Mark Of The Globalist: Human Microchips


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Recently there’s been disturbing news about international efforts to accustom citizens to constant surveillance and computer microchip implants. We certainly do seem to be living in the biblical End Times as written in the Book of Revelation:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

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And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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According to Alex Jones of Infowars:

“There are major corporate consortiums that have spent…billions of dollars conditioning the public since the mid-1990s that in the future everyone will take implantable microchips in their hand or in their scalp. They’ve also spent billions promoting ‘Cash is dirty, get rid of it.'”

Jones isn’t the only observer who links the globalists’ cashless society with complete control over every individuals’ financial business – and more.

Mexicans who work for the Justice Department must consent to having a microchip implanted as a condition of employment. “That happened 15 years ago,” said Jones. The independent news reporter estimated that 10 million people alive today have been chipped, either willingly or by threat of force: “If you don’t, you will lose your job. It’s your choice.”

What kind of choice is that?

Jones related that, 12 years ago, a family member with classified clearance in the U.S. Army broke national security confidentiality by telling him that, during a meeting of 1,000 military officers, the assembly was informed that higher-ranking officers had already received microchips. Everyone else present should expect the same to happen to them. No one was supposed to share this information outside the group.

After the Army figured out who had leaked this intel to Jones, the enlisted relative “got in trouble” and was passed over for a promotion. His superiors explained their actions: “Keep your mouth shut about the microchips.”

The Apple Watch made the September 11, 2014 cover of Time magazine. What a great topic to commemorate the 9/11/01 attacks on U.S. freedoms and liberties. The cover caption read:

“Never Offline. The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life—like it or not.”

Like it or not?!? This does not sound good.

Apple described their new product in dumbed-down, fuzzy-bunny language:

“CUPERTINO, California—September 9, 2014—Apple® today unveiled Apple Watch™ – its most personal device ever—featuring revolutionary new technologies and a pioneering user interface…Apple Watch will enable you to communicate in new ways right from your wrist by sending and receiving messages, answering calls to your iPhone, and with Digital Touch, sending something as personal as your own heartbeat.”

Advertising for the Apple Watch focused on superficial features such as – wow! – six different straps to choose from, or the oh-so-many different ways users could customize the watch display – gosh, you could even have Mickey Mouse show you the time with his little gloved hands!

But not everyone was captivated by the many Apple Watch apps which were hyped to monitor personal physical fitness or function as a credit card. It also could be turned into spyware:

“One of the watch’s features allows users to display a live preview of what your iPhone is shooting in real-time. Although the preview could be useful when snapping a posed photo with a friend, it could easily serve as a surveillance device if the subject is unaware of the iPhone filming them.”

Getting people used to devices inside our households and workplaces as well as outside in public is part of the globalist plan to track, monitor, and control every single person on the planet.

The evil genius behind this plan is the propaganda used to convince people it is in their own best interests to sacrifice privacy for security – and to actually buy these devices out of their own tax-depleted money.

With devices like England’s CCTV cameras – numbering 500,000 in metro London alone – being pushed in many nations around the world, the globalists are now preparing for the next phase in total international control through microchip monitoring and punishment for stepping out of line.

You say that sounds a tad far-fetched?

British business BioTeq has implanted microchips into 150 of their employees.

The company sells – guess what? – “security” microchips that open or lock doors with the sweep of a hand, login to computers, and access financial accounts, all with no external user hardware required. “They can also store medical data.”

The small BioTeq chip is inserted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger.

Swedish maker of human chip technology Biohax revealed that negotiations are underway with “several British legal and financial firms about fitting their employees with microchips, including one major company with hundreds of thousands of employees.”

Biohax corporate executives claim that their spyware will “boost security and stop them [employees] accessing sensitive areas.”

While that is undoubtedly true, the reality is that companies with security concerns will not make chipping an option. It will be a permanent requirement of employment. Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of England’s Trades Union Congress (TUC), expressed the concern many right-to-privacy and worker advocates share.:

“We know workers are already concerned that some employers are using tech to control and micromanage, whittling away their staff’s right to privacy. Microchipping would give bosses even more power and control over their workers. There are obvious risks involved, and employers must not brush them aside, or pressure staff into being chipped.”

Of course, microchipping will be Big Business. A single chip now costs between about $100 and $350. Do the math for a single company with thousands of workers who must opt-in or get kicked out.

Furthermore, it bears remembering that, back in 2014 when credit card chips were first introduced and forced into the wallets of consumers worldwide, Big Banks and other issuers of interest-bearing debt (you didn’t think a credit card gave you anything but debt, did you?) promised they only wanted to “re-secure their systems” with electronic chips that were promised to be “more secure” than the swipeable magnetic strip.

As of February 2017, security chips on credit cards were shown by a Javelin Strategy & Research study that chip-related theft didn’t go down – it went up, falsifying the original premise behind “security” microchips on every credit card in existence:

“Incidents of identify fraud rose 16% in 2016, costing individuals $16 billion in loses, which was an all-time high. In all, 15.4 million victims were affected, 2 million more than in 2015, representing 6.15% of all consumers.”

So now that we know that the security chips do not serve us, the consuming users, whom do they serve? Take a wild guess.

The people who control the credit card chips can turn your card off with the push of a button. “Banks will deactivate a card if they suspect there’s been any fraudulent use,” according to an article in The Globe and Mail.

If the thought of implanting a round-the-clock surveillance device inside your own body doesn’t repulse you enough, consider this: microchip technology is untested regarding possible harm it can do to its human host.

Keith Johnson worked as a toxicologic pathologist for Dow Chemical Co. in Midland, Michigan. He is now retired. Disclosing a shocking fact that has been suppressed by global controllers at every level, Johnson said veterinary chips for pets were tested on lab mice and rats in the mid-1990s and here is what they found:

“The transponders were the cause of the tumors.”

Given the way the world is going, these chips will probably be linked to unsavory medical conditions like cancer, sterility, or premature dementia.

In the meantime, the globalists plow ever forward, ever evil, into a future where they control everyone everywhere all the time.

  1. Post Author

    666, plain & simple, chipnomics, & everyone is Slave for 7 years time. Scary

  2. Post Author

    The public can exercise their own power by boycotting Apple and all their products. They can also sell any and all stocks in Apple. Money talks and the bigger they are the more it hurts. “As for me and my house, we choose the Lord”.

  3. Post Author

    It is all about the New World Order. Those in Christ will never accept this practice. even if it means that they would face death. Death has no sting for the TRUE believer. ‘Absent in body, present with the Lord’.

  4. Post Author

    As a great patriot once said “Give me Liberty or give me Death”
    putting a chip into someone’s body sure as hell is not Liberty,some of this technology in today’s world has gone a bit too far

  5. Post Author

    ARE YOU IN ….?

  6. Post Author

    Thank you for this important information. Sounds like the book of Revelation is alive and well. This is to scary, but true!!

  7. Post Author

    This is consistent with what I read nearly 10 years ago when I met Katherine Albrecht, co-author with Liz McIntire of “Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move.” The book covers the real reasons behind microchipping. Katherine also had a website and sent out a weekly newsletter at the time, and in it, she reported several cases where pets either developed cancers at the injection site or, in 1 or 2 cases, died from complications of a sloppy injection. As a result, I absolutely refuse to have my pets chipped. (The book is available on Amazon.)

    One anecdote I recall reading at about that time — not sure if it’s in the book or if I found it somewhere else — is that young people in Portugal were elated to get the chips so they could go out on the town and just wave their arms to get their food and drink on a tab. How sad that they didn’t know the truth about chipping.

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