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Lindsey Graham’s Angry Smack-Down Stuns Colleagues

Like a bolt-of-lightning out of the heavens, Senator Lindsey Graham unleashed his pent-up frustration directly on his Senate colleagues across the aisle. His emotional unscripted tirade captured the essence of what most American’s viewing this shameless exhibition were feeling.

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Graham was visibly angry at witnessing the crucifixion of Judge Kavanaugh by a smug gang of progressive Democrats and unleashed a blistering attack:

“This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics. And if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to this guy.”

The Senator then referenced the 11th-hour hit-job by someone apparently on the staff of Senator Feinstein, who leaked the confidential letter, and the shameful way they treated Professor Ford.  “You had no intention of protecting Dr. Ford, none.”

His eyes blazing brimming with emotion, the irate South Carolina Senator continued, “Boy, Y’all want power and I hope you don’t get it.”

He then turned to Judge Kavanaugh who sat quietly, listening to Graham excoriate the shell-shocked Democrats, and apologized for the outrageous way he was being mistreated. He referenced the low-ball attack on Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook and the comments about drinking beer as a youth.

“If you’re looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time,” Graham said. “This is hell.”

Graham then turned his attention to his Republican colleagues, looking directly at the few uncommitted he urged them to vote for Kavanaugh, warning them that if they didn’t, they would be complicit in legitimizing this character assassination.

“To my Republican colleagues, if you vote no, you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics,” he said. He added that the judge has nothing to apologize for.

And within that extraordinary and brief 5-minute moment, America suddenly snapped back to our core principles embedded within our Founding Documents the “presumption of innocence” afforded to us all.

The immediate response from the White House came from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders who tweeted her support for Graham’s words.

“Lindsey Graham has more decency and courage than every Democrat member of the committee combined. God bless him.”

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) September 27, 2018

However, not everyone was happy about Senator Graham speaking out. Someone within the resistance movement, lurking deep within the bowels of government bureaucracy, decided to publicly reveal the personal information of Senator Graham and other GOP lawmakers on the  Senate Judiciary Committee.

The culprit apparently working from a House of Representative’s office, leaked the phone numbers, personal email addresses, and home addresses of Republican Sens. Mike Lee (Utah), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), and Orin Hatch (Utah).

According to a congressional reporter for Politico, the edits were made shortly after Graham’s fiery speech.

“It’s shocking that someone would post Senator Hatch and other Judiciary Committee Republican’s home addresses online, putting their families at risk,” Hatch’s spokesman, Matt Whitlock, told the Washington Post. “That it happened as they were asking questions in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing is just another indication of how broken this process has become.”

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    When the week is over the Dems will have two more “allegations “ and need four more weeks. Then why that is up six more “allegations “ and the need for more time. Last night a Dem came out and stated withdraw the nomination and commence the charade all over again.

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    Thank you Senator Graham for speaking the mind of millions of Americans. You were spot on! Judge Kavanaugh was framed by the far left and Professor Ford was used by the Democrats to prevent his confirmation. She should be ashamed of herself! She has no case. Moreover, the swamp must be drained of traitors and far left progressive Democrats who are trying their best to turn this into a Communist country. We need to stay the course our Founding Father’s set forth because that’s what made America the great country it is. Communism should be feared not embraced. Liberal professors need to stop indoctrinating our youth! The American people will revolt at the voting booth as they had when they elected President Trump. Speaking of which, I know he’s not the best orator but he’s a good man who’s heart is in the right place and he never gets credit for what’s he’s done and Americans know it. Former Pres Barack Obama and Michelle, should be ashamed of themselves for speaking out against a sitting president. No other President in history has done that. Obama did nothing for America except cause more racial divide and civil unrest. He never put America first Here and abroad. His foreign policies were non-existent. Anyone who associated with the Illuminati and the likes of George Soros need to be annihilated. Keep up the good work Senator Graham!

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    This is so sad that the democrats care more about their power over the USA than truth, honesty and the safety of our people in office.

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    This is absolutely horrible the way Senator Lindsey Graham conducted himself at the hearing. For a supposedly educated man who is working for the people he showed no class at all and should retire, he has had the job long enough.

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    Senator Graham – I was so happy that you finally spoke up. This proceeding was a disgrace and made a mockery of the Senate Judicial System. To say that I’m proud of you is an understatement. Wish some of the other Senators would stand up to the Dems

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    I am highly praised senator Lindsey Graham for his speech yesterday, and blame democrats for their horrible behavior toward Bret Kavanagh and also brought attention to all American people toward such unethical and unfair process to nominate Bret Kavanagh to Supreme Court
    Lindsey Graham is the most honest and fair voice in whole Senate
    Thank you mr. Graham

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    wow!!! I loved Mr. Graham’s speech. More Republicans should tell it like it is and not be bullied by the ass-holes on the far left. I just can’t believe there is that many stupid people in this country that stands with the Democrats after all that happened while Obama and his cronies were in office. And to think the idiots would ever want the people they tried to get elected is shameful…what is this country coming to…If Mr. Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the Court, our Republican party will suffer from now on. Mr. Graham, YOU go get ’em. I can’t wait to hear YOU again. And if I were in Mr. Kavanaugh’s place, on trial for everything he has worked his whole life for, the People would never forget what I would say or do for being accused of rape when being innocent. I thought he should have really went off on them…..Thank You

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    MR. Graham, Brovo !!!!! To you. Our form of government is so broken it is almost unrecognizable. The house of reps has not made a law or even tried in many years, the senate is just as guilty. That is why the people have elected a non politician and may continue to do so. I believe that most people who run for office do so with the best of intentions, but some where along the line Washington’s power and greed. Corrupts them. It is past time to drain the swamp!!!
    It is a pleasure to read your comments. Please keep it up. Maybe some others will follow your leadership.
    If all people’s representative’s would remember why they are there for the people, not to get rich or for personal power but to represent those at home, maybe our country could be what it was meant to be again.

    RESPECTFULLY, Ken Sweeney, veteran and american first

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    Americans have lost their way. This is what you get for taking the Almighty God out of your system.
    Senator Graham said what all Americans and the world was and is thinking. God bless him for his boldness.
    The Democrats are an evil corrupted group of Nephelims. The staged attack in the elevator on Jeff Flake is just another one of their transparent and evil act. As scripture accurately states, Satan is here to steal, kill and destroy, exactly the mandate of all Democrats. God save your souls.

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    I’m sick and tired of all this bs that’s going on. I remember a time when everyone worked together. This bunch we have now needs to be voted out of office. We need new blood in Washington.

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    Lindsey Graham was FABULOUS…..saying exactly what every true American wanted to say! God bless him! And how low can those sewer-sucking Dems go to release personal info? God will repay their deeds!!

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    Lindsey Graham was not wrong. This is how a lot of Americans fell about politicians in general. I can’t be leave that we have a party that would stoop to the low of first of all not following what could have been avoiding embarrassment to Dr Ford. When Kavanaugh said that this is a CIRCUS he was not wrong. The Democratic party has become the worse group of people in this country. They will destroy anyone who gets in there way. Reminds me of what Hitler did to get a demand power. This is not politics it’s a Civil war that they brought on. I votes Democratic my entire life. Now I would not Vote for any Democrat even if the world depended on it.

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    There were so many more deeper detailed questions that could have been asked of Dr. Ford, by both party’s. Neither party did their homework for preparation for both of their testimonies. These deeper questions would have revealed the liar Dr. Ford is. Those watching and listening all had gut feelings that already revealed she’s a liar and stumbled thru the questioning. Even her voice and appearance told us a lot. What an actress!! The Dems did better questioning than the GOPs, however. The Dems definitely wanted to protect their ‘plant’. If I could, I’d vote for Kavanaugh. Thankfully, the GOP have Lindsey Graham!!!! Thank you, Senator Graham for your outspoken truths!

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    Wow how righteous the Democrats are then how come the Clintons are not in jail . Here’s another one for the progressives hypocrisy if your 17 or 16 and commit a felony you now go to family court cause you really don’t know your doing something wrong it’s just a mistake. But a 13 year old boy looks in the mirror and says I feel like a girl he can go to trans gender camp why cause he knows what he talking about cause it’s his body but the 17 year felon doesn’t know what he’s doing are you people lost your minds somewhere has there been a resurgence of physcheldic drug use . Pedhopiles are depraved what’s not depraved about cutting your body apart cause you think your a different sex what about the guy who thinks he’s an alien it’s the way he feels inside do we cut him apart and fix him too or do we try to fix his mind .

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    If we are going to use issues that have happen from our youth, them let’s start the practice on every senator! We have lost our mind. Continue to drain the swamp! And last but not least, I don’t care about the # Me Too movement! Let’s get back to the high cost of healthcare! I don’t care what happen 30 + years ago!! It’s all political!!

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    This whole prosses is a sham flake living up to his name and the rest of the rhinos can all go to hell as far as im conserned because thats exacrly where their trying to take this country. As much as i disagree with waiting another week i cant second guess our president he hasnt let us down yet.

  18. Post Author

    We need more men and I mean men that are as brave as Mr Graham that’s not afraid to stand up for what is right. Who gives a crap what any one did or didn’t do 30 years ago, your not in high school anymore so get overself and stop living in the past and Ms Ford get on with your life. Your not even certain about most of what happened why are you so he’ll bent to try to ruin this mans home and livelihood I think you should be driven out on the rails as they say.

  19. Post Author

    Lindsey Graham deserves a medal for what he said and for those low-life’s that leaked personal information about his and other Senators families, they should be held accountable!! How about an FBI investigation to find out who was responsible for THESE ACTIONS???

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  21. Post Author

    Have Judge Kavanaugh take a polygraph! Ford did and proved she was telling the truth. Then decide how to vote. Remember a polygraph is admissible because it’s not a courtroom!

  22. Post Author

    It was probably a Democratic member of the HoR. I am a former Democrat and ashamed of the Democratic party.
    I will never ever vote for a Democrat again even if they seem reasonable. The Dem’s absolutely can not be trusted. To intentionally put family lives at risk is horrific.

  23. Post Author

    God Bless Senator Graham!!

  24. Post Author

    I personally think that you can look no farther than the California delegation probably a sidekick of Adam Schiff

  25. Post Author

    Expect nothing less of these OLD and Despicable Democrats. If they think they are out of the woods by these acts, thet have no idea what is waiting for them….They are the SCUM of the earth, especially that dimesia ridden Feinstein.

  26. Post Author

    When a person or persons start giving false or untrue responses where do we go as basically truthful citizens? What now is the bottom line or measuring stick? This for the most part was considered” the law “or those written and unwritten common courtesies that men and women honored and held accountable What now my fellow Americans ? We should be worried
    my friends……..

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    Amen! I agree wholeheartedly with Senator Graham. He said exactly what we thought. I appreciate his standing up for what’s right and condemning what’s wrong with people who hate. We pray about this every day. Hate has turned normal people into inhuman monsters. Do these people ever pray – ask God to guide them in their decision making? He is the one who’s in charge, not them. Blessings on Judge Kavanaugh and his family. God will bless you for being the target of hate-mongers, and He will take care of them, too.

  28. Post Author

    I think Graham did a major disservice to our country & the very committee on which he served! I have noticed a different attitude & disposition since he has been spending more time with Trump. He must want to be appointed to a new position by a trump…maybe replace Sessions? He was very different when he spent more time with McCain. If he did not want a “sham” then he would have suggested a full
    investigation of Kavanaugh & Ford’s accusations.

  29. Post Author

    I think Graham did a major disservice to our country & the very committee on which he serves. I have noticed a different attitude & disposition since he has been spending more time with Trump. He must want to be appointed to a new position by a trump…maybe replace Sessions? He was very different when he spent more time with McCain. If he did not want a “sham” then he would have suggested a full
    investigation of Kavanaugh & Ford’s accusations.

  30. Post Author

    Does not surprise most Americans, the democrats have lowered themselves below whale doodoo. I am shocked that politicians care so much about their positions that they would sink to the depths of degradation just for power. Obama, Soros. Pelosi the Clintons ,Maxine waters, Professor ford. So Sad! none of which has ever worked a day in their life to support a family. They all have lived their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the tax paying citizens of this country. God will punish them in His on Way.

  31. Post Author

    You wouldn’t now how a women feels when she is violated. I guess you should go out in the real world and find out. Start with Anita Hill, then go on to ask all the woman who have been violated by your boy Trump! Shame on you.

  32. Post Author

    There are two truths here….no one will really know actually happened except
    the two people who is really telling, honestly, what really happened or are
    they just putting little pieced of memories together…Only they and God know what happened…it happened over 30 years ago..let it go….she didn’t report it then now all
    of a sudden she wants the world to know something that may not have happened at all..I remember something that happened to me when I was 13…it was the start of sexual abuse by a older man who I regarded as a father figure as I didn’t have a father in my life…I never told anyone until I was in my 30’s…it never went anywhere because I knew what he was trying to do was wrong.. In retrospect I think I should have told my foster Mom at the time. I did when I was all grown up. He was out of the picture by then as he had died…actually she wasn’t surprised as over the years they were dating, never lived together, she wondered why I became so distant to him. I hope she will be
    able to put this all behind her and I pray he and his family will stay together and have a very strong happy family without any doubts. As for the accuser I hope she will get some counseling without and with her family…My prayer s are with them as they are with the Kavanaugh family…Blessings to all of them

  33. Post Author

    Frankly I was appalled by Senator Graham’s outburst. It was one of the most unprofessional performances. His words were full of anger but his face displayed such hate. I had to wonder if he was ‘protesting too much’. I’m sure he didn’t realized he was showing that side of his personality. Shame on him. If this is Republican leadership no wonder the party is in trouble this election.

  34. Post Author

    Mr. graham related what America’s John Q. Public is thinking. This whole senairo has been a way for the left wing of our government to show how low they will go to abolish or destroy anything or anyone to permote their ideas. This was politics at its worst. IHopefully the American public will remember this when they go to vote in November.i have been a Democrat until recently ;but can no longer claim their outlandish socialist ideas.

  35. Post Author

    Senator Graham spoke with wisdom God bless you

  36. Post Author

    I agree with Sen Graham
    Absolutely correct.

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    Ii am very glad Lindsey Graham had/has the courage to support Brett Kavanaugh. The creep who leaked the “news” should be fired and never be trusted again! I pray to God Judge Kavanugh is honored by getting on the bench and serving many years. He and his family are always in my thoughts. I hope all are strong to weather this terrible partion of their lives.

  39. Post Author

    I watched the atrocity of the character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh on television. This was a mockery of justice, no facts, no witnesses, just the sham of “oh, you poor brave woman”. This poor woman (a democrat) who has enough mind set to do multiple research papers on an abortion pill for the company she works for (how coincidental). This was a travesty and shows the depth of the swamp in D.C. I am deeply concerned for the course the government is taking, dragging us down the road to socialism. We need to totally “clean house” in Washington. VOTE !!!!!!!

  40. Post Author

    Thank you Senator Graham For having the courage an conviction to tell it like it is. This country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the comucats in office and the people trying to destroy this country. I am a 73 year old vet and I will fight tooth and nail for my freedom. If the deep state and the democrats don’t like this country then get the hell out . I am a Republication and I will die a Republication . I also voted for our President and I am Proud of it and I think He and the Republication Party have done a great job despite the communist Democrats.

  41. Post Author

    Mr. Graham was on point. Those are the sentiments of the patriotic Americans.

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    You treat people with no respect and you are worried about your addresses and phone numbers sent to the country, what are afraid of, when the people of the US cant stand by liars hiding behind there conservative views. They become very rich and selling their reputation and helping the rich and making the poor pay for there disloyalty. Gop you will pay for this disloyalty to the people on our next elections.

  43. Post Author

    Why should we worry about the truth, our president doesn’t.

  44. Post Author

    My husband and I are from west Tennessee and I beg our Senator to vote for Judge Kavanaugh. I was so proud to hear Lindsey Graham stand up and support judge Kavanaugh. I pray our President Trump will drain the swamp! Please vote for Judge Kavanaugh. Gail and Ron

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