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Desperate Democrats Turn To Obama For Salvation

It was simply a matter of time before distressed Democrats turned to their hero in waiting, Barack Obama.

The former president decided to kick off his barn-storming campaign in his own backyard at the University of Illinois, where he was assured to receive a warm and friendly welcome from students.

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Obama is responsible for sweeping legislation making student loans more affordable and much easier to acquire, no doubt a good thing if you’re a student. However much like Obama’s welfare program, the student loan program was riddled with fraud and misuse, because it lacked government oversight, and actual accountability, on how the money was actually spent.

A recent survey in 2017 by the student loan news site LendEdu, tracking how student loans are spent found that 30.6% of students with debt “claim that they are using the money they received from student loans to help pay for their spring break trip this year.”

The study also found that more then one-third of the students use the loan for “non-education expenses, with almost 6% buying drugs and alcohol, and 5.6% using funds for gambling or sports betting.

The former president was a master of deception using the federal government as a piggy-bank, rather than actually solving economic issues. Which brings us back to his mishandling of welfare programs designed to temporally help the neediest within our society, rather than a perpetual lifestyle.

Under Obama, government handouts increased from 32-million individuals in 2009 to over 44-million individuals in 2017 receiving some type of government benefit, usually with little government oversight or accountability, which of course increased the rate of poverty from 38-million to a  staggering 45-million individuals.

No doubt Democrats are taking a big risk with Obama’s self-aggrandizing, smug and contentious speech Friday — targeting the president and in particular the economy.

“By the time I left office, household income was near its all-time high, and the uninsured rate had hit an all-time low, and wages were rising, and poverty rates were falling. I mention all this just so when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started,” Obama told students.

“When you hear about this economic miracle that’s been going on – when the job numbers come out … and suddenly Republicans are saying, ‘It’s a miracle!’ I have to kind of remind them: actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016,” he said.

Obama is correct when he mentions the number of jobs he created by volume is almost equal to that of President Trump. However to use an old cliché… “the devil is in the details.”

Two Obama economists admitted that over 94% of all “new jobs” created under Obama were part-time jobs. Both Harvard and Princeton economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger confirm that from 2005 to 2015, the proportion of Americans workers engaged in what they refer to as “alternative work.”

This increased under the Obama Administration from 10.7% in 2005 to 15.8% in 2015. The definition coined by Obama referenced “temporary help agency workers, on-call workers, contract company workers, independent contractors or freelancers.” The work performed is generally unsteady, without a fixed paycheck and with virtually no benefits.

Also lest we forget during Obama’s 8-years as president, the Democratic Party lost over 1,000 elective seats within local, state and federal elections, making it one of the worst loses for a political party within recent decades.

Perhaps just as telling as Obama’s dismal economic record, is his uncontrollable narcissistic personally in referencing himself within a 64-minute speech 102 times, using phrases such as “I, My” and “Me.”

The irony, of course, is while Obama is attempting to take credit for the financial well being of the country, not one Democrat voted for the Trump economy.

  1. Post Author

    This absolutely shows the great depths of ignorance in the democrat party. Why would you turn for help to the exact person who put you in the very deep and dark hole you are in. “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” is the same ignorant, RACIST, anti-American, Muslim who dang near destroyed this country with all of his STUPID and destructive policies. The democrats have NOTHING to offer the American people. That’s proven by the fact they are once again turning to a complete fool to get them out of the hole that “HE” put them in. That’s HILARIOUS !

  2. Post Author

    Did we really expect anything different from this buffoon. Everything he touches, or has touched, turns to crap. he is the only president to ever have blamed his predecessor for his failings and then goes on to fault his successor for gains he’s made. Trump has had the grace to never have blamed Obama for failures. That’s a lesson for Demopukes to learn.

  3. Post Author

    one lying, corrupt ahole dam o rat leading a bunch of lying ,corrupt aholes dam o rats, now what could go wrong. people are starting to see that everything the dam o rats touch goes to hell, look at all the cities they run, here in illinois we have the highest taxes ever, the dam o rats are forcing us out we cant afford it any more. look what they did to the schools, arts,with this pc nonsense that is getting people killed, to people of god, their even going after the boy scouts., they want to raise taxes, open up the boarders and get rid of I.C.E.. who in the right mind would vote for a dam o rat

  4. Post Author

    You are correct, of course. However, never underestimate the stupidity of the Democratic voter. They have NO desire to learn the truth, as they reply to facts with anger and cry “racism”, “homophobe”, etc., etc., etc. They are Dupes or Useful Idiots that the Democratic Party counts on to keep them in power or return them to power.

  5. Post Author

    Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT THIS country has ever had!!! He is so full of himself and wants to take credit for what Trump has done. He needs to go back to his $8 million mansion and SHUT UP!!!

  6. Post Author

    The DEMOCRATS are beyond DESPERATE if they expect the HALF BLACK MUSLIM POS HUSSEIN OBAMA TO BE OF MUCH HELP.! The sane people have seen what eight years of HUSSEIN OBAMA brought to this country and feel that a DEMOCRAT would just be another USER and LOSER.!!

    • Post Author

      I hope obama continues on spreading his bulls–t. Obviously, many liberals/democrats have replaced this loser with another version. obama’s first stump drew only 750 people!! Keep going, obama, till only 3-people attend and that would be your wife & kids!

  7. Post Author


  8. Post Author

    Good comment! I’m still befuddled by the fact that there is still so many people that LOVE Obama and consider him one of if not ‘the’ best president of the US ever! Are they blind, stupid or both?!

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