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House Democrats Vow To Investigate Trump

It was already a foregone conclusion that if the Democrats won the House, their promise of actually working with the president for the betterment of the people was nothing more than a ruse.

Democrats simply wanted to garner the votes of naive voters, who still believed if given an opportunity they would behave like rational legislators governing at the behalf of the American people.

Yet, just a day after capturing the House, several leading Democrats rushed to the media to announce they’re ready to paper the White House with a barrage of subpoenas — promising to investigate every aspect of the president’s life, even before he ran for the presidency.

House Democrats have threatened to bombard the White House with at least 85 potential investigations, everything from the President’s tax returns to reopening again the Russian collusion hoax, regardless of the Mueller probe.

Adam Schiff the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee will once again release his own redacted classified materials, hoping perhaps to keep the Russian collusion hoax on the front-burner regardless of whether Mueller actually ends the investigation before the House takes control. The strategy for Democrats all along isn’t whether the President was actually involved in any nefarious interference with the 2016 election, but rather in keeping the innuendo’s and allegations alive, similar to how the Democrats went “all-in” regarding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and their campaign of personal destruction.

Top Democrats cleverly avoided any talk of impeachment, knowing that it would not play well with the voters, who were hoping that giving Democrats the House, would inspire them to once again govern rather than going on a crazed hunt of impeachment.

However, Tom Steyer, a liberal activist has spent more than $100 million dollars during the midterm election, quietly building support for impeachment. Steyer acknowledged that those establishment Democrats who are saying to go slow are “the outliers” emphasizing that “80% of registered Democrats think … we’re right.”

Democrats have already put out an extensive laundry list of potential investigations regardless of whether the President has a Constitutional right to fire former FBI Director James Comey or Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Look for the Democrats to once again double down and investigate the Muslim travel ban, family separation policy at the border, discussions of classified information at Mar-a-Lago, administration dealings with North Korea and Saudi Arabia, and much more.

Moreover look for the unhinged Democrats to once again overreach “big-time” the same way they did with Justice Kavanaugh, usurping the rule-of-law and willfully ignoring due-process, and the concept of innocence before guilt.

Democrats within their crazed attempt to convict and with no actual evidence risk making the President a sympathetic character, if they go after the President’s personal dealings regarding payments to porn stars, which seems to be what Congressman Jerry Nadler is considering along with his contention that the President could be impeached for something other than malfeasance while in office.

However, that reasoning might prove to be a two-edged sword for congressmen like Nadler, lest we forget the hidden congressional funds, totaling more than 17-million dollars earmarked in settling hundreds of sexual harassment claims against members of Congress.

The President can at his discretion declassify any document he deems necessary in defending himself.

  1. Post Author

    the house has every right to do this investigation,especiall when the fbi and cia and other intel agencies gave proof that the russian hacked the elections and helped trump win, that said i dont like when u say the that the demos was all a ruse and dont want to work with reps,they should not,why?because they have not worked with the demos.Theny blocked obamas supreme court nomane and pushed and i mean pushed caughernaw threw.

  2. Post Author

    You’re so right. Democrats cannot seem to act rationally. How utterly irrational of them to not hate immigrants, women, and minorities, like the ignoramus in the White House does.

  3. Post Author

    Isn’t it STRANGE that the DemoCRAPS will do anything to Our President? Prior to 3:00 PM today ,CNN reported that Our President is a FAKE! Those IIDIOTS should have been investigating the FOREIGN STUDENT, Barack Hussein Obama who was born in KENYA, not Hawaii. Therefore, he ILLEAGLY was elected in spite of all his LIES. HE IS NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN AN AMERICAN!!!!! Of course , his mate, MICHAEL LaVAUGHN ROBERTSON claims the small green card was proof that he WAS an American. That card is a FAKE. and HE is also a LIAR! The one lady who had the correct information was put on an airplane and was the ONLY ONE WHO MYSTERIOUSLY DIED. WHY did he pay MILLIONS of Dollars to keep all his records SEALED? STAND UP, AMERICANS and DEMAND the TRUTH AND SEE HIS RECORDS.

    • Post Author

      Refresh me? Who is the “one lady on the plane”? How did she die?

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