#MeToo Movement Hijacked By Politicians, Lawyers and Radical Feminists


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Within the last two weeks, we’ve witnessed a multitude of decade’s old unsubstantiated allegations against the once unblemished character of Judge Kavanaugh including attempted rape, sexual assault, and harassment — not to mention his role in a sex ring.

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The frenzied uncontrollable pile-on against Judge Kavanaugh by Democrats, activists, and feminists has taken on the characteristics of a Shakespearean Tragedy, unmatched since the Dark Ages of the Inquisitions when tribunals proclaimed a defendant “guilty” within the court of public opinion.

However that “pound-of-flesh” attempt to keep Judge Kavanaugh from becoming “JUSTICE KAVANAUGH” may come at a steep price for those women who’ve been sexually assaulted and are no longer taken seriously. All of this thanks to unscrupulous politicians like Senator Feinstein who ironically claim to be a champion of women’s rights.

Rather than immediately submitting that letter to the chairman in July during the confirmation hearings, Feinstein put politics ahead of a woman’s anguish, releasing the letter publicly “after” the hearings ended, with the sole purpose of causing maximum damage to Kavanaugh’s unblemished character, and putting the alleged victim in a compromising position, by forcing her to go public.

Moreover, the “evidence” provided within the letter was non-existent, except for sketchy recollections over 35-years old, which quickly became the only proof needed to convict Kavanaugh by a horde of political and celebrity feminist activists embracing the  #MeToo Movement.

However not content with simply driving Kavanaugh off the nomination to the highest court with decades-old allegations, incomes sleazy low-life Attorney Michael Avenatti with a “sworn declaration” from a woman named Julie Swetnick who claimed the Supreme Court nominee was involved in “gang” rapes in the early 1980s.

Despite the fact that Judge Kavanaugh was the subject of 6-FBI background checks, worked for the Bush White House in 2003, and has served as a judge in the United States Court of Appeals since 2006.

Avenatti’s latest client is a woman that approximately 10 years ago retained the law firm of Katz, Marshall & Banks to represent her in dispute with her former employer, insurance company New York Life, over a sexual harassment complaint.

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Meanwhile, Politico reported that a former boyfriend of Swetnick had sought a restraining order against her in 2001. In an interview with the publication, Richard Vinneccy said that Swetnick had threatened him after they broke up and he married his current wife.

It gets even better; according to the Washington Post, the state of Maryland filed a lien against Swetnick’s property in 2015. The lien was for unpaid taxes which amounted to over $30,000, dating back to 2008.

Moreover, the lien according to court records had reached nearly $63,000 however it was satisfied in December 2016, although it was not clear by whom.

There was also another lien filed by the federal government in 2017 on Swetnick’s property to the tune of $40,000 in unpaid taxes from 2014, that tax lien was also satisfied in March of 2018, and once again, it wasn’t clear who paid off the lien.

This woman also claims on “Showtime” she was also raped (not by Judge Kavanaugh) at one these parties, however actually attended at least 10 more after the incident.

According to Fox News, Attorney Mike Davis, the chief counsel for Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley attempted to obtain a statement from Swetnick, however, Avenatti blocked their attempt, claiming the committee has “wasted days in your rush to confirm Brett Kavanaugh”

At the end of the day, the truth may simply never be revealed, too many years, and too few facts. However the shameless uncorroborated attacks against the character of this man by crooked politicians, unsavory lawyers and frenzied feminists, declaring his guilt without a single shred of actual evidence, will stand in stark contrast, to how Judge Kavanaugh conducted himself during this “Shakespearean Tragedy,” moreover perhaps how we now view the #MeToo Movement and their insane rush to judgment.

  1. Post Author

    This me too movement is dangerous. When the founders of this movement could care less of innocent people are convicted that is never a good thing. It amazes me that someone can make a claim with no proof and they are believed. It is also is amazing how liberals are given a free pass even when proof exists. Bunch of hypocrites. Keith Ellison and Bill Clinton are loved and idols to this movement. Hypocrites.

  2. Post Author

    Look I’m a female I’ve been harassed I took care of my own problems. I am tired of the #Metoo movement. These women are giving other females a bad name. Men is not going to want anything to do with women what they’re going to do now is going to have signed contracts by both parties regarding any relationships. I really feel sorry for the men.

  3. Post Author

    Liberals will lie to keep thier agenda alive

  4. Post Author

    It’s not even ironic that the crooked politicians, the unsavory lawyers, and the frenzied feminists are all Democrats. To vote for a Democrat is to vote for the total fall of the United States of America. Please don’t do it.

  5. Post Author

    Its the Leftists who captured #MeToo for own Gains & We lose,Thank the Leftists nationwide.VOTE RED.

  6. Post Author

    So if I rape a woman and leave no evidence then my ‘sterling’ character is fine regardless of this uncorroborated attack What a bunch of bs

  7. Post Author

    You are being naive. This is why the metro movement was started. It was fake from the beginning. The radical lunatics used a few well known scumbags to power their evil movement they will use to destroy everything they disagree with. Cannot get more evil.

  8. Post Author

    May The Lord be the judge

  9. Post Author

    As a woman with a husband, son, grandson, brother – all of whom are absolutely honorable hardworking people, I am ashamed and discussed with the “me too” movement and will NEVER give another moment of respect or recognition to it. It is a total farce and an embarrassment to all the women who have truly been raped or sexually asssulted.

  10. Post Author

    The world is full of corruption and deception. The main problem is people have become lovers of power and things, and use people to get them. We use to be a country where people loved people and used things… When GOD is slowly being abolished / abandon in this country. This country will no longer be blessed or exist… This was a country founded of the principals of GOD….

  11. Post Author

    The brown woman was complicit in the whole situation. When she saw liquor at the party she should have excused herself and gone home. She didn’t. When she saw the boys getting plastered and rowdy, she should have excused herself and gone home. She didn’t. I would bet she was smashed herself, along with everyone else at the party, which led entirely to the incident, if it really happened.

  12. Post Author

    I was raped when I was 15. The incident was settled then…not 30 years after. I think she is lying as I, even now (I am 64 years old) remember every fact about it. I also think every woman claiming to have something happen over 5 years ago just needs to let it drop. If they didn’t do something about it when it happened, then it wasn’t so traumatic as to cause them to suffer mentally for 30 or 40 years. These accusers need to grow up, put their big girl panties on, and just get on with their lives that have been just fine for over a decade

  13. Post Author

    If you do not know what a Communist court of law looks like you need not look any further then what the Socialist Progressive Liberal Democrat party is doing to Judge Mr K. These radicals are saying and doing just like they are paid to do, obstruct justice and defy a citizen of their rights under the constitution, all based on a political strategy ,
    assumptions and public prosecution. Everyone of these elected officials who do not believe in the presumption of innocence needs to be expelled from Congress for lying under oath of their office. They all swore to uphold the law and guard the Constitution, and not one of them have stood up for the Rights of Mr K. These Communist want only to rule this country, want proof, JUST ASK THEM.

  14. Post Author

    What is it about human greed and the forsaken effort of honesty that compels a human being to throw away integrity for the lust of power? When your days on this earth come to an end, the only thing that you will be remembered by is your integrity. Your reputation will rest on that.

  15. Post Author

    Please investigate the story about entering the grocery store through two doors. This is about her mother coroberating the trip to the store without having to lie about seeing Judge shying away from Ford. All a carefully coordinated set of premeditated lies. Hope the FBI catches on.

  16. Post Author

    I think that all of these cases and I do mean ALL the cases should be dealt with on a one by one case you can’t tell me that all of the men are guilty these cases all have come down much to hard and fast for any of them to be honest fair and true. Now as for Senator Feinstein, I haven’t trusted her or believed anything she has to say or what she will ever say or do since the case of The Night Sticker in California, that’s wh I’m from. I read a book kind of a bio on the case and Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Police Departments thought that they had similar cases and until they knew for sure they wouldn’t talk about it on the phone because they didn’t want anything to leak out and so they either went to San Francisco PD or came down to LAPD, but of course they need to keep their high officials in the loop as to what was going on and of course the higher up was none other than Senator Feinstein and what does she do but goes on television and says that the Police Departments believe that the cases have the same M.O. so with her doing that she not only jeopardized her city but she jeopardized the whole state of California. So in my opinion who is she to play judge & jury when she can’t be trusted to keep her own city and state safe, she should’ve been out of office along long time ago, and I vote against her every chance I get.

  17. Post Author

    Why isn’t anyone bringing up that in America a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. To try judge Kavanaugh in the public eye is worse than the damage he is accused of.
    The women who ever they are (if it happened ) has to live with the shame only within herself or people she told. Judge Kavanaugh and his entire family have to live with the shame of being convicted within the public eye even if he is not guilty of that which he is accused. Shameful In my opinion this should have been kept quiet until unrefutable evidence corroborated by a third party was presented. At this point it’s her word agains’t his With his reputation being permanently destroyed weather he is guilty or not

  18. Post Author

    I am not so sure. All these groups, lowlife groups, seem cut from the same cloth.

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