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Pelosi: Our Economic Agenda Will Produce “Collateral Damage”

In a rare and stunning moment of unvarnished honesty House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi acknowledging what’s in store for America’s booming economy if Democrats take control.

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Pelosi speaking to reporters over the weekend admitted there would be “collateral damage for those who don’t share our view.”

And then to underscore her disdain for those industries that have rebounded under the Trump Economy, she blew off their future economic suffering stating… “so be it!”

The remark came as Pelosi discussed the issue of climate change with New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman — she apparently went off script during a sweeping discussion regarding our booming economy and its effect on climate change.

Pelosi exhibiting a moment (the first within her political career) of truthfulness, acknowledged that she would push for progressive policies that would in effect produce “collateral damage for some others who do not share our view.”

Perhaps realizing she had been too candid too close to the midterms, she attempted to walk back her statement.

“We owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it, but it shouldn’t be our original purpose.”

Krugman seemed momentary taken-back by Pelosi’s remarks and attempted to give the 78-year old lawmaker some cover, asking the San Francisco Senator if she could find common ground with her Republican counterparts.

Although Pelosi refrained from naming the industries, she would target, it’s overwhelmingly clear that Democrats have the energy industry within their crosshairs, specifically the coal industry.

No doubt if the unthinkable should happen and the Democrats take control of either chamber, look for the radical element of the Party (roughly 99.9%), to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, followed by an attempt to unseat Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, and an attempt to quash any and all investigations regarding the malfeasance committed by top FBI and DOJ officials, before, during and after the 2016 election, and finally attempting to once again impose massive restrictions and mandates on a variety of industries, especially those industries within coal-producing states, that overwhelmingly voted for President Trump.

A Democratic win would also invigorate the radical left to continue intimidating, threatening and bullying both Republican legislators and Trump supporters.

Also look for a Democratically controlled House to once again attempt to resurrect the Obama era “clean air” policies of cutting greenhouse gas emission, that would gut millions of new jobs just created by President Trump, increase energy costs for fixed-income seniors (possibly pushing them into poverty), and place a disproportionate amount of the burden on coal-producing communities, namely “red states.”

This may be the Democratic strategy for the 2020 Presidential Election, crippling the surging economy with the help of an accommodating media, Democrats hope to blame President Trump and Republicans by attempting to discredit him as a reckless, incompetent outsider… their strategy almost worked with the bogus Russian collusion hoax, why not with the economy?

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    Screw Pelosi, she is ANTI-AMERICAN

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      Pelosi is senile. Screw her and the socialists!

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        Why don’t YOU screw her?
        You seem to like that strange stuff, Comrade

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        Yup just turning this country into a socialist hell hole. I’ve never felt so un free like I do when I hear a Democrat speak. Especially Nancy AKA the devil.

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    Watch this caravan as it reaches the United States border. Guns from inside the caravan will kill women and children . Then the media will blame the U.S. troops sent by Trump.The democrats will do anything to further their agenda.

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    C Dems dont care, just for the Power trip& WE LOSE.
    NO, Vote Red.

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    It’s dangerous and criminal to threaten and target those that “would disagree with them.” Rather Stalinesque, it WILL come back to bit them in the ass. The silent majority is patient with a long fuse. Light it intentionally, and the fury will be swift and sure.

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    Pelosi needs to find her rocking chair and sit in it for the remainder of her illegal alien hiring life. At near 80, she can not even remember president Trump’s name and calls him Bush. Demented.

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    In the past if any ex-speaker of the house had dared to utter the words that she did they would have been forced to resign in disgrace by members of their own party. How low the Democrats have sunk, they deserve to be run out of office, all of them.

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      Democrats don’t care. She broke the glass ceiling and thinks that if Trump gets impeached she can get Pense then we’d have president Nancy Pelosi of the United States of illegal Americans.

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    Pelosi is a joke. She gets in front of the press and can not stay focused and rambles. She doesn’t care about the people, just power. Like most of the other Democrats in Congress.

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    so what’s her plan to execute the people???????????????? sounds just like the dictators that controlled countries. Hitler, Stalin This is why we need our guns.

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    Of course, Google and their left leaning idiots placed this article in my ‘spam’ folder…Go figure, huh? I refuse to be one of the sheeple led to slaughter by someone such as Pelosi, the mainstream media, you know, the usual suspects.

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    Nancy Pee has caused more damage to the process of US government than any economic plan.

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