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Stacey Abrams Attempted to “Delegitimize” Kemp’s Win

Leave it to Democrats, to devise another way of dehumanizing their opponents.

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Back in 2016 during the presidential election, Hillary Clinton  – after her humiliating defeat – declared that Donald Trump didn’t actually win the presidency because he didn’t win the popular vote. Thus his presidency was “illegitimate.”

Moreover, with the help of the Obama Justice Department and the willing mainstream media, Democrats propagated a plan to wrestle power away from the incoming administration by attempting to frame the duly elected president and wrap him in a Russian collusion scam.

Fast forward to the 2018 midterm elections, and what we’ve witnessed is a replay of Clinton’s strategy. However, rather than the tired old name calling of identity politics tagging Republicans and Conservatives as “racists, sexists, or a homophobe, the Clinton strategy of “delegitimizing” you’re opponent after winning the election, actually keeps your base intact, angry, agitated, and successfully fund-raising until the next election cycle.

Democrats Stacey Abrams, Bill Nelson, and Andrew Gillum all showed America how to lack grace in defeat. However, more than being ill-mannered – which has become a prerequisite for joining the Democrat Party – the Stacey Abrams election was perhaps the best example of how the Clinton strategy might play out in 2020.

The pretense in declaring your opponent “illegitimate” is to latch on to a pre-existing topic to be used in the event you lose the election. For Clinton, it was the “popular vote” versus the “electoral college” regardless of the fact that’s how our political system was designed since its founding.

For Abrams, it would be the 1997 state voting law dubbed “Use It or Lose It” which continually updates Georgia’s voting records, clearing out voters who’ve died, moved, changed their names either through divorce or marriage, or have not voted for an extended period of time.

Her opponent for governor happened to be Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp, perhaps the second most powerful politician in the state, which sets up a perfect political storm for the likes of Abrams; in the off chance, she should lose the election.

Abrams an accomplished lawyer and former Minority Leader for the Georgia House of Representatives was hoping to become the first black female in the history of the United States to be elected governor. Big named Hollywood celebrities came a-knocking, even the queen of daytime TV Oprah Winfrey joined the Abrams’ bandwagon, actually going door to door in support of Abrams.

Then came election day and just like the 2016 Presidential Election, Brian Porter Kemp pulled in front winning by a squeaker. The final vote tally was 50.22% to Abrams 48.83%, a separation of just 55,000 votes, with Kemp just barely avoiding a run-off election in December.

However, the dye had already been cast with Abrams and Democratic operatives along with media talking heads blaming “voter suppression” was the cause for her apparent loss.

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Almost a week after election day, ballots were still being counted and recounted, to officially verify Kemp had pulled out a win, however, Abrams was out and about all over the media decrying her apparent lose as willful  “voter suppression”  by the Kemp team.

Appearing bitter and resentful during a Sunday MSNBC interview, Abrams lashed out once again at GOP Governor-elect Kemp refusing to call him the “legitimate” winner of their race.

“I think that it’s legal,” Abrams said of Kemp’s win. “I think it’s wrong. I think that what happened is that we have watched the systematic erosion of our democracy and over the course of time that was overseen directly by my opponent in the race who also happened to be responsible for the administration of fair elections, and he didn’t do so.”

At issue is the 1997 state’s voting law enacted by then-Democratic Governor Zell Miller that mandated voting lists should be periodically reviewed and cleared out regarding those voters who no longer vote.

Reports indicate that over 100,000 names were deleted from Georgia’s voting rolls this election cycle. Thus Abrams’ claim of  “voter suppression.”

  1. Post Author

    The Black Medusa above thanks WC Fields for his advice: Anything worth having is worth cheating for!

  2. Post Author

    Mrs. Butterball is a hot headed liberal butthead.

  3. Post Author

    I am amazed that the Democrats continue to teach our children how to be poor losers. What is next for the Democrats, mass shootings when they loose or don’t get their way.

    Maybe we should have a law that confiscated all weapons from democratic canadates and all those associated with their campaign to keep America safe.

  4. Post Author

    Well if Kemp was BLACK nothing would be said but a white beating a black that is just wrong in the eyes of the demoncrats, liberals and MSM.

  5. Post Author

    why do Dems believe every dead person would vote for them? just because they always have dosent mean they always will.

  6. Post Author

    This is a clear and present danger for the 2020 elections!! The Democrats have a clear plan to steal as many elections as possible the least of which would be the Presidential Election!! No more hiding it! They are now blatantly showing their disdain and lack of respect for the democracy they so despise!! Just look at what they did in Arizona and California. The Republicans better wake up or we are going to say goodbye to America. Antifa is the brown shirt arm of the Democrat Party and they will be coming to a neighborhood near you and me.

  7. Post Author

    Did any of these 100,000 voters complain of trying to vote and not being able to vote? If they didn’t then there is no voter suppression, and her case is mute!

  8. Post Author

    How many of the [00k names were turned away at the polls? That is the number that should be examined.

  9. Post Author

    How is NOT allowing democrats to cheat, “voter suppression” ? All voter roles SHOULD be purged of deceased voters, those who moved to another state or those with criminal felony convictions who, by law, lose the right to vote. Barring these people from voting is NOT voter suppression!!!

  10. Post Author

    Pancakes anyone?

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