EU Army is Next Step for Globalists


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First, the globalists formed the European Union (EU) that stripped away national currency in favor of the centralized euro. Next, they welcomed millions of Muslim “migrants” – claiming them to be war-torn mothers and children – into the bosoms of Germany, Sweden, England, and Ireland.

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Now that the religious invaders are making good on their stated plan to overthrow the European infidels (all non-Muslims), the EU is setting up their own army to combat the problem they created.

Critics have opposed the creation of an EU army that would have powers outside the UN and EU member countries.

Eurosceptic (someone opposed to the EU) and former UK Independence Party (Ukip) leader Nigel Farage spoke out in early September 2018 after the third battalion parachute regiment arrived in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of an EUFOR (European Union Force) training exercise.

Faragan, speaking on his LBC (“Leading Britain’s Conversation”) show, Farage reminded listeners that the main reason he campaigned for Brexit in the June 2016 Referendum “was to prevent the UK from joining a potential European Union army.”

The pro-Brexit politician said that Nick Clegg – leader of the Liberal Democrats (2007–15) and deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom (2010–15) – laughed in 2014 when Farage claimed that “the Brussels bloc was working on the creation of a European army.” The former DPM told Farage his idea was “all a dangerous fantasy.”

Farage challenged Clegg’s dismissive denial of a unified European army when the regimental parachutists arrived for training wearing EU insignia. He produced the proof that his visions were not mere imaginings:

“And on their arms, they have been put on European Union flags.”

British MEP Gerard Batten has called on ex-EU Britons to “boycott” the EU army. He said, in opposition:

“Our ancestors, the heroes of The Armada, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Passchendaele, El-Alamein, and others too numerous to mention, did not fight so that their descendants could serve under the flag of a foreign power.”

In June 2017, the European Commission poured 5 billion euro into the new European Defense Fund, intended to aid member states’ defense research and help EU countries procure military equipment.

In late 2017, 25 EII bloc member states “signed a joint declaration calling upon the European Council to adopt a decision establishing a Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) on defense. This would allow Europe both to increase the volume of investments on military technology and step up the level of coordination in this area within Europe.”

Sputnik News reported that after “25 bloc members signed a defense pact, a smaller circle of EU members are going to take formal steps to create the European Intervention Initiative (EII). This force is designed for responding to natural disasters, crisis intervention or the evacuation of Europeans.”

In September 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron officially proposed creating the EII military intervention force (army) for rapid deployment in the event of a crisis. It would be separate from other EU defense cooperation programs – but Britain could still join in (as if they would).

The EII counts among its members France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain, and Portugal.

Britain, Denmark, and Malta all refused to sign the agreement and back a unified EU military defense initiative.

In late August 2018, Macron urged the EU to take charge of its own defense instead of relying on foreign powers, notably the United States. Macron called for reinforcing defensive alliances with Russia as he lamented the fact that neither China nor the U.S. regards the EU as an “independent” world power.

The French president is now making the case that U.S. security is unreliable and an EU army is the final solution to their inflammatory immigrant Muslim problem.

“It’s up to us to meet our responsibilities and guarantee our own security, and therefore European sovereignty,” Macron told French ambassadors in Paris.

Defense cooperation would include all EU states and Russia. But there’s a catch: in order to join the new EU army, Moscow must end the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine, which Russia controls. We’re not holding our breath on that happening.

Presuming that the French leader speaks for all the other pro-EU countries, he listed the goals and expectations they all share in forming a new EU army:

“This reinforced solidarity will imply a revision of the European architecture of defense and security: by initiating a renewed dialogue on cybersecurity, chemical weapons, conventional weaponry, territorial conflicts, space security, the protection of polar zones, in particular with Russia.”

Macron envisions objective cooperation before EU countries with almost automatic reinforcement to achieve “a real solidarity of intervention if one state came under attack.”

Macron already knows which existing laws can be repurposed to the task of adding a pan-European army to a pan-European currency.

Watching from the other side of the Big Pond, one has to wonder if the real purpose behind a standing army in Europe under EU control is to repel all borders, as some analysts have suggested – or could the opposite be the case? Will pro-Muslim Germany and France use their new armed forces, funded by the EU, to oust their own residents, replacing them with foreigners?

We are watching history in the making as Europe chooses up sides for and against the Muslim migration or invasion – depending on your point of view. What are the globalists up to?

  1. Post Author

    In the long run the europian united army could be used to force unaligned country to join. Kind of like the nazi Wehrmacht was doing when hitler was preparing to invade England. What would they do if Russia and China attacked? Or attacked Israel? Read the book of Revalation. Beware!

  2. Post Author

    If they’re globalists, I suspect there’s backing by George Soros. who is either blindingly stupid or totally evil, probably a combination of both.

  3. Post Author

    Go to: and see Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed to ties for Big Pharma abortion pill maker….effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits. Must see and read. Thank you.

  4. Post Author

    I think it’s pretty clear that the agenda of the globalists is World Domination. Granted a military force is needed to deal with the muslim invasion however it could be handled as in previous wars by a country under particular attack calling in Allied military reinforcements.

  5. Post Author

    For example Soros is out to destroy every country that help defeated Germany. He has already help countries to rewrite immigration laws in most of Europe, Canada and if it was not for Trump winning the US election the US would be a lot further along. Soros is still backing the lefts attract against the right. Soros is paying protesters. Soros was in bed with Hillary and Obama. Please look at the facts. Soros was a Nazis solider. He is completing Hitlers final solution. with the help of Muslims. Please read the stories about Soros

  6. Post Author

    The European Marxists envisioned the lead-up to WWI as their dreamed of unification of the workers of the world–they would choose their social class rather than their national identities and throw off the chains of capitalism.

    These Utopian sophists have hated the traditional structures of family, religion, national heritage, even gender and social classes as standing in the way of their vision of peace and prosperity for the masses.

    Rather than admit they might have made errors in their assumptions, these glorified social scientists and like minded academicians realized that the process would have to begin in the schools. The earlier uncritical children could be taken from their (evil) families, the better the advancement of socialism would proceed.

    It has proceeded to the point that the indoctrinated, now themselves in their second and third generation of promoting Marxism, hold forth in politics, media, entertainment, education, and espouse doing away with borders, and favor illegal immigration, diversity, gender “choice” over nature, political correctness, the state over private ownership, and of course embrace CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. Global change is another of their favorites as they can depend on their “scientists” to fabricate data to support their “interpretation” of natural phenomena.

    The idea of a UN supranational military forces with a disarmed populace is another of their goals. Think about it! Would you feel as conflicted policing a neighbor or a complete stranger! Of course, it helps if they cannot shoot back.

    The idea of “world peace” is another Utopian vision which goes along with “eradicating poverty” and combating climate phenomena. It gives them a “cause” that sounds desirable but allows them free reign to impose taxes and laws to gain further CONTROL, CONTROL over the populace, with absolutely NO CHANCE of ever having to admit their goals have been achieved.

    Think of the state’s record on implementing “desirable goals”–Utopian communities–FAIL–replacing family with state “welfare” (Think Chicago for one)–FAIL!! Eradicating classes in favor of a single class–(Think Cambodian genocide)–FAIL–Removing achievement standards and destroying community schools in favor of “diversity”–FAIL.

    Beware, they will NEVER admit failure–they are delusional and dysfunctional in every sense–welcome to the lunacy of the Left!

  7. Post Author

    Soros was NOT a Nazi “soldier”. He was however, a Nazi collaborator.

  8. Post Author

    Some good comments here and yes, it looks like Soros has Hitler’s agenda. One guy ranting here is a bit over but he is right too.

  9. Post Author

    The fact that this EU force needed to repress the ethnic Europeans coming into fruition shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    This plan was initiated in the early 90’s after the fall of the Soviet Union and the dismantling of the European military forces. France and Germany began investigating forming a joint French/German military Combat Brigade which I believe was never meant to be permenent because the politics werent right yet. Later, after British navy removed their Aircraft Carriers from service, they began discussions with France on sharing the 2 new super carriers they were building for cost savings (of course).
    And dont forget that Obama himself wanted an identical force to repress Americans. He wanted an internal security force that was as large and as well equipped as the regular armed forces. Sounds like the old Soviet Union doesnt it.

  10. Post Author

    Anyone who reads their book of Revelation knew all of this 30 or more years ago. It’s as plain as the ink on the page. Hoping this is going to go away is a panacea. You need to get yourselves right with Jesus Christ, because His is the only kingdom that will be the ultimate superpower after He puts the earth’s kingdoms under His feet. He won’t be coming as the meek lamb when He returns, He’ll be coming as the Lion of Judah with His army of angels.

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