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Antarctica’s Secret Frozen Civilization

Rumors of the hidden city of Antartica have been floating about for years, as even some scientists claim the freezing continent is actually the home of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

One scientific theory claims that once upon a time Antarctica was ice-free and home to an ancient civilization.

In early January 2017, secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode says he was taken to Antarctica to witness the first scientific excavations of ruins from an ancient flash frozen civilization buried under two miles of ice.

While the discovery of the ruins dates back to the first Nazi German expedition in 1939 according to Goode, it is only since 2002 that excavations by archeologists and other scientists have been allowed. The archeologists have allegedly prepared documentary films and academic papers whose release will astound the scientific community.

Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth, yet scientists recently discovered hundreds of mummified penguins that they believe died centuries ago from unusually heavy snow and rain.

Even with all our technology and knowledge of the dangers of Antarctica, it can remain deadly for anyone who goes there. Inland, temperatures can plummet to nearly -90C (-130F). In some places, winds can reach 200mph (322km/h).

As glaciers recede in Antarctica, a formerly hidden valley has emerged, at a site classified secret by the U.S. government. Using his connections with the military industrial complex, Corey Goode claims to have seen the archaeological dig being conducted there, by scientists sworn to secrecy.

Formerly buried under two miles of ice, an ancient city pre-dating the bible, has been completely excavated by American researchers. According to Mr. Goode, the excavation is surrounded by trees and plants that are frozen in place, looking like a video put on pause. Prehistoric animals have been recovered, mastodons and giant turtles and sloths, in a remarkable state of preservation.

Buildings were found in the city, virtually undisturbed, which are constructed of a transparent, crystalline alloy of aluminum. The scientists have determined that sixty thousand years ago, the entire city was flash-frozen.

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A tsunami, or a freak ocean wave which flooded the continental coast, was followed shortly by an unrelated geological turning point… a planetary pole shift, in which temperatures plummeted below freezing in a matter of minutes, preserving an advanced ancient civilization. They also recovered the bodily remains of those who built the city. Some of the inhabitants were found huddled together. This is why the researchers refer to the city, as “Pompeii on Ice.”

In one of their transparent aluminum structures, Mr. Goode witnessed advanced technology of the ancients. He was led by a researcher, through a solid wall, and on the other side was a room that lit up as they entered. It was a library, full of scrolls.

By human standards, the inhabitants that were found were giants, between ten and fourteen feet tall, with elongated skulls. This race of humanoids, pre-dating Adam of the biblical garden of Eden, has been classified as pre-Adamic, or pre-Adamite. The giants appear to have been conducting genetic experiments, as excavations have also revealed specimens of human beings with tails.

Corey Goode believes these giants evolved on a different planet, a smaller world with less gravity, and a lower atmospheric pressure. He maintains the Pre-Adamites were stranded on Earth, cannibalizing their ships to supplement the construction of their city on the Antarctic continent, until a natural disaster engulfed their civilization in ice.

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    If true, huge implications alone & redo text books & Boost for Tourism: need Hotels,Hostels, B&B, Expedition ships, Land cruiser convoys to probe this city complex alone. Be Huge,.
    Boon 2 Chile, Argentina, So Africa, Australia, NZ as Gateway points to So Pole.
    More jobs.
    Reuse So Pole bases for Hotels, Hostels, B&B Inns etc & make docks for cruise ships.
    $$$$$$$$$$. IF true.

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    This info sounds correct/plausible BUT, the Major religions will fight it Bitterly! I have a B.A. in Geography! and an A.S. in Biology! There have been lots of Pole Shift Theories! I believe in the Pole Shift theories!

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    Need to see pictures

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    I would love too go there

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    A’ight then!

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    True story…AND now, the Az Cardinals will win the Suprbowl after recruiting one of these thawed-out ten ft. tall and play him as our wide receiver or tight end.

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      Why go with one of the shorter guys? I’d thaw a couple of 14-footers, and use them. Or do the bigger ones have “bad hands?’

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    Show me the evidence!

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    This story is as full of crap as the referenced Adam and Eve BS .Just need to invent another GOD

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    Anything is possible

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    Make a great movie. Total fiction. Total fiction

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    Cough….cough… bullshit….cough

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    I would sure be interested in knowing more. We so desperately need new technology to save our
    world. And ancient DNA !!! wow !

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    People who live in glass houses … oh, wait, it’s transparent _aluminum_. Never mind. ^_^

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