or not, no one can tell. Rumor has it that Salazar once claimed to be an immigrant although she was a born in Miami Florida. Other interviews quoted her as saying that she was born in Colombia.  And although she still claims to be Jewish, some even suggest she’s Catholic.

Politics has always been a dirty business, and New York politics is a complex mixture of ethnic and religious forces thrown together within invisible and confined boundaries of diversity. However within this melting-pot of ethnic, religious, and racial diversity, the one fragile eliminate that binds this hodgepodge group together is their lopsided illogical view of the world, immersed in theory and identified as progressive dogma.

  1. Post Author

    Left-wing liberals or Socialists are obviously the same all over the Planet we all live on. I happened to be born in Sweden where we once had a Prime Minister called Olof Palme. He was very well known for being extremely well educated at the best elite schools in the country. In addition he also attended one of the best Universities in the USA. He was also fluent in at least three foreign languages; English, French and German. He came from a wealthy upper class family. And apparently was a consummate actor, because he chose to join the Social Democrats and became the partys leader. During elections he always dressed down as much as possible; no suit and tie, but instead faded blue jeans, or blue cover-alls, with a silly old knife to his belt, in order to look
    like a common carpenter or unskilled labourer. He even tried to hide his upper class accent and tried his best to impersonate a working class accent instead. And he never missed an opportunity to criticize Americas then ongoing war in Vietnam as ”Imperialistic colonialistic oppression against a poor third world country”! Naturally
    he had the same attitude and used the same rhetoric against Israel, as being the agressor against the ”poor and downtrodden innocents of Palestine”, wherever that country is, supported of course by the ”Capitalistic and Imperialistic”USA. And it worked extremely well!
    He was really the ultimate hypocrite, liar and actor, the qualities you need to succeed in politics. He was eventually murdered, and to this day the murder is still unsolved. And nothing much has apparently changed since then! Just another new generation continuing the
    tradition of preaching Socialism, the gospel of failure,
    jealousy and envy, as Winston Churchill once called it!
    At least I think it was Sir Winston Churchill, but I might be
    wrong on this particular point.

  2. Post Author

    Well- to a socialist, property is theft… so of course, she felt justified stealing all that cash… 🙂

  3. Post Author

    What did she do wrong? After all, for socialist leaders what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is negotiable. Besides, doesn’t the state, meaning the leaders, own everything? (sarcasm folks)

  4. Post Author

    When there is no proof, use innuendo, rumors

  5. Post Author

    Lopsided, illogical view of the world? Who told you that? What are you immersed in?

  6. Post Author

    If the progressive liberal movement is not stopped it will eventually destroy the United States of America. We will then be known as the United Socialist States of America and freedom will be lost

  7. Post Author

    This is precisely whats always made America Great!! Whereas virtually all the countries of the world have battled socialism or suffered from it, the US has always been a stable, dependable Capitalist Republic.

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