Europe Pushes Back Against Extremist Groups Like ANTIFA


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Most Americans think of Antifa as a homegrown far-left extremist group, and for the most part, it is. However, within recent years Antifa has turned up in European capitals all across the continent creating havoc.

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In the French Presidential race last year, riot police made over 150 arrests against far left rioters dressed in black garb. These masked protesters were carrying the ANTIFA insignia, burning autos, and smashing windows to protest the candidacy of pro-France, anti-globalist Marine Le Pen.

Before the results of the first round were announced, several hundred self-styled “anti-fascists” gathered in Paris, as a manifesto was read aloud by one of the masked anarchists, just before the melee began.

“We have come to protest against the masquerade that is this election,” one protester told public broadcaster Franceinfo. “All of its main candidates Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Le Pen are standing only to perpetuate the reign of an oligarchy which hoards power and steals the wealth from ordinary people.”

When the results of the election’s first round were announced, ANTIFA took to the streets — clashing with police in various parts of France.

“Police were pelted with bottles and firecrackers by left-wing extremists, many of whom were hooded and dressed in black,” according to a post by media outlet AFP.

However, the riots left an indelible mark on France, forcing lawmakers to finally respond with a new bill designed to curb the violence from far-left extremists with fines of up to 15,000 euros and potential serious prison time for masked “black bloc” rioters.

France, of course, isn’t the only country fighting back against ANTIFA. Last year during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany ANTIFA thugs took to the streets rioting, burning automobiles and looting shops. The violent clashes between the marauding black-clad thugs and police were so severe that hundreds of police officers required medical attention.

German Chancellor Merkel finally realizing the consequences for not acting immediately ordered the far left extremist websites to be taken down on suspicion of instigating violence against the government. The website had been in operation since 2009 and was one of the major platforms used by ANTIFA.

In Italy, a faction of ANTIFA attempted to assault Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini in the northern Italian city of Trento.

Salvini tweeted about the attempted assault, assuring his followers that he had no intention of backing down in the face of threats.

“Yesterday evening in Trento these hooded, ‘democratic’ DELINQUENTS, even put a chain across the train tracks and attempted to ‘pay me a visit,’ but were rebuffed by the shields of law enforcement.”

Adding “YOU ARE PITIFUL!, I won’t back down!”

And what about here at home?

In Portland, a group of ANTIFA thugs took over an intersection in broad daylight and began harassing an old man for foolishly standing up to these misfits by disobeying their orders. When he refused to comply the black-clad thugs began chasing his auto down the street.

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However, unlike our European counterparts, no action was taken by the Portland police to investigate the brazen and unlawful interference by these thugs against innocent motorists attempting to drive through an intersection.

Radio talk-show icon Michael Savage recently described ANTIFA, liking them as the Democrat Party’s “brownshirts,” during an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

“What happened over the weekend in Portland with ANTIFA, a violent domestic terrorist organization, so exemplifies the mass hysteria of our times, where people think they’re justified in taking over streets and beating people up? But where is it coming from, this hysteria to think that it’s okay to beat up the opposition?”

Adding; “You don’t have to look any further than Hillary Clinton, who says ‘we don’t need a civil society until we have power again” or the deranged Maxine Waters, who should be impeached for what she’s doing.”

Savage has long called for the arrest of ANTIFA’s leadership, most notably following the money trail right to George’ Soros’s front door.

America needs to follow the example of Europe on this one, and begin drafting up legislation targeting violent groups like ANTIFA, pronto!

  1. Post Author

    According to Armstrong Economics we are in a cycle of increasing political violence and massive civil unrest and it can’t be stopped. The system will crash and 🔥 burn. Going into 2019-2020 it will get even worse. Fasten our seatbelts for a wild ride ahead. ANTIFA types have announced demonstrations for November 7 and 10 regardless of election results. I Atlanta Ga. armed Black Panthers marched in the streets to support the DEMONCRAT candidate for governor.

  2. Post Author

    Is Antifa a larger organz?? US & EU Groups?
    & Yes US should crackdown BIG Time, & Is group Soros funded

  3. Post Author

    If you riot & wear a mask you need to be Shot in the Face, Unmasked, Photographed & Prosecuted if you survive the Gunshot to the face.

  4. Post Author

    This just goes to show you how far left the Democrats in this country have gone. You would never see Pelosi, Feinstein,Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters propose legislation to stop these thugs. They serve a purpose in the liberal agenda. That’s why the police have been told to stand down in places like San Francisco and Portland. These idiots are patriots to them and serve a political purpose in their efforts to get Trump, a duly elected President, out of the White House before his term is up. The only ones stealing an election in this country are liberal Democrats and Antifa serves their purpose, to stir up hate and discontent against those who disagree with their agenda.

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