Dem Leaders Will Say Anything For Votes


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The midterms are coming! The midterms are coming!

Yes, the fall elections will be here before you know it. As Republicans enjoy the rising stock market and President Donald Trump’s commitment to making good on his 2016 campaign promises, the desperate Democrats are sinking to new lows as they realize just how unpopular they are with sensible people.

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As many readers may well recall, the outspoken left-winger Maxine Waters told her constituents at a Capitol Hill “Keep Families Together” rally on Saturday, June 25, 2018, to “push back” against Washington Cabinet members when in public places:

“In a department store, at a gasoline station… tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!”

Three months later, on September 19, 2018, Democrat and business manager for the Steamfitters Local 439 union Charles “Totsie” Bailey told a crowd of supporters at a Caseyville, Illinois, gubernatorial rally to play by “East St. Louis rules” and to “vote early, vote often.”

Caseyville and East Saint Louis lie just east of the Mississippi River and the St. Louis, Missouri city limit. Bailey was, no doubt, joking – or was he? “Whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care.”

Bailey effectively summed up the Democratic position for the upcoming vote: they don’t care what they say or do in order to win at any cost. This strategy was perfected by Hillary Clinton under the tutelage of former president Barack Obama. Tell lies and sell votes to ensure victory.

Except that this ploy isn’t working anymore. What the Democrats don’t seem to understand is that the rest of us still have ethical standards to live by. That’s why Trump is in the White House instead of Jailery Clinton.

Republican Paul Evans is an attorney in O’Fallon, Missouri (north metro St. Louis) who has been tracking local voter fraud for six years.

Evans found an instance where a voter registration card was sent to a property owner in Cahokia named Kymmondre D. Mitchell. But the real owner of the property claims this person never lived there. The lawyer expressed his concerns:

“My frustration is that when we try and bring this to the attention of persons in authority – there is a lack of interest. I am told to contact the voter fraud hotline. Nothing ever happens.”

Belleville attorney Laninya Cason is running for circuit judge in St. Claire County, Illinois. She believes that Bailey’s actions and words were racially motivated. He felt “really comfortable” telling people to cast more than one ballot because she “didn’t see any Black people there.”

Travis Sterling spoke out for the Illinois Republican Party against the unethical Democratic agenda:

“This is yet another example of the corrupt and unethical behavior celebrated within the Illinois Democratic Party…Voter fraud is nothing to joke about.”

We couldn’t agree more.

U.S. voters are seeing red – so to speak. On September 18, 2018, GOP Texan Pete Flores triumphed over Democrat Pete Gallego in the District 19 special election runoff. This was the first time the Texas Senate seat has been passed to a Republican since 1879.

It just so happens that District 19 in Texas shares a 400-mile border with Mexico. Perhaps those voters had enough trouble from illegal immigrants to establish a new regime there?

Or could Flores’ upsetting victory be due to the fact that the Senate seat’s former occupant Carlos Uresti resigned after a federal judge in San Antonio convicted the dishonest Democrat of 11 felony counts related to a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors?

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Or perhaps Flores and other Republicans are winning over minority voters since “Hispanic unemployment rates have fallen to their lowest in history,” according to the banned-from-social-media Infowars?

Whatever the exact reason, it is obvious the Democrats are stooping to new lows as they abandon the last shreds of human dignity. In Charlottesville, Virginia, a group dedicated to bashing Republicans for higher health insurance rates seem to have forgotten that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the brainchild of Barack Obama – who repeatedly promised that every American would be able to keep their current plan. What a whopper of a lie that was.

NBC News cited a Kaiser Family Foundation report on 19% to 30% premium increases from insurers in Maryland, New York, and Washington and called it “an October ‘surprise’ that everyone sees coming, including Democrats trying to take back the House and Senate.”

How can anyone expect the political party that created the nightmare of socialist “affordable health care” to fix the problem?

Apparently, no one does. And that explains why unruly Democrats are telling their constituents to break laws, say anything, and do whatever it takes to regain some administrative power.

As for the nutty notion many Democratic leaders are pushing to oust The Donald from the Oval Office, Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin said:

“I know all of the questions of impeachment are fascinating to the media, but we’re working full-time just to try to put the Democrats back on the scoreboard of national politics.”

Another unnamed Democrat explained why the oust is out:

“The voters don’t want to talk about impeachment right now…You don’t want to poke the bear in a way that he’s able to come back even stronger.”

Republicans like being the bear. It’s much better than being the stick – or the person holding it.

Is there a red tide turning in the United States?

The next 43 days, before the midterm elections, should prove very interesting indeed as the reckless Donkeys attempt to level a playing field already being trampled flat by rampaging Elephants.

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    That’s because ALL OF THE DEMS
    ARE C R O O K S

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    We remember the “GOOD OLD DAYS”, when women were pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter.

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    Democrats not only say anything for votes, they will do anything to achieve their agenda including lying, stealing, cheating, whatever. That includes smearing an opponent with blatant lies, and we’re seeing it today.

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    The moto in Illinois is VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN. Racially motivated bull s**t dead people vote. I’ve even been able to vote twice and when I found out I made it known. This is how the left has had control over the people of Illinois. Big issue Madigan needs to pass away

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