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Hillary Demands More Incivility

There is a war being waged among the citizens of the United States and it isn’t pretty.

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People are being harassed for their personal choices and beliefs. Young children are learning how to become intolerant of others by watching their families shout hate at those who think differently.

We’re living in an ugly world and it’s not getting any better… at least not with the help of the Democrats who are creating new ways to point out the injustice in others who are merely following the beat to their own drum.

In the beginning, there was Hillary

Hillary hates Republicans and she doesn’t care who knows it.

Clinton made these bold statements of intolerance and aggression in a recent interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN. She discussed how she would continue to promote incivility for as long as it takes for Democrats to take over either the House or the Senate.

What a load of crap! Hillary could have used her position of power to promote peace and tolerance — lessening the divide so that people can come together and work these differences out. Rather than do this, however, Clinton further wedged a metal bar into the divide of American citizens by encouraging a lack of communication.

It’s almost as if she is intentionally adding to the division of all people for a purpose greater than she is sharing. Not attempting to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but hey…there it is.

The second coming brought us Tailor Swift…or so they want you to believe

She dances like a robot without oil, she sings about destroying her ex-boyfriends — and makes mega hits doing so. She can move mountains…well…she can at least move young people to get off their ass and register to vote (which is kinda like moving a mountain).

Her name is Taylor Swift and she recently did something that most have been unable to do: make millennials care about politics enough to do something about it. Swift made one comment on about her choice for election and the world went bananas! Young adults ages 18-24 grabbed their phones and registered only an hour after Swift made her comment and pushed for her audience to take action. That, my dear, is true power!

This is also a great scheme by the far left to use celebrities for political gain. Have you noticed that many people who are paid to sing, dance, or act are now speaking their mind about politics in an effort to sway people into the direction in which they want them to run?

Beyonce’ wore a shirt on stage that said “I’m with Her” during the 2016 presidential campaign and everyone listened…or rather, read…the demand in her decision to wear something promoting a political candidate. It’s enough to make anyone miss Michael Jackson and his glittery socks. Back when it was really about the art of music and the glam that came with it.

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Freedom ain’t really free

The notion that we all have individual freedom is only a dream! If you dare share your right-winged political views on social media, you can bet you will soon feel the heat.

Lovers are breaking up, parents aren’t talking to their children, and people are dragging their dogs and cats into this mess by making them wear clothing that says “I pee on your rights” nowadays! It’s most unfortunate because it can’t get any better with continual drama being played by liberals for the purpose of getting Americans to see things their way.

The only real solution here is for the American people to stop listening to politicians who have agendas, learn to control their desire to follow the personal politics of celebrities and to actually wake up and smell what’s cooking. The slumber must end if anyone hopes to regain control, and more importantly, regain respect from the very same politicians that we have the power to vote into office. It’s truly the only way.

  1. Post Author

    They want a WAR plain & simple, get bodybags, rakes & shovels for next coming protests, laser scopes, some kick butt Biker groups & heavy PD force?? Overload Mace & pepper spray X 20, Kick butt time, Take No prisoners.

    • Post Author

      Actually, I have “shown interest” in some of the radical communist “meetings”, at least that’s what they think. There security is pathetic, situational awareness nonexistent, and planning skills on par with going on a picnic. They are scared to death of the 2nd Amendment and wish to avoid confrontation with armed citizens. If you wish to minimize this menace, go to their “meetings” and take care of the problem there. After two or three ops the rest will drift back to whatever they were doing before and the MSM won’t have that scare tactic to use against us.

  2. Post Author

    what do you expect from people that think Hillary is some special she is a liar and thief .the Clintons have ruined our country and Obama just added twice as much debt .then we have ever had before .Clinton and obame should be locked up in prison they are the biggest criminals ..I say keep the illegals andDeport the DemocratsDemocrat party .God bless America

  3. Post Author

    How can Hitler-y demand anything? She is no longer anyone with legal power to do much,, other than keep on lying and causing chaos wherever she goes and whatever she says. HITLER-Y NEEDS TO SHUT UP AND STAY OUT OF THE PUBLIC’S FACES. SHE IS A NOBODY NOW AND WE ARE ALL SICK OF HER, INCLUDING MOST OF THE DEM’S.

  4. Post Author

    It’s up to the older wiser Americans that learned about the Constitution and civil rights and the sacrifices of our brave men and women who served in the wars that gave us the freedom that about 10 years ago we were still enjoying. We can’t leave the voting to the young people that don’t seem to have thoughts and ideas of their own and are easily swayed by celebrities. We cannot let the younger generations destroy what our past generations worked so hard to give us. These young kids now, have no idea what’s at stake here, they just don’t understand, because everything has come easy to them. There’s no appreciation for the sacrifices and the lives that were lost in defending our freedom. We cannot leave the fate of our great country in their hands. We just can’t.

  5. Post Author

    All that the Dems want is Civil War & Revolution, Rev to DC Taxes & Big Govt like Colonies to London taxes on Colonies in 1770s, We can &should be UN Civil like the Dems want, Honor the Dems request.
    Need body bags, rakes & shovels for future riots & protests, water cannons, snipers, & biker gangs.
    Blood will be spilled. OK Dems U want War, its coming & DONT Blame Our side for the War.

  6. Post Author

    Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, get over it, all the hate will put you in an early grave. #MAGA

  7. Post Author

    After the mass slaughters at Virginia Tech, Aurora, Tucson, Newtown, Oregon, and in California, every normal person knows we need to do something about institutionalizing the mentally ill, i.e., the criminally insane – but that has been made impossible by the ACLU lawsuits back in the 1970’s based on “human rights” of the insane. The insane are now left free to refuse being placed in asylums and to commit mass murders any time they feel like it. The insanity plea will then free them to do it again. Are Americans bent on self-destruction? What is keeping those devastated parents in Newtown from suing the ACLU? Say – for a billion dollars for each murdered child that the former legal organ of the Communist Party USA has directly caused by their lawsuits? Well – I know it’s a vain hope, what with the former ACLU General Counsel Ginsberg sitting on the Supreme Court, now supported by those two dedicated racist socialist nincompoops Kagan and Sotomayor, soon to be reinforced by Mullah B. Hussein Obama’s further appointments replacing those elderly and “reactionary” conservatives (like the murdered Justice Scalia). And I have yet to mention that racist communist our former AG Eric Holder who refused to prosecute his spiritual brothers the deadly Black Panthers. While working for that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton, Holder had obtained presidential pardon for the 19 Puerto Rican Marxist terrorists killers. Holder’s replacement is even worse – racist, communist, and ardent feminist to boot! Another insane killer murdered 4 more victims in Seattle on September 24, 2016.

  8. Post Author

    My theory is that leftist leadership WANTS as much civil disobedience and confrontation on the streets as they can get. They are hoping that a lot of leftists in jail will let them make the case to the UN against the US for political persecution, and all the lefties will push the UN to help toss our constitution in the process. IMO, we need to get out of the UN NOW and kick the UN out of the US. Marginalize the heck out of the UN since that is perceived as the “legitimate” and “global” way to further dis-empower democracies and to let the “elites” run things. After all, the only thing wrong with communism and socialism is that the “wrong” people have done it.

  9. Post Author

    Hillary is irrelevant and no longer newsworthy. Period.

  10. Post Author

    Why??? I am an an American! Regardless of my “ party” affiliation. Civility has always been very much “ US”. Did I not see her campaigning to become the next “ President of the United States”.? That’s SCARY!

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