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Jumping Jupiter! Puzzling Green Object in NASA Photo

Once in a while, NASA releases a “shock photo” taken in space that UFO researchers pick apart to prove the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings and the crafts they occupy. There are plenty of official shock videos, too. Live-streaming cameras outside the Earth’s atmosphere are taken offline whenever something that shouldn’t be there appears.

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Thanks to some intrepid ufologists – people who study the UFO phenomenon – images sometimes leak into the public domain. This just happened. A YouTube channel called UFOmania just released a NASA image of the planet Jupiter that shows a brightly-lit lime green “something” that appears to be just above or on the planet’s surface.

Skeptical observers like this writer are seldom impressed with photographic evidence of high strangeness in the skies above – or above the skies. However, this official image is a stunner. The unidentified object seems starkly out of place. Take a peek:

Before anyone says this image is a fake, here is the link to NASA

By any account, this object (or whatever caused the striking green coloration) is huge. UFO Hotspots attributes the green hue to “the effect of ionizing radiation” – in other words, Jupiter’s aurora borealis. Jupiter is thought to emit very strong ionizing radiation.

However, there is a problem with this theory that a high-energy particle impacted an imaging sensor and created the green anomaly. The problem is that the green whatever-it-is casts a shadow. This suggests that it is solid. The blown-up image looks like eight cubes stacked in two rows of four. The top row reflects a more yellow light than the bright green ones below.

The question is whether the object is a natural phenomenon or not. If not, is it biological, technological – or something completely different?

People have been speculating about advanced civilizations on and around Jupiter for decades. Noted astronomer Carl Sagan theorized that intelligent beings on Jupiter “would take the form of enormous balloon-like lifeforms that float above the hot gasses on Jupiter’s surface.”

Sagan continued his speculation by noting that “vast living balloons could stay buoyant by pumping heavy gasses from their interiors or by keeping their insides warm.” For sustenance, “they might eat organic molecules in the air or make their own with sunlight.” The host of the popular television show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage said these gaseous creatures would outstrip the largest Earth animal (the Blue Whale) and equal the size of an entire city.

Sagan also advised us, ‘way back in the 1970s, to look for regular architectural lines and features when analyzing surface images of planets and their satellites for signs of advanced intelligent life forms. This green object near Jupiter has almost chiseled features. Granted, minerals form crystalline structures, but this doesn’t look like a space rock, does it?

The well-known and much-beloved science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote extensively about the moons of Jupiter. In 1953, he published a short story Jupiter Five in If magazine. The action takes place in the Jupiter system. Clarke is famous for writing 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968 which the brilliant filmmaker Stanley Kubrick turned into a stellar (pun intended) movie. The sequel to this story, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, takes place on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa.

Public interest in UFOs is at an all-time high. Almost 26,000 viewers have watched the UFOmania video. Some observers wonder if NASA is under orders from high powers to release information showing the existence of an alien presence to further UFO disclosure which has long been a goal of many ufologists.

It is due to the ongoing work of investigators like Tyler with SecureTeam10 who presents compelling evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

The truth is out there. But will the United States federal government ever admit to it?

  1. Post Author

    NASA is into Fake big time for a long time. Photos of 1969 Lunar Landing should have have shown Lunar sky full of stars because Moon has no atmosphere. Back drop was used to cover N. NV Desert sky in background.

    • Post Author

      Sure it’s all a big government hoax that we never landed on the moon and both Elvis and JFK are still alive and the Earth is flat. Next whacked out theory

    • Post Author

      Take your cell phone out tonight. Point it straight into space and take a picture or video. Tell me how many stars you see. “0”

  2. Post Author

    Cant Zoom onto object, too distant, (applies to ALL UFOpics) since 50s.
    Why we need a Space Force?
    wish NASA would Open up on this issue, Declassify photos, videos etc.
    Rename NASA: Natl Aerospace & Sciences Admin.
    & Zoom on those objects on Moon & Mars & for Mars plot to Viking landers & forMoon: ex Apollo sites & Surveyor.
    Make more public

  3. Post Author

    Amazing – they have been coming here for hundreds of years it is very obvious and they are here living with us. They have own federation and contacting our governments for many many years. Perhaps is better for people not to see them because of hostility and acceptance. We and our ancestors were never alone !

    • Post Author

      Read the ship log of the Santa Maria , by Columbus, when it reached the Caribbean. By the way did you know Columbus was a slave trader. Read about it.

  4. Post Author

    Curiously interesting isn’t it, that with all the hi-tech pixel and spatial resolution imagery in existence today, that NASA has apparently not enhanced that low-resolution photo any more than they have. Or, have they and we just do not know about it? After a 35-year government career (some of which were in Special Operations), I know that often times the most recent details of any event are never released to the general public. My guess is this photo could be an old photo and NASA has the higher enhanced resolution photo which will not be released for an unknown time frame. I know from my Air Force flying experience that light refraction through the Earth’s atmosphere at differing temperatures, inclinations, and airspeeds can produce some highly dynamic sights. Jupiter’s atmosphere is mostly made of hydrogen and helium along with trace amounts of carbon, ethane, sulfide, neon, oxygen, phosphine, and sulfur. Its outermost stratosphere layer contain crystals of frozen ammonia and benzene. Therefore, with such a ‘volatile’ atmospheric composition, light refraction at the right temperature, at the right time, and at the right inclination could generate a rather dynamic sight…and that production might even appear ‘UFOIC’.

  5. Post Author

    I believe and always have that there has to be other life in our universe and beyond. The universe is too massive and especially now that we have found new planets and other galaxies. I myself have witnessed what I believe as possible UFO in my life.We also need to keep in mind that with all of the technological advancements today that certain images may not be what we think, or are they?

  6. Post Author

    Cubed shape object…..mmmmmm Could it be……….. The Borg??

  7. Post Author

    Could it be …… The Borg?
    Seriously, Probably something going on, or in, the surface of the planet………
    Explosion on the surface, shoots a piece of rock up and through the atmosphere, creating an array of colors…Who knows??!!
    However,,,,,,,,,,,, We can do what the Scientists do… Theorize, Conjecture, Provide a ‘Lofty ‘ opinion, or just plain GUESS what’s happening!

  8. Post Author

    It’s the hand of the assistant holding the model

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