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PROOF! Roger Stone Was Telling The Truth

To paraphrase Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “Liars and lawyers and leaks, oh my!”

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This week’s bombshell news is that Randy Credico has been confirmed to be the source of Roger Stone‘s insider information regarding anti-Hillary documents that WikiLeaks released before the 2016 presidential election.

NBC News broke the story on November 14, 2018:

“Six days before WikiLeaks began releasing Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, Roger Stone had a text message conversation with a friend about WikiLeaks, according to copies of phone records obtained exclusively by NBC News.”

That friend turns out to be Randy Credico, a comedian, radio host, activist and the former Director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice.

Roger Stone is a self-styled “agent provocateur” (political saboteur) who capitalized on his instant fame, while still a young man, as a Nixon-era Watergate “dirty trickster.” Stone has a long history of advising Donald Trump along the current U.S. president’s political ascension. The career strategist urged Trump to run for the Oval Office years before the 2016 race to the win.

Stone and Credico have been friends for a long time.

Many people recall that, during the summer of 2016, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange began publishing emails Hillary Clinton sent and received while she served as the nation’s secretary of state.

At the time, Clinton was being investigated by the FBI for mishandling a personal email server such that matters of national security were hacked by foreign operators. Former FBI Director James Comey initially led the inquiry.

Clinton was found innocent of wrong-doing days before the presidential run-off, but by then, the damage from WikiLeaks had been done.

Stone knew about the WikiLeaks document release before it happened because his good pal Credico told him in a text message dated Oct. 1, 2016:

“Big news Wednesday. Now pretend you don’t know me.”

Stone replied with this reassurance: “U died 5 years ago.”

Credico continued: “Great. Hillary’s campaign will die this week.”

Sure enough, on Oct. 7, WikiLeaks published emails stolen from Clinton insider and campaign manager John Podesta.

The text messages that Stone gave NBC News proved that Credico kept Stone informed about WikiLeaks activities. Credico was able to do that because, in his own words, “I’m best friends with [Assange’s] lawyer and leave it at that and leave it alone.”

That lawyer has been identified as Margaret Ratner Kunstler.

The text exchanges between Credico and Stone show the extent of Credico’s insider information. In one conversation, Credico wrote:

“Off the Record Hillary and her people are doing a full-court press they keep Assange from making the next dump. That’s all I can tell you on this line. Please leave my name out of it.”

Stone has been questioned by Robert Mueller’s grand jury, tasked with looking into allegations that Russian agents conspired with members of the 2016 Trump election campaign staff to sway the election away from Democrat contender and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ironically, at the same time, Stone was investigating the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation for corruption and election fraud.

Stone told the federal grand jury that Credico had leaked the news about the WikiLeaks Hillary email server document dump, but Credico denied this fact vigorously.

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“I readily admit that I was furious at Randy and still am not because he wouldn’t lie but because he refuses to tell the truth,” Stone admitted to the Business Insider. Stone added that Credico “not only perjured himself before the grand jury but has threatened various witnesses who testified as to the truth.”

One example Stone gave to the grand jury was that of filmmaker David Lugo who is acquainted with both Stone and Credico. Lugo had told the grand jury that Credico “threatened to put a hole in my head” if he talked.

Tyler Nixon, one of Stone’s lawyers, appeared before the Mueller grand jury on November 2, 2018. He testified that he witnessed a conversation between Stone and Credico and that Stone had correctly named the source of his secret information.

The recent NBC text messages that Stone provided prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stone was telling the truth all along:

Credico gets the credit for pre-leaking the WikiLeaks leak.

Try saying that three times fast…

  1. Post Author

    Roger Stone is a patriot! The ends justify the means when it came to saving America from the Marxist-Progressive Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

    BTW, contrary to the way it was stated in this piece, Hillary was not found to be “innocent” as it was reported. The FBI only has investigative authority. It can’t determine guilt or innocence. We all know crooked Comey was dishonest in his assessment of Hillary’s obvious crime of intentially mishandling classified information, having the private email server, and many other transgressions to numerous to list here.

    Thank you Roger Stone!

  2. Post Author

    The content and veracity of the emails in question, should be at issue here, regardless of who the whistle blower turns out to be…

  3. Post Author

    Hope this leads to solving the Seth Rich murder. Assange’s attorney would likely know if he was the source of the leaked emails, thus establishing a motive for this still unsolved murder.

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