Pope Blames Satan for Exposing Bishop Pedophiles


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On September 11, 2018, Pope Francis marked the anniversary of the 2001 World Trade Center attack in New York City by blaming Satan during his morning sermon for exposing Catholic leaders, including those who sexually abuse children.

In an incredibly bizarre twist of logic, the supreme pontiff and leader of the world’s estimated 1.3 billion Catholic Christians began his daily sermon with a shocking revelation about the many evil accusations and rumors surrounding the Catholic clergy today:

“In these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops. True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people. The ‘Great Accuser,’ as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse.'”

Okay. Let’s just stop right there and break this down. The Pope just admitted that all bishops are sinners. Sin is the act of breaking divine law — an offense against religious or moral law.

Now, sins come in all shapes and sizes, from telling a lie to murder. So when the Pope, also known as the Bishop of Rome, self-identifies with the other bishops who are being accused of defiling underage children, is he really saying he is also guilty of those sins? It’s hard to tell, isn’t it?

Once people find out about a sinner, the scandals begin. Is bringing sinful acts to the light of day a bad thing? The Pope’s tone seemed to indicate that it is.

Moving on, thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ the Christian Savior, a being called the “Great Accuser” traveled far and wide to identify and publicly shame sinners, causing scandalous gossip. The “Great Accuser” is generally accepted to be God’s enemy Satan (which means, ironically, the Bringer of Light). Is the problem here that sin is supposed to be a private affair, shared only with a Catholic priest in a confessional booth?

Perhaps, but not necessarily. In the story of Job, Satan tried to create division by making false accusations of sin. Is the Pope implying that victims of sexual predation in the Catholic Church are lying about it in order to get the bishops in trouble?

It certainly does seem like the High Pontiff is mistaking the real, live human beings who have come forward with accusations of sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic clergy with the Devil of ancient times – who is still with us today, according to that doctrine.

Continuing his morning commentary, Pope Francis said:

“A bishop’s strength against the ‘Great Accuser’ is prayer, that of Jesus and his own, and the humility of being chosen and remaining close to the people of God, without seeking an aristocratic life that removes this unction. Let us pray, today, for our bishops: for me, for those who are here, and for all the bishops throughout the world.”

So, the Bishop of Rome lists praying to and being humble before God as the weapons of choice to thwart gossip-mongering and troublesome accusations of pedophilia. What if they stopped preying on children for their sexual pleasure? Wouldn’t that be much more effective in stopping evil deeds?

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To get an idea of how big a problem, child abuse is among the Catholic leadership, Daily Wire pointed out that “so much evidence exists that the Vatican, and particularly bishops and clerics in the United States, silenced victims of sexual abuse for decades and protected and even hid their abusers, that a full and fair investigation is warranted in the name of justice.”

A Global Accounting of bishops accused of sexual abuse and misconduct worldwide listed “more than 85 bishops worldwide who have been accused publicly of sexual wrongdoing.”

A Quora reader cited the Pontifical Yearbook when he reported a total count of 5,304 Catholic bishops in 2017.

This means that a little over one and a half percent of all Catholic bishops have been accused of sexual misconduct. But many victims remain silent? Is the percentage of pedophiles in the Catholic Church really a much higher number?

In any case, the Pope’s attitude toward the problem of who is to blame for all the horrifying sexual scandals rocking the Vatican was compared by like this:

“To put this into perspective, this would be the same as impeaching Monica Lewinsky for her role in President Bill Clinton’s affair.”

We couldn’t agree more. For shame, Bishop of Rome – and all Catholic bishops who abuse their God-given power to harm children, our future.

Again we say, for shame, Pope Francis. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

  1. Post Author

    This so called pope needs to be run out of town on a rail !! I cannot believe the crap coming out of his mouth!!

  2. Post Author

    Sad, very SAD! The Catholic Church, INCLUDING the POPE has been complicit it hiding the facts about the breadth and depth of Priest pedophilia, around the world.

    He can blame Satan, but its the discovered TRUTH is what he abhors!

    The POPE is the major problem for the Catholic Church!

  3. Post Author

    GOD, pleases bless our Church. Please guide our Holy Father in his choice of words and actions…there is great evil in this world whose only wish is to do harm upon us all. We must pray fervently for those involved, both for forgiveness and perseverance to correctly handle what needs to be done.

  4. Post Author

    Last paragraph needs to be completed or am I missing something?

  5. Post Author

    1 Corinthians 4:5, the Lord will bring to light the things hidden in the darkness, The sin we hide will be exposed sooner or later..

  6. Post Author

    Compare this article to the Congress in Washington today.Rev. Ron Anderson

  7. Post Author

    LOL! All who are awake know the Vatican is lucifer’s home office.

  8. Post Author

    Lucifer means “Bringer of Light” not satan. Lucifer was satan’s name before he became a fallen Angel.

  9. Post Author

    So sad, but Christ’s teachings and the Church will remain true and will stay above the sinners running it today. McCarry and his supporters and these homosexual connections all the way up to the Vatican demand a real house cleaning, as requested by the Vigano letter. Cover ups and silence cannot be tolerated any longer. Prayer and contrition are in order to save the church, but a real housecleaning from the top down is the only way to save our church.

  10. Post Author

    That man needs to abdicate.
    He is not protecting the Flock and is leading many souls astray.

  11. Post Author


  12. Post Author

    I would expect nothing else from this leftist masquerading as pope.

  13. Post Author

    He truly is the “Last Pope”, not because of the Lady Of Fatima proclamations, but because he is so dense, and lacking in the true affairs of the Church, and when he finish there will not be a Catholic Church to be Pope of anymore.

  14. Post Author

    This pope truly gets his words from satan himself. It is not satan who exposed the sexual misconduct of the bishops. Satan only tempted the bishops and they fell pretty to his temptation. It is God himself that exposed what was happening. God is very protective of children and their innocence. This pope is NO man of God, for he had gone against God’s Word on many occasions. Also, praying and being humble before God only works in accordance with repentance. Jesus said to the lady at the well, “go and sin no more”. Jesus did NOT say pray and be humble. This pope is the pope of the NWO and makes the democrats/liberals/left very proud!!!

  15. Post Author

    Satan is the one who has infiltrated the Catholic Church.

  16. Post Author

    research about the girl a year of so ago in Manila, Philippines who slept for 30+ hours and when she awoke said she visited hell and saw pope John Paul II, perhaps he also was a sexual predator as well. Just perhaps the church along with many other religious sects should be considered as spoken in revelations the great whore, hmm, something to think about

  17. Post Author

    Perhaps the Pope needs to go to a Evangelical church and get into a Bible study class, he sounds like he needs it.

  18. Post Author

    As long as the root cause is not addressed and rooted out, this travesty will continue to fester and flourish! Satan will indeed be ecstatic as long as he remains
    the boogie man and the culprits fail to take responsibility and be accountable for their dastardly actions!

  19. Post Author

    i think that u r reading in his statements what you want ,to promote your views of
    the matter . I don’t beleave that what u say , is what he is saying. I also believe that all pedophiles should be punished . including the ones in the churches. Lets just be honest and not fake news.

  20. Post Author

    Fake news from the site that claims, “Your Source for Uncovering Fake News”

  21. Post Author

    Historically, the Catholic Church has always been the greatest enemy of Satan and he will always take advantage of opportunities to bring down the church by discrediting its members, most notably the church’s heirarchy and priests.

    Satan, being the opportunist that he is, will not hesitate to accuse, true or false, as long as it serves his purpose.

    When the Pope says he identifies with the sinners, he is just emphasizing the fact that man is a fallen race since the time of Adam and Eve and that only two individuals in history have not sinned: Jesus Christ, the Son of God in the form of man when He was on earth, and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

    From the way the Pope stated his in sermon, he does not identify with the sexual sins committed by the erring priests but aligning himself more on the imperfect man who is prone to sin, big and small. Also, Satan takes fully advantage of these types of situations to bring accusations to light, true or not, in order to achieve his ultimate goal: to destroy the Holy Catholic church.

    The chosen weapon of our Lord Jesus, has always been prayer, even in the center of a violent and immoral world. Can Pope Francis, as a vicar of Christ, ask for anything less? Prayer is the only thing that can make God act to bring justice in a distorted society, according to His divine Will. I am sure Pope Francis is calling out for prayers for guidance and strength together with the actions that the church are already doing to rectify the carnage.

    Most of the current accusations happend before 2004 when the church has implemented reforms since then to prevent these things from happening again. These additional accusations, I suspect, were motivated by the #MeToo movement and that is why the majority were committed way back 20, 30, to 60 years ago.

    We cannot undo what was done but we can surely prevent them, through proper measures, from happening again. Or at least minimize their occurences except by the most deviant church servants.

    Since 2014, Pope Francis did admit that around 8,000 priests were pedophiles (approx 2% of the total, close to the 1.5%, albeit bishops in your article) and has not denied having a problem over the years.

    Implementing solutions is a different story altogether especially when you have numerous factions in the biggest church in the world, some whose alliances are with Satan as well, who are working and scheming feverishly to thwart any positive moves that will bring the church back to a positive perception.

    The modern world judges too quickly rending the court saying, “Innocent until proven guilty” irrelevant. The world will be a much better place if we practiced the virtue of empathy (i.e., placing ourselves in another’s shoes) instead of concluding too quickly.

    I am not trying to minimize the sufferings that the victims went through but all of us in life are/and/or will go through trials and tribulations, sometime even more horrfic. I just pray that they will be given the grace to forgive and move on. They have made their cases heard. At the end of the day, God will be the final judge. It is not our temporary earthly lives that matter, but the reward of eternal life to those who have transformed their lives to serve than to be served.

    For more than 2,000 years, the church has gone though much worse turmoil and has survived. What man made institution has lasted more? I’m sure the chuch will survive this scandal as well.

  22. Post Author

    Jesus’ mother Mary was not sinless. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”

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