Angry Conservative Women Vow Retribution Come November


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The rallying cry (dubbed the “Kavanaugh effect”) began on social media during the brutal confirmation hearings of Judge Kavanaugh. Seething Conservatives felt they were witnessing an honorable and respected individual being maligned by a wolf-pack of “blood-thirsty” Democrats, bent on destroying him at all cost.

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The hearings lit a fire under Conservatives not seen since November 8th, 2016 when Donald Trump became the nation’s 45th President.

Soon lengthy email chains began snaking their way across the country, building a grassroots network of conservative woman vowing not only to defend Judge Kavanaugh’s name but to seek retribution come this November.

Local and state level leaders across the country say they’re ready to lash out against Democrats in the midterm elections.

The anecdotal evidence of perhaps a red-wave was referenced by a GOP pollster last week, during perhaps the most crucial moments of the hearings when Senator Lindsey Graham made his now famous defense of Judge Kavanaugh.

Pollster Glen Bolger referencing the growing trend tweeted out:

“Seeing a significant jump in GOP voter interest in the elections this week. The Dem intensity advantage is melting away. Two things:

  1. I figure it has to be Kavanaugh effect.
  2. Remains to be seen if it lasts.GOP campaigns should not assume their turnout concerns are done.”

— Glen Bolger (@posglen) September 28, 2018

With roughly a month before the Midterm, the “Kavanaugh effect” may indeed be the spark needed for both Republican and Independent voters to coalesce behind principled conservatives.

Moreover, according to yet another poll (this one conducted by the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll in July) Republicans had a 10-point deficit between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were “very important.”

However, that gap has been steadily closing with just 2-points separating the two parties, a statistical tie. Also, the Democratic advantage regarding which party’s candidate they are more likely to support has also been cut in half since last month.

The NPR/Marist survey also concluded, “It was, indeed, a Kavanaugh effect.  And though we’re still weeks away from the election, the needle has officially moved.  Will it last?  That remains to be seen.”

Another post from political journalist Jonathan Tamari tweets:

“Reporters are hearing similar things from local Republican officials who are experiencing this wave of intensity among GOP leaners who have, at least for the moment, been roused from a satisfaction-induced slumber.”

Adding, “A good PA source saw a similar trend in internal polling there.
Said Rs made significant gains in generic ballot since the Kavanaugh hearing.”

— Jonathan Tamari (@JonathanTamari) October 3, 2018

Obviously, no one knows what will happen from now to the Midterms, but there’s no doubt the Democrats just gave the Republicans the motivation they needed to come out in mass numbers this November.

  1. Post Author

    I stand with Judge Kavanaugh.

  2. Post Author

    I too am an “Angry Conservative Woman” who will be showing my anger at the polls in November! I would encourage all “angry conservatives”, women and men, to do the same. We saw a brief glimpse of what will happen, beginning in January 2019, IF the Democrats gain control of either chamber. I would also encourage all conservatives to be on the lookout for voter fraud. The ONLY way Democrats can, is if we become complacent and allow them to cheat. And they will try so we must all be on the lookout. Volunteer if you can, to work at a polling station. Report anything suspicious to the election officials in your area!

  3. Post Author

    I applaud and admire these young women for having enough common sense and courage to stand with Judge Kavanaugh in the face of vile and vicious opposition from the Leftist (not Liberal) Democrats such as Feinstein and Schumer and others.
    The basic principle of American jurisprudence is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the Leftist Democrats had succeeded in overturning that bedrock principle and destroying a good and decent man based on an accusation that could not be corroborated by any of the witnesses she said were there, then we would have taken a big step towards loss of freedom, tyranny and the rule of law. We must retain our respect of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

  4. Post Author

    We need to give 110% back to the dems. They blame us on so many things and it needs to stop. We need to have everyone investigated under the Obama administration. Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Emmanuel…need I go on. Let’s the shoe on the other foot. We need to win this game of Chess and show the them who the Queen is!

  5. Post Author

    Take down time, end the Blue Wave. Go Red Wave. Karma is a b****h.

  6. Post Author

    It’s about time we, the conservative women of this great country, let our voices be heard. The females out there wearing the pink pointy hats who scream at the top of their lungs about the injustices they’ve suffered and crucify good men without any evidence whatsoever, do not represent us. They don’t even do a good job of representing themselves. I, for one, will be going to the polls in November and I won’t be pulling the lever for anyone who feels that what the liberal progressives did to Judge Kavanaugh is acceptable.

  7. Post Author

    I hope this is all true. We conservatives have been to complacent, it is time we stand up and be counted. I am tired of being threatened by these liberal democrats and their corrupt policies that will destroy our country. STAND UP AND MAKE THE RED WAVE HAPPEN!

  8. Post Author

    I’m with you😇I stand with Brett …. and all my friends are right there with you…..
    Love our President Trump.

  9. Post Author

    Go Big Red! 🇺🇸💪👍👊🙏🇺🇸

  10. Post Author

    We Conservatives had better come out of the woodwork and vote RED, because Soros and Obama have been flooding millions and millions of dollars into the Democrats and Liberals running in the midterms. The commercials are running so often , we really can’t get a break ! They are brutal also ! Please get out and vote and vote red to keep your freedoms and the Republicans working for the Citizens!