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Investigating The California Wildfires

Once again, the United States is witnessing a fiery destructive rage through large parts of California. Deaths are mounting and property damage is soaring as thousands of displaced people are fleeing from danger. Many residents have lost their homes and personal belongings.

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In all, there are six fires burning through approximately 400 square miles in the Golden State. The three largest and deadliest infernos are:

  1. Camp Fire in Butte County north of Sacramento is the largest conflagration and has been dubbed the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history. It has torched more than 6,700 structures and is not expected to be contained until the end of November.
  2. Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to the south has sizzled more than 83,000 acres.
  3. Hill Fire in Ventura County north of Malibu has consumed 4,500 acres. The good news is that is 70 percent contained.

As of November 12, the Camp Fire had claimed 42 victims, while the Woolsey Fire accounted for two deaths.

The Woolsey Fire has demolished more than 6,500 homes as 8,000 firefighters work to put out the scorcher. Wind gusts near 50 mph from the Santa Ana winds are whipping the fire into extremely dangerous conditions, at “the upper end of the scale,” according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dave Samuhel.

And once again, these “wildfires” are weird. As this writer reported a year ago, the California conflagrations reduce houses to ashy dust and rubble while leaving surrounding trees and shrubs intact. Take a look at this scene from northern Butte County, utterly destroyed by the Camp Fire:

Although the mainstream media news continues to attribute the goings-on in California to ordinary forest fires that spread into neighborhoods, images from last year and now show untouched greenery, melted cars, clear paths between adjacent houses, and untouched mailboxes in front of the rubble that used to be a house. No ordinary forest fire behaves this way.

Some experts like retired U.S. Forest Service scientist Jack Cohen are telling us that science is wrong, based on the physical evidence left after the 2017 fires:

“Our perception is that this wall of fire comes through and destroys everything, and yet what I’m seeing is that there couldn’t have been a wall of fire. The thing that would have carried the wall of fire is still there: The trees are still there and the structures are destroyed.” [emphasis added]

But Navy veteran, 25-year fire educator, and Northern California Fire Captain John Lord has stated that last year’s fires in the Santa Rosa area were “not natural.” Areas affected looked like a “nuclear war zone,” he said.

One explanation that is gaining ground outside the mainstream media is that, for reasons unknown, our own federal government and/or powerful corporation(s) and/or a conglomerate hybrid of evil-doers is using Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) to start the fires. Lord believes this is the only possible explanation for the searing heat which is capable of melting porcelain at 3000F!

Some people believe that the years-long government program of chemtrail spraying by jets flying grids in the upper atmosphere has spread incendiary aluminum oxide everywhere, increasing the heat and speed of the California fires. In other words, chemtrails and DEWs are a coordinated attack.

A video from July 31, 2018, by John Knox in Los Angeles is making the rounds on Conspiracy Street. It begins by showing two neighboring houses located in the path of the Carr Fire in California (near Redding). As the camera pans left, we see that right next door to the two intact houses are many homes that have been completely “dustified” – a term coined to describe the powdered after-effects of the World Trade Tower attack on 9/11/01. There is a melted car. And there are standing trees, still green.

This is soooo not normal, folks.

But it gets stranger. The video camera pans up and to the right to reveal a house neatly sliced in two. The left side of the property has been reduced to rubble while about one-third of the house is completely untouched:

We have to agree with Knox that devastation this repeatable, accurate, and persistent is a system, not a force of nature. Yet the official narrative is that it everything is perfectly normal – or a “new normal.”

Don’t be fooled, folks. Something very dark is going on here.

The reason behind DEW attacks that create massive property damage and residential displacement like we’re seeing in California is truly evil incarnate if it is true:

“The United Nations already planned an Agenda 30 megaregion development zone in Santa Rosa before it was set to fire and that the areas being burnt match where the Agenda 30 megaregions map shows plans to build smart cities and no-people zones in the future. What better way to build a megaregion smart city than to first burn down all of what is already there?”

As crazy as DEW, chemtrails, and smart city conspiracies sound, in this topsy-turvy world, some of us have a sinking feeling that the truth will turn out to be stranger than fiction.

  1. Post Author

    This is so utterly ridiculous. I lived in Santa Rosa last year and my home was burned to the ground. The reason that many trees did not burn is because the previous winter had an enormous amount of rainfall which kept them green. The grasses, as normal to this time of year, were dry as tinder and because there was so much all that burned. Many of the houses including the one I lived in were constructed of wood so they similarly burned. Why does there have to be a conspiracy attached to this?

  2. Post Author

    The only thing that prevents Foerest fires in the long term is holistic grazing with cattle

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    Holistic Planned Grazing is a planning process for dealing simply with the great complexity livestock managers face daily in integrating livestock production with crop, wildlife and forest production while working to ensure continued land regeneration, animal health and welfare, and profitability.
    About Holistic Planned Grazing…/about-holistic-planned-grazing.pdf

  3. Post Author

    They are arson.

  4. Post Author

    Its the Russians

  5. Post Author

    This fire spreading was cause by the Lack of Forest Maintenance by the US Forest Service. This is avoidable and is a shame, our US Patent, chemical “No Fire” is not used on houses in a Fire Area and even forest material, so it cannot burn. Think of all the lives our chemical could have saved? So, let them brain wash you all, this fire all all fires are preventable but not for “Free”, it takes money to prevent fires in the National Forests. Shame on the US Forest Service! Shame on the US Government. Lame and now people have died from their lack of Forest Maintenance. Match Book tinder box material all over the forest floor, once on fire and with the Santa Ana Winds, how many years, before Technology like ours is mandated, for fire prone areas?

  6. Post Author

    I don’t blame the “author” of the fantasy above for concealing his, her or their identity.

    The videos that the commentary refers to are fake and/or non-existent. The evidence is that there’s no link or other pathway for readers to view them. If they existed, the author(s) would certainly have linked to them.

    And if the videos were pure imagination, then it stands to reason that the entire pile of drivel here was conjured out of ashes.

  7. Post Author

    Does anybody ever question all the additional bodies that were supposedly killed in the fires? Will life insurance pay for the claims that so and so died in that fire…..when we know that he/she really did live or visit that area in 2012?
    And we can’t find them now ????
    Good way to escape America until the insurance monies go to family.

    And everyone knows that smart money left California years ago. Many sold a dump of a property for big money in eg: Sherman Oaks and moved to another state and paid cash for a mansion. Did anyone now want to help torch their home so they too can take the money and run like others did years ago? Especially before property values go down and the state is financially strapped because they wanted to become a sanctuary haven.

  8. Post Author

    You must understand the “beast” of a hurricane force wildfire. It is a force, a blowtorch, blasting fiery embers in its path. It is just like a hurricane that have violent tornados embedded within them. The more you feed the fire with turbocharged oxygen the hotter the fire becomes. Remember that a lot of the chaparral is “Cresote” bush, you how the stuff railroad ties are soaked in? When the blast furnace hits “ some” houses “some” people have petroplastic articles in their yards. Plastic chairs, toys, trampolines, fences, siding and don’t forget those pretty juniper spired ornamental trees. The hidden “killer” are the plastic window screens that slowly melt and then combust burning up into your plastic soffit which starts the inside or the house roof. I was always fascinated and wondered why the house with stucco siding and a tiled roof was burning from the attic, first. Just as we who live the inland northwest fear our fires and are told to clear “fire barriers” the Collyfornians” must do the same with their PLASTIC. Think about it, it makes sense.

    Now get on the conspiracy of the GMO yellow jackets the Gov. dumps on us every few years. Their sting is intense and lasts for hours.

  9. Post Author

    I agree with you 100% about the fires being caused by DEW!!! My electric company PGE is removing my Smart Meter today, November 20, 2018. so hopefully my Central California mountain area will not have ANOTHER fire. We had a fire last year in July, and had to evacuate. The US Forest Service Investigator’s can’t tell you legally the cause of a fire, and I believe that they are also run by the big guys in Washington DC. I’ve learned that PGE electric company is run by the Rothschilds! So there’s your truth of evidence.

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