California GOP Candidate “This is not Bangladesh”


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If you haven’t seen the city of angels recently, you would be shocked at its appearance.

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Los Angeles has always had its seedy parts, home to outlaw bikers and unconventional, eccentric individuals — which actually lent a certain charm, to this city of sun, sea, and sand.

However, what has transpired within the last few years to this once beautiful paradise is a national disgrace.

John Cox, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, took a walking tour on Tuesday through LA’s skid row, and likened what he saw to a “third-world country.”

Adding, “It is absolutely not compassionate to let people live on this street,” Cox told reporters. “This is 21st century California.”

The Rancho Santa Fe businessman walked along the debris-strewn streets with a group of Los Angeles police officers.

“Wow, look at this,” he said as he walked down the middle of the street, gazing at rows of tents. “It extends for blocks.”

Cox, a businessman turned politician surveyed the filth and squalor where more than 4,200 homeless reside, and acknowledged “This is not Bangladesh,” as he made his way through downtown LA where more then half (roughly 2,100) homeless live unsheltered and on drugs.

The Democrat turned Republican and former businessman has experience in solving housing issues. In his “other life” the multimillionaire actually mirrors President Trump as a builder of apartment houses in the Midwest and is undoubtedly more qualified in solving the current housing crisis in California than his rival.

His Democratic opponent Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was also the mayor of San Francisco between 2004 and 2011 before he became Gov. Moonbeams clone.

In a radio debate aired on October 8th, Cox took Newsom to the woodshed stating, “Gavin was mayor (of San Francisco) for eight years. He didn’t solve the homeless problem here at all. And it’s gotten worse.”

Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the housing crisis among the homeless population in California has gotten progressively worse. In 2017 the number of unsheltered individuals stood at more than 134,000, today those numbers have seen a 14% increase from just last year, which should give even the most loyal progressive pause in how Governor Brown is handling the growing crisis.

However, LA may have a more immediate unfolding crisis on their hands, as multiple cases of “flea-borne” typhus in downtown LA, has just been reported by health officials.

The flea-spread disease can cause organ damage in severe cases. Thus far 9-individuals have come down with the illness between July and September, with health officials eyeing trash and stray animals as potential catalysts.

The disease is caused by bacteria found in infected fleas that can come from cats, rats, opossums, and other stray animals. Accumulation of trash or overcrowding and poor hygiene is typically associated with the spread of the disease.

Although death is extremely rare because of our awareness of what causes the disease, it’s, however, noteworthy to point out, if left untreated the potential for a widening epidemic of the disease is not out of the realm of possibilities.

It’s also worth referencing a little history. During Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow in 1812, more French soldiers died of typhus than were killed by the Russians.

While the disease cannot be transmitted human-to-human, there are no vaccines available on the market today to combat the illness. Individuals should avoid areas where rodents are found.

Dr. Muntu Davis, L.A. County health officer, said,  “We strongly encourage pet owners to practice safe flea control and encourage all cities in the county to ensure maintenance of their trash cleanup and rodent control activities.”

The issues plaguing LA and the entire state of California could be fixed with adequate governance, unfortunately, these days its in short supply.

  1. Post Author

    CA State & City Govts are ANTI Business despite seeking 2028 Games & Amazon Hqs 2, Cant win in CA due to Taxes,regulations etc alone.
    IF skilled leave,who works the State? Illegals cant run computers or payroll etc.
    Dwtn LA is like 3rd world & see Venice Beach area.
    Orange County is decent.
    Santa Barbara is OK 2.
    Dems dont see connect from Being Anti Business & wanting 2028 Games. vs 1984 Games.
    4.5M voted for Trump in 2016 from CA. CA is the future for the US Unless Changes Made now, Love to see LA retain Leftist mayor so when 2028 Games go south, we can blame a Dem for Games failure etc.

  2. Post Author

    If anyone wants to see the Democratic view of America they need only look to California as the bellwether for American under Democratic rule! Sadly, it’s the best the Democrats can come up with L.A. spread across America but everyone will have a guaranteed income and healthcare!!

    • Post Author

      Try making entire Left Coast. San Francisco Portland Seattle just like LA. Can’t afford another four democratic years.

  3. Post Author

    New York City is fast approaching the same situation, if indeed it is not worse. Beggars soliciting on every corner and in almost every subway train. Young people, lying about, some for days and weeks on end in the same spot in Midtown Manhattan with a small boxed scenario. What I am writing will fall on deaf ears, nothing is being done about it. There is no solution set up and there is very little discussion. This will move to a close third or second issue of crisis at some point in an upcoming election. It is a crisis, a mental health crisis, a visual crisis and a mental crisis to the working and upper classes. We and I speak collectively haul our bodies to our work so that we can live a decent life, we search for beauty, we appreciate art and eat at restaurants to experience life beyond some mundane level. We save for the future. We do not want to live with homeless people camping out on the street. I do not want to be lacking compassion, but I am not fully certain the majority of the individuals who are on this path are really trying to do something different. It is the system that gets many people, the red tape, the lines, the forms to fill out and the waiting. The issues surrounding shelters. This is what must change. We need scouts working the streets, we need facilities and camping out on the streets needs to be outlawed because there is an alternative means set up. No one is winning with what it happening now and I am sad it is getting worse.

  4. Post Author

    Pictures would’ve made this article have impact.
    As it stands – it does not.
    This is/was the perfect story for visuals.
    …it fails in trying to get the key message across to the readers.

    • Post Author

      Pictures! Yes indeed!

  5. Post Author

    The DEMOrats are in control of policy. Can we expect any change? No.

  6. Post Author

    One must wonder if Californians are brain dead because they continually vote Democratic. Maybe, a vaccine will be developed to cure them.

  7. Post Author

    I’m hoping Cox gets in in order to CLEAN UP ALL OF CA, from Sanctuary Cities, homeless on the streets, gangs from Mexico, etc. I left CA in 2012, I was born and raised in CA. Hometown, Hawthorne, CA. Due to all the riff raff, homeless, illegals not speaking English, taking over all the Section 8 housing, working and not speaking our language and we had to put up with it. I could go on and on.

  8. Post Author

    Any one who votes democrat must support and pay there bills

  9. Post Author

    That’s what they voted for and they got what they vote for – Governor ‘Moonbeam’, too many regulations, high taxes, unaffordable housing prices, etc…

  10. Post Author

    So much for sanctuary cities breeding homeless, drug addiction and disease. Why aren’t these people being helped? California is such a state of confusion

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