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Will China’s Meddling in our Midterm Election Influence America’s Trade Policy?

It would appear we’ve been focusing on the wrong totalitarian regime when it comes to interference in our election process.

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Government Accountability President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, has just made a compelling case regarding China’s attempt to influence the outcome of November’s midterm elections.

Schweizer explained President Trump’s recent concerns regarding China’s attempted interference Monday with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Marlow began the interview by going directly to the heart of the issue asking Schweizer, “What about Trump’s claim that China is trying to meddle in the United States’ elections?”

“I think it’s absolutely accurate,” replied Schweizer. “All you have to do is look at very simple things that they’re doing. They’re taking out ads in newspapers that specifically talk about the President’s trade policies and how damaging they are, and they’re taking them out in districts or in media outlets that are specifically in congressional districts that are competitive.”

Adding, “China recognizes that there are huge costs here for them (in the 2018 midterms). Those stakes are just as high for the Chinese because they realize that the approach Trump is taking on trade policies represents a direct challenge to their business model.”

“Their business model is (wanting) an authoritarian, if not totalitarian, government at home, and (they) want high economic growth the keep the peace and expand (their) power. They get high economic growth by exporting large quantities of products to the United States and protecting their market from the equivalent in U.S. goods. If that possible gets disrupted, it fundamentally threatens the health and stability of the Chinese regime. We cannot underestimate that.”

Schweizer reminded Marlow how China began supporting then-President Bill Clinton’s reelection in 1996. In return for that support Bill Clinton and every other administration thereafter simply ignored China’s unfair trade practices, ignored their closed markets regarding America’s exports, ignored their currency manipulation, and perhaps the most egregious of all ignored China’s blatant theft of our intellectual properties.

That status quo continued with America losing 83-billion dollars to China in 2000, ballooning to a staggering 366 billion dollars in 2015, which amounted to a total of $3.6 trillion dollars in trade deficits, while America lost more than 5-million manufacturing jobs during that same period.

Here’s an example that we can all understand. Imagine every business day; American consumers buy $1 billion more in Chinese exports than American manufacturers sell to China. Now consider that China alone accounts for about 70% of America’s trade deficit in goods (excluding oil imports), that should give you some idea of how unfair our so-called trading partner has been for the last several decades.

Then comes President Trump on the political landscape, and China’s so-called “business model” projected out for the next 100 perhaps even 200 years, is suddenly in jeopardy.

Schweizer credits the President for using the power of the tariff and for breaking the political taboos on the international stage and emboldening government officials abroad to criticize China’s unfair global trade protectionist policies.

“There are countries around the world that want to stand up to the Chinese, but up until Trump became president, they were afraid to,” noted Schweizer. “Natural rivals [of China’s] who looked at the fact that China was aggressively expanding [and] pushing its agenda.”

Schweizer said both the Bush and Obama administrations were “essentially letting the Chinese do what they wanted to do” in Washington, DC.

That’s why China has embarked on an aggressive campaign targeting America’s midterm elections, hoping to defeat President Trump’s base of support among middle and rural America, using disinformation, phony internet ads, and even cyber warfare, in there attempt to influence the American voter.

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    USA makes the same thing… China is BIG… let’s hope India eat them slowly…

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    Take China down. Give them no breaks. it’s time for America to stand up against China. God bless Trump and the United States. Stand up for the Anerican flag.

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    The US (Trump) should unite with the EU, Britain, Canada, and S. America to stand together and take on China as an allied group. We are all getting screwed by China !

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