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Is Russia Behind the Mysterious Attacks on our Diplomats?

Recent intelligence data gathered within the last year, although not yet conclusive, points to our old friend Vladimir Putin as the main culprit behind the strange “sonic attacks” injuring our diplomats both in Cuba and China.

While the data is still being analyzed by our cyber team, communication intercepts known as “signals intelligence” have concluded that Russia may be behind the mysterious attacks on our diplomats and their staff.

The data collected is part of an ongoing investigation by the FBI, CIA, and other Intelligence gathering agencies since 2016 — when incident’s of diplomats and other support staff first reported getting sick with a multitude of ailments, including hearing loss, cognitive problems, difficulty with balance, problems with vision/hearing, and serious “brain injuries.”

The State Department compiled information regarding what they believed to be some type of sonic device used outside the range of audible sound targeting the residence of U.S. diplomats living within Cuba and China. The unidentified device was used inside or outside their homes, which suggests they may have been portable and perhaps easy to hide.

To date, 26 US workers have been targeted in the random attacks at their homes and in hotel rooms. Most report hearing a high-pitched sound, leading investigators to conclude that some type of sonic weapon is being used.

Most of those interviewed by investigators describe first hearing a “novel, localized sound” at the start of their symptoms, liking it to a “buzzing,” “grinding metal,” “piercing squeals” and “humming” sound.

A team of specialists at the University of Pennsylvania were called in to conduct tests on 21 individuals affected by the mysterious attacks. They concluded after extensive tests that the individuals tested suffered from the same symptoms of brain dysfunction seen with patients suffering a concussion due to physical trauma of the head.

“If you took any one of these patients and put them into a brain injury clinic, and you didn’t know their background, you would think that they had a traumatic brain injury from being in a car accident or a blast in the military,” Dr. Randel Swanson, one of the authors who specializes in brain injury rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania, said in a separate report published with the study. “It’s like a concussion without a concussion.”

The military since last year has been working on technology to “reverse-engineer” the sonic weapon used to harm U.S. diplomats. The Trump Administration is being constantly briefed on various tests being conducted in trying to find and identify the weapon, including testing various devices on animals.

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The administration has also turned to the Air Force, directing their facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico to take a crack at figuring out the weapon used. The facility boasts some of the most advanced research in the world, combined with the ability to test advanced high-power electromagnetic weapons, including microwaves.

However there’s also a possibility that one or more additional technologies were also used, possibly in conjunction with microwaves, officials and others involved in the government’s investigation say.

While the motive for the brazen attacks isn’t exactly clear, one thing is certain America is on high alert. Removing almost all of our diplomatic personnel from Cuba, after the incidents went public and the attacks continued, eliminating any doubt that the attacks were accidental.

The State Department concluded unanimously that the incidents should be considered “attacks.”

Ambassador Peter Boode, who leads the task force responding to the incidents, told a House Foreign Affairs Committee panel.  “The State Department has come to the determination that they were attacks.”

If indeed Russia is behind the attacks, then they’re playing a very dangerous game with the United States. Trump is no Obama, he will (if pushed) exercise his role as Commander-in-Chief. Make no mistake these attacks against our diplomats is an “act-of-war.”

  1. Post Author

    My bet is this is device being used by the CIA and/or FBI to promote the neocons anti Russia and pro war/Cold War agenda

  2. Post Author

    Being an avid student of KGB methods “before, during and after”, I have no doubt this is an experimental attack.
    REmember; the KGB was NOT dismantled or even downsized, and now sits at the top in Russia!!!

  3. Post Author

    Has to be something totally new. They used equipment to test for microwaves and ultrasonic and subsonic fields and came up with nothing.

  4. Post Author

    What’s the difference, we do NOTHING when our diplomats are attacked…… anyone remember 1979 and our friends in Iran?

  5. Post Author

    Yes, like Winston Churchill, Trump was made for such a time as this.

  6. Post Author

    Don’t know, don’t care. Hillary might as well have added Putin to her contact list by using an unsecured server. They tried to terrorize us about Russia when I was a kid; so at 74, I really don’t buy it. The attacks came from elsewhere.

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