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Astronaut’s Treasure Map Leads to UFO!

Record-setting astronaut Gordon “call me Gordo” Cooper (1927-2004) led a remarkable life and said some remarkable things, particularly about Unidentified Flying Objects and the “beings” who used them.

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One particularly famous quote made by Cooper regarding the federal UFO coverup is this:

“In my opinion, I think they were worried that it would panic the public if they knew that someone had vehicles that had this kind of performance … so they started telling lies about it. And then I think they had to cover another lie, you know, tell another lie to cover their first lie, now they don’t know how to get out of it. Now it’s going to be so embarrassing to admit that all these administrations have told a lot of untruths…. [and that] there are a number of extraterrestrial vehicles out there cruising around.”

You may well be asking yourself how did Gordo Cooper become a believer in UFOs and ETs?

Inspired by his Air Force father, Cooper enlisted first in the U.S. Marine Corps and then the Air Force. He was a Flight Commander and Aerospace Engineer before assignment to Edwards Air Force Base in California as a test pilot.

In 1958, Cooper was working as a project manager at Edwards AFB testing an aircraft precision landing system with a film crew on the edge of a dry lake bed. During filming, Cooper reported, “a small saucer flew overhead, put down some landing gear, and landed out on the dry lake bed only about 50 yards out.”

From Edward AFB, Cooper was tapped to join the Mercury Space Program. He was one of the famously heroic Mercury Seven astronauts, seven men tasked with exploring the limits of space travel for the benefit of humankind.

May 15, 1963, was a historic day in U.S. history. From his seat in the Mercury 9 Faith 7 capsule, Cooper rocketed into space and orbited the Earth 22 times, setting the still-unbroken record for the longest single-man space flight. His was the largest ticker tape parade in U.S. history. President Kennedy honored the American hero with an invitation to the White House.

Cooper then set another record: he became the first astronaut to complete two orbital flights in 1965 when he functioned as the Command Pilot on an eight-day endurance flight of Gemini 5.

Cooper retired from NASA in 1970. Well before then – not long after the Mercury 9 touched down, Cooper began to research old shipwrecks that might be the off-shore shapes he had seen from space. He made lists of wreck sites, names of lost ships, dates, and places, matching them to his orbital observations. Then Cooper did something truly astonishing: nothing. He did not share his secret with anyone else – until decades later.

Cooper did team up with treasure hunter Kip Wagner and his shipwreck salvage company The Real Eight Corporation. By the end 1964, Wagner estimated that more than $3 million worth of gold and other valuables had been recovered from a 1715 sunken shipwreck.

Roger Miklos was one of the first U.S. celebrity treasure hunters. He met Cooper as a fellow guest on “The Merv Griffin Show” episode which aired March 27, 1978. Roger introduced his son Darrell to Cooper at that time, and thus began a long association between all three fellow treasure hunters. When Darrell was in his 30’s, he and Gordo shared an office together.

Forty years had passed since Cooper had mapped possible historical shipwrecks from his orbital sightings. The astronaut was finally ready to confide in a fellow treasure hunter an astonishing fact:

During the Mercury 9 orbits, Cooper noticed anomalous, unnatural shapes underwater from space. He realized these were almost certainly sunken ships, many of which were transporting gold and other precious goods from California or other American ports to Europe. Cooper realized that he had 22 opportunities to write down the map coordinates for each submerged shape, and did so.

Darrell Miklos received all of Gordo Cooper’s treasure maps after the astronaut’s death in 2004. Father and son Miklos continued Cooper’s search for sunken treasure. They have made an astonishing discovery. While looking for wreckage from an expedition led by Sir Francis Drake, the treasure hunters found a UFO in the Bahamas – in the Bermuda Triangle!

Actually, the historical shipwreck recovery team found a strange corral-clad formation in shallow waters. Miklos said the shape was unlike anything he had ever seen before in his decades of shipwreck salvaging. The object was much too big to be the remains of a cargo ship carrying freight along the eastern Atlantic Coast of the United States.

The object appeared to be neither natural nor human-made, which is very odd. Other smaller objects surround the big one. Miklos, host of the Discovery Channel show “Cooper’s Treasure,” said:

“There were five arms coming out of a steep cliff with identical formations in three different areas. They don’t look nature-made. They don’t look man-made…This doesn’t match or look like anything we’ve ever seen.”

Each of the five arms is the size of the gun on a battleship.

The clincher is that Miklos re-examined Cooper’s map of that area and found that this area was labeled “unidentified object.”

Will we ever get to see what lurks beneath the coral cladding in the Bermuda Triangle? Or will the U.S. government hush up the truth? Only time will tell.

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    Indeed that area of the Atlantic seems to be filled with unexplained submerged artifacts. With the wonderful tool Google earth I have uncovered several unexplained structures undersea. I would be happy to share this data if I can find someone or a group that is capable of exploring them first hand.

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    I’m a believer.

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    Wow!! Very interesting!

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    Seems like further investigating needs to be done on these unknown wrecks of what we do not know.

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